Thursday, May 18, 2006


Shuck Ying - come on down! email me at with your email addy and I'll send you your choice of my books. Here are your choices:

At the Mercy of Her Pleasure
Senth's a master thief who's been drugged since puberty to suppress his feral, half-human side. To save his brother's life, Senth must work beside a Better, an enhanced woman whose addictive, pleasure-laced pheromones could sever all that hard-won control. All he has to do is grab an heirloom, deliver it safely and return to his master— still a virgin. As long as the drug holds out, so can Senth. He must resist her. Because once he tastes her passion, he'll always be At the Mercy of Her Pleasure.

For Women Only
Khyff Antonello despises the Kin. The feline race enslaved him and caused his mother's death. But to protect the remnants of his family, Khyff must overcome his hatred long enough to seduce and betray their ambassador. To Mehfawni Ruh, males are bedtoys and trophies, and Khyff is exactly her type: blond, gorgeous, and a master of pleasure. But is his fragile trust in her a response of love? Or a ruse for revenge?

Take your pick. Which Antonello brother gets your fantasy life boiling? Senth the sweet virgin who yearns to be a man? Or Khyff, the prostitute whose past makes him tremble at the idea of being touched again?

Your fantasy choice! Come and visit my site, too. Almost 100 pages of fun things to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Shuck Ying, enjoy your read!

Little Lamb Lost

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