Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dakota and Michelle do Daytona - Act IV

Hey, Dakota, what ya doin?

Um, preparing for RT. I have wet nails and wax on my upper lip--you?

Ewe, I don't want to know about where you have wax and why are your nails wet? Aren't you supposed to stick them in one of those light boxes at the salon before you leave so you don't f_ck them up driving home?

Sigh...Candles are lovely, darling. So--are you packed?

Packed? Of course I'm ... not packed. I mean really, I have hours yet before I get on the plane, what's the rush?

Did you bring the alligator repellant to ward off the evil beasts? Sheesh, I hope it doesn't chase away Steve the alligator hunter--he's cute...

Okay, hold the phone. You said we was gonna eat the alligators, so why do I need repellant? Do I need to bring the directions for building those alligator alarms? Cute? You talking about that Steve guy or the alligator?

Did you all just hear me sigh? We will eat the alligators, after Steve catches 'em. He's HOT. And the rush IS, you need to bust a move so we don't have to hold the plane for you...Okay, let's skip that. Are you bringing a costume?

You mean like one of those Halloween ones? Oh, oh, can I be a ghost?

Oh, GOD. DO you all see? Do you have any idea what I do from day-to-day trying not to let her make me crazy? Yes, darling. Be a ghost--BOO :)

Got a sheet I can borrow? What about you? Are you bringing a costume? Oh...and as long as we are on the subject, have you seen the cover models?

Er, no. Mine aren't white. LOLLOL I have--are we stalking them this year? I am NOT promising to do their color wheels again and I'm not loaning out my hair gel just to get pics. Got that?

hmmmm. So if we don't have color wheels and they can't use your hair gel, I guess that means we will need to entice them with something else. You did say those skirts you're bringing are short, right?

There will be NO enticing of the species known as cover model for Dakota. She's no longer on the market. Thus, her eye tic seductive wink and cute sashay of her butt are not what will be coaxing them into a pic. I hope you have private ammo. I am not bait. LOLLOL

Well, that's a nice -- how do you do! You know I can't do the seductive wink cute sashay of butt thing in heels. Damn I can barely walk in heels. We better hope Isy is bringing the private ammo.

Indeed, we'd better. My eyes will never be the same after that foray into a pathetic impersonation of Marilyn Monroe.

Is that who you were impersonating? Now I get it ~eg~. Hey, did you get the message about the new airport security rules? Apparently, we must have and I mean must have our boarding passes to get through the security check point now. Yep, it's true. The e-ticket flash is no longer allowed. We need to allow extra time to find the boarding pass fairy, okay.

What? how can this be? This is like playing scavenger hunt. How are people supposed to know this crap? I mean, does the FAA have like a radio station where they just make these announcements at will? They're toying with us, I tell you...

I don't know, darlin, all I can do is forward the information to you. I got this from Orbitz when they sent me my reminder that I'm leaving soon - as if I didn't know that ~silly face~. Hmmm, does the FAA have a radio station? Good question. Maybe someone here at blogville knows - anyone? Oh, by the way, I think I need another suitcase. I'm running out of room for my shoes.

I think I have to go now. I have to finish packing and I'm exhausted already. LOLLOLLOLLOL.

Not to worry folks, we will return with another contest and more information about the beautiful state of Florida.

Remember to check out yesterdays posts to get in the drawings for the goodies we’re giving away because this is a two day playing of the Dakota and Michelle show. Get those comments in on the right blog post to be entered to win.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Babes.

Nice blog.

Lee Anne

1:45 AM  
Blogger Michelle B said...

Uh oh...Just saw a newsbrief and had to look this up on the net. An alligator ate a jogger in Florida this week:S

Alligator Attack! (click here for the article)

It was a different part of the state than you all will be in, but those gators are dangerous! You guys be careful! And have fun for those of us who can't be there:)

2:02 AM  
Blogger Shirazi said...

Nice flight of thoughts!

2:08 AM  
Blogger blackroze37 -tami said...

i got family in st augustine ,, so ive been to daytona 2x
my cousin, my uncle must have dropped kick himquite a few times, cause he went to work, in the "aligator farm"

2:56 AM  
Anonymous Paula said...

this blog is a riot...

speaking of gators, we also had a news story about a little old lady who was watering her plants near a canal, a gator was on shore and bit her. She smacked it in the head with the hose nozzle until it retreated and then went back to gardening....
Gotta love the tough old broad...

Michelle honey - pack your hose nozzle.....

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't walk in heels either. The best I can do is stand in them. My 10 year old daughter can wear heels and since she knows that I can't effectively use mine, she has taken them over.

Yes regarding the alligators...tis better to eat then be eaten. As for the cover models...awww, that is just too easy.

Little Lamb Lost

6:40 AM  
Blogger Jolene said...

oh my goodness you guys crack me

9:57 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Lee Anne, glad you're enjoying the blog. There is more coming ~g~

Oy's Michelle B, thanks hon, now I have to repack so I can get the gator repellant in the bag.

Thanks, Shirazi

Wow, Blackroze37 - how deep do they plant them?

So'k Pauls - I've added hose nozzle to my list of must haves for Daytona.

Morning Little Lamb, I used to wear heels all the time, but that was before I took out my knee last year in a fall. I'm actually planning on wearing the shoes only long enough to arrive at whatever event it is, than I'll kick them off under the table. This could be interesting.

Hold on Jolene, I've got to find more glue, lol.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

Well I am enjoying reading all this....but I am still jealous that I am not going.

Joe wanted to know are you both sure you aren't going through Kansas? LOL


10:39 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Renee, babe,

Tell Joe the only way we is gonna make Kansas is if the pilot gets lost. If that happens I want a refund LOL.

11:06 AM  
Blogger blackroze37 -tami said...

LOL not far enuff since there are still aligators aroiund

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are so funny. Great blog. Hugs.


6:24 PM  

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