Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fantasy Lovers

I love all the fantasies I've read so far. Two men and one lady sure seems to be a trend around here! Thought I'd let you have another peek inside At the Mercy of Her Pleasure. This scene is the Conqueror, Empress Rheyn Destoiya with two of her jades, pleasure slaves she keeps to satisfy her. All I can say is, she has Tony the Tiger GRRREAT mornings...

Destoiya turned on her side and took Sander into her arms, dragging him closer for a kiss. She wanted that mouth again. He slid a hand between her legs and lifted her upper thigh as he pulled it toward him, opening her for Rudolf. She arched back against Rudolf and welcomed the exquisite sensation of his pierced cock parting the lips of her pussy from behind and plunging the hard metal ring at the top of his cockhead deep inside.

"Yes, like that." She laid her head back against Rudolf's shoulder when he thrust harder. "More." Wrapping her leg around Sander's waist, she clung to him with both hands. "More," she demanded, her voice husky. "More mouth."

Sander's tongue laved her throat, his teeth nipping her skin. Rudolf's teeth tugged at her earlobe. Destoiya shivered at the heat of Rudolf's breath, the coolness of Sander's mouth, both wet against her skin.

Sander flattened his palm against her mons, and when he cupped his fingers between her labia, she nearly arched off the bed. Searing heat flooded her body and took her breath.

Sander was using his power of Empas to absorb her lust--and Rudolf's--and was pinpoint feeding it back to her. The desire of three, magnified, aimed, and delivered with precision. She half expected to combust.

The moment Sander's fingers slipped inside her opening, she climaxed. She hunched back against Rudolf, screaming her release, sobbing with it. Sander clamped his mouth over one breast, the tip of his tongue battering her nipple. She screamed again, her mouth wide. She gripped Rudolf's upper thigh and rode him, thrusting back while he ground himself into her.

His cock twitched and jumped inside her while he cried out his pleasure and shudders racked his body. His gasps heated her neck.

Sander slipped inside her the moment Rudolf withdrew.

The change between lovers only hurled her faster over the top. Frenzied with Empas-inspired lust, mewling cries escaped her throat.

"Wet," Sander murmured against her mouth. He thrust the full length of his cock into her, fast and hard, just the way she loved it. "So lush and hot."

He dipped his tongue into her mouth, curling it against and around hers.

Rudolf reached between them and took her nipple between his finger and thumb, twirling it roughly. He pulled back her head with his hand in her hair. Rudolf grazed her throat with his teeth, licked the back of her jaw, and circled her ear. The metal studs in the middle of his tongue tingled against her skin.

Destoiya turned her face to capture Rudolf's lips. When Sander cried out his climax, arching his back, Rudolf splayed a hand across her clenched buttocks and shoved her hard against Sander in counterpoint to the Androg's ramming thrusts. She moaned into Rudolf's mouth.

*ahem* Believe it or not, this is only the opening to that scene. Can we say hubba hubba? *fanning self*

At 10:00 pm I'll draw the winner's name. If you haven't posted, it's not too late!

Winner receives a choice of At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, or For Women Only.


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wow now that makes your blood warm up for thanks for sharing ..

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Blogger Kayelle Allen said...

You're so welcome... Come and meet more of my hot crew. Here's my website...

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