Saturday, August 05, 2006

Last Virgin in Vegas

In the coming soon section of House of Sin there have been some requests for a blurb. Here is a brief one:

Lance Lott is a stand-up guy, trying to make it in Las Vegas as a designer for the local hotel moguls. He’s got a terrific girlfriend, who grants him every sexual delight including a three-some.

Gwen McIver agreed to her friend Sydney Wagner’s scheme for one reason and one reason alone. Lance Lott – the man made her blood race every time he looked at her with those Crystal Blue Eyes.

If a ménage a trios is every man’s fantasy why is Lance Lott’s fantasy a nightmare? Ever since he slept with girlfriend Sydney and her friend Gwen, his life has changed. He can’t get Gwen out of his mind.

Some of you may remember Lance and Gwen from The Pilot and the Pinup. Last Virgin in Vegas isn't a sequel as much as a behind the scenes moment, the two stories overlap.

Do they stand alone? I like to think so...but I also think if you read both you'll have a "so that's what happened" moment.

We've have this series discussion going on among the authors at House of Sin. What are some things as readers you like about series? If you don't read series, why not? And are there some you wish had never ended?

I would love to hear your answers!



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