Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The more the merrier...

I'm known around the loops as a bit of a party girl. Somehow this weekend I found myself in a very interesting situation. A guy that I've had my eye on for weeks asked my friend and me to go riding with him and another friend. At the end of the, morning....we kinda got asked to participate in an orgy. My friend and I, though sorely tempted, politely turned them down. For three days, we've been kicking ourselves as we recall how terribly attractive we find this guy. Truly, this is the guy that it only takes one glimpse of to make our knees clench and our mouth go dry. Sexy, with a capital S. We have now come to the conclusion that this week our halos might become a tad tarnished.

So what I want to know of many of you have participated in/written about/fantasized about an orgy? As always, the hotter the better.

Putting the "R" in Regencies...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, though I have scenes where there may be more than one partner. I can't really get past the choreography of it for real life. But that is just me.

Little lamb lost

11:39 AM  
Blogger T.A.Chase said...

My book coming out with another publisher has a foursome (no real sex..just a lot of rubbing..that might come up in the next book though)

I've never been in an orgy or really thought about one, but I'm sure more than one will appear in my future books.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Caffey said...

Morning Robin!!! Nope can't say I have, nor have I been approached about it when I was dating. Maybe because the time I was dating in the early 80's that it wasn't such an open question to ask with group dating and really nothing was said in datings about orgyies. But I enjoy reading them in the ebooks! I know that for some its a real situation but for me when I'm reading, its fantasy because I'm now married in a great satisfying couple relationship.
Too for each of us as indivudals with our own needs and interests in our sexual relationships!
Interesting topic!! Really has you think hard about this. Thanks.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Paige Burns said...

Wow, good morning Robin! ;)

The opportunity never came up for me, and I'm pretty sure I'd chicken out if it did.

However, I am writing a F/F/M scene in my current WIP, we'll see how it turns out.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

I've fantasized about participating in an orgy. Preferably with Scotsmen, Native Americans or men in uniform.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Beth Williamson said...

Robin... you pick some naughty topics! Orgies, eh?
Let's see, no I haven't written one yet. And no, I'm sorry to say I haven't participated in nor been invited to one.
As to fantasizing about one? Of course. I think everyone has. My favorite fantasy is two men and me - they don't need to be of any particular kind except big, well hung, and extremely talented with hands and tongues. :)

1:02 PM  
Blogger A J Matthews said...

Hmm, no, I haven't taken part in one or had the offer - and I'm not 100% sure I'd take part in one!

I'm thinking about writing an orgy scene in a future book, but as little lamb says, it's the choreography that's going to be tricky...

1:54 PM  
Blogger Christy Robin said...

It might be tricky, ya'll are right about that. Hmm...might take some further investigating on my part. ;)

Shoot, I've been asked numerous times. Lost count actually. Beginning to think my friends are a bit on the odd side.


2:33 PM  
Blogger Amie Stuart said...

Taken from my report card: Does not play well with others. Needs to learn to share better

*ggg* Nope, no thanks hon. Not my cuppa. But I have writte FFM threesomes before (and yes keeping track of all those arms and legs is enough to make your head spin).

5:12 PM  
Blogger LSB Author, Darragha Foster said...

Written about: yes.
Thought about: yes. replaying a scene from Logan's Run (Love Shop) in my mind. Or the imperial orgy from "Caligula."
Experienced: cluck, cluck, cluck
(didn't pursue the opportunity)

6:14 PM  
Blogger Tina Holland said...

Thought about yes...Written about yes...I find writing from personal experience always works best.


6:57 PM  
Blogger Bec said...

Hey Robin,

Great topic. The closest I've come to writing an orgy is a threesome, and I have to agree with Cece regarding knowing where everybody's body is all the time.

Yes I've also been invited. It turned the offers down as none of the people involved really did much for me. Given the right opportunity and participants though, I may be hard pressed to refuse...after all, how often is a person given the chance to live out a fantasy????

By the same token, I think you have to go into these things with eyes wide open. There isn't a chance in hell of creating a relationship from that beginning, unless your relationship is going to revolve around more of the same (and I reckon that while it might be fun once or twice...all the time, might start giving me a complex).

So I wouldn't worry about your tarnished halo. Just be sure you know what you're after and what you're going to get!!!

7:01 PM  
Blogger Christy Robin said...

Hallelujah! I found some participants in two+ relations. Thanks, guys! And Bec, don't worry. I never pursue relationships. LOL!

9:22 AM  
Blogger blackroze37 -tami said...

went to party, chicken out , but my best friend at the time, didnt, 4 guys to her ..
im like cece,,i dont play well with others and ablsolutely refuses to share

worse half ,now he has done it all

mention orgy.3way.whatever b, the "ah i rememebr those days "look came in ot his eyes

3:14 PM  

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