Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New June's Resolutions

On this, the Eve of June, I'm pondering my annual summertime resolutions.

What? You don't make any New June's Resolutions?

Why not? By now you've either perfected or abandoned all your New Year's resolutions, so it's time for something new. Besides, summer resolutions are a little different. They appeal to our inner flighty grasshopper, instead of the inner industrious ant we channel in the winter.

This year, my summertime resolutions include:

1. Spend more time with my cat, rolling in the catnip, playing with the world's greatest cat toy (a springy length of plastic package strapping) and cuddling.

2. Eat more ice cream.

3. Read more good books.

I'm also giving up some things for the summer season. (Who ever made the rule that Lent was the only season that comes with sacrifices, anyway?)

In particular, for the next four months, I'm giving up:

1. Cooking. (I can survive quite nicely on raw veggies from my organic garden, especially if they're augmented by take-out pizza, with – what else? – ice cream for dessert.)

2. Humidity. (If we were meant to sweat, we wouldn't have been given the intelligence to invent air conditioners.)

3. Sanity. (Okay, I'm a writer, so I don't have a lot of sanity to spare, but I do have some, and my other option was to give up housecleaning, but I'd have to do some scrubbing first before I could legitimately give it up, and I'm not insane enough yet to start cleaning just so I can stop.)

Now it's your turn. What are your summer resolutions or sacrifices?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Morning After - Kate Willoughby

My first book, Carnal Devotions, was released on Halloween last year. So when I heard my second book, Losing it, was scheduled for a Memorial Day release,I was so excited. Two holiday release dates!

I dragged the family home early from a weekend visit with my father. We were celebrating his seventy-second birthday, but I was determined to spend Monday -- the day Losing It was to be released -- on the Internet, announcing and promoting and crowing annoyingly, like a literary rooster. My website, my blog, all the loops I belong to, friends and family were to receive the news on The Big Day. But unfortunately, Murphy's Law prevailed. My cable modem went on the fritz! I was cut off from the Internet world, and damned if I didn't feel like a junkie whose supplier had gone missing.

Too late to make a long story short, but needless to say, I've been unable to do any crowing. I am posting this blog entry only because I'm holding my husband's assistant hostage while I hijack his office computer this morning. I just couldn't let my first "Morning After" on the SEx blog go by without a fight.

So, you are the first to hear that my novella, Losing It, is now on sale at Liquid Silver. I fondly call this book, "V is for Virgin," because there are two untouched maiden sisters in this light-hearted contemporary story. Unlikely, yes, but so is the possibility that vampires roam the earth. ;) Because of this double whammy of hymen-preservation, my question is this: When you lost your cherry, was it "good for you?" If you had to do it over again, what would you change?

The Morning After - Rose Middleton

Morning y'all!

Ahhh, the morning after. It conjures all sorts of images, doesn't it? Actually, it probably makes for a great story, too. Today, it comes with the inspiration for this story and an excerpt.

The story Can You Keep A Secret? resulted from real life inspiration. You see, I'm a teacher and I have a boss who loves these kinds of gimmicks. At the time, I'd just moved to the senior campus of our school and was feeling a little lost. Let me tell you, it's a big school! So when Staff Welfare Week - no, no cute little names for real life *sigh* - came along, my secret buddy decided to treat me to a week of indulgent gifts. Every morning started with chocolate. My buddy couldn't go wrong! Naturally, when Welfare Week rolled around this year, I returned the favour. (And if you think Staff Welfare Week is a bad title, well, it used to be called Staff Appreciation Week - or SAP for short!)

Of course, the real life game didn't end up quite like the one between Penny and Jesse. But without the inspiration it provided, I wouldn't have had a romance novel to write, now would I?

Jesse isn't as keen on the whole idea at first, especially when he learns that he has to buy a gift for the anchorman who stole his last girlfriend, but opting out of the Secret Santa exchange after receiving his first gift is suddenly no longer appealing...


Jesse sighed, opened his eyes and read the card.

Can you keep a secret?
I don’t suppose you can
I’m your Secret Santa
Resist my wicked plan!

Jesse’s heart slammed into his ribs, almost knocking him backward. Holy moly! Flattening the card against his chest, he stood up and scanned the office again. With his face heated and his blood racing, he put his eyes back in their sockets and sat down.

Someone must be looking out for him, because he was alone. Heaven forbid anyone catch an eyeful of what he just read. It’d give the old farts a heart attack. Relaxing, he realised it gave him the most delightful image. One that clearly appealed to a certain part of his anatomy.

If that was the letter, he dared not guess what was in the box.

Jesse swallowed. He couldn’t remember the last time anyone had played a sex game with him. Without his permission, his eyes travelled to the silver box. Someone had gone to quite a bit of effort on this. For him. The cynical part of his brain instantly accused Mick. The Man would do just this kind of thing to stir him up.

But then, Mickey D didn’t know about the Santa thing, did he? Jesse had planned to pummel both Mick and Rory with his vitriol about the stupid game over dinner. But now, he wondered if it was stupid at all.

Mr. Happy didn’t think so.

Jesse’s hand shook as he brought the small box up for closer inspection. Nothing extraordinary about it, at least, not on the outside. But it was the possibility of what could be on the inside that had his stomach doing cartwheels.

Carefully, Jesse lifted the lid. He was torn between the urge to squeeze his eyes shut and savour the anticipation licking at his insides, and rip the lid off to get at the prize.

His breath burned in his lungs, reminding him to breathe. Jesse paused, took two quick breaths and continued. When his eyes clapped sight of the gift, he groaned an expletive.

Red lace garter.

Jesse blinked several times, just to make sure he was actually seeing what he thought he was seeing. Holy Mother of God. Suddenly, Christmas in July didn’t seem like such a crazy idea after all.

Morning After ~ Kate Willoughby & Rose Middleton

Losing It
Kate Willoughby


Rose Middleton

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Memorial Day!

It's a holiday, so I thought I'd treat you all to some holiday eye candy.

But since I'm a writer, I have to write a little bit of a blog post. So, lets talk about Memorial Day. Do you celebrate with friends and family? Have anything excting planned? Have any memorial day memories to share?

As a kid for me, Memorial Day meant two things. First, my neighborhood (and a few of the surrounding ones) had a HUGE Memorial Day parade every year. So I was in it as a majorette, a brownie and as a member of the high school marching band. It meant having to get up early on a day after school!

But Memorial Day also meant that the pool opened. And once the pool was open I remember knowing that school was in the home stretch.

Now I've got a brother-in-law in the Navy so Memorial Day is a bit more personal. But still, for me, it's all about a barbeque with friends and family (and Indy 500).

So what is the holiday weekend bringing for you? Any favorite memories? Everyone who comments will be entered into a drawing for an LSB ebook of their choice! And have a great one!

Angels we have seen when high

Opinions please... which of these winged creatures do you find most appealing? How about interesting? Which would you like to read more about?

Traditional angel

Psychedelic angel

Rock and Roll Angel

Big burly angel

by the way, the top one is Marcus Schenkenberg, and the one in black is a Japanese rock star named Gackt. I found the other two online but do not know their names.

Opinions, folks?

Kayelle Allen
Romance Lives Forever

Cleaning house with the Empress

You know, the Empress has a huge palace, so it must take a lot to clean it. I wonder who she finds to do all that work? *snort* Let's take a look...

Oh, I think this is her handyman. Hmm, I'll bet he's handy, all right!

And this looks like the guy who takes care of the drapes. I always did like sheers...

Must be laundry day at the jade's house. Need help with that basket?

That ironing looks like a hot job. If you need steam, I can help you...

When the jades are good, she gives them the day off to fish. I wonder if she goes with them?

But of course, there's always one jade who's too tied up pleasing the empress to go fish. Oh, yeah. It's good to be queen.

Kayelle Allen
Romance Lives Forever

Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's good to be queen...

When you write about hot men, you have to know what you're talking about. It takes plenty of "research."

I mean, gee, someone's gotta do it, right? LOL

If you know my universe at all, you're aware that Empress Destoiya is called "the Queen of Quenchless Lust" for a reason. She keeps a stable full of men to please her. Being that I'm such a stickler for detail, I figured I'd have to find some pics of guys suitable to be called her Jades. (oh, btw, the term jade comes from horses - a jade is an overworked horse... you get the idea).

Here are a couple of good pics for you. These were used for pure research. *evil laugh*

The empress looks over her selection for the night....

The empress takes the boys shopping for leather...

And of course, she makes sure they exercise...

Sigh. It's good to be the queen.

Kayelle Allen
Romance Lives Forever

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Men at RT...

Since I just got back from a week at Daytona Beach, interspersed with quick trips to Orlando and Disney, for the Romantic Times Convention, it seemed the natural thing to blog about today. I'm still in recovery, because a week's vacation requires a week's clean-up. Laundry and souvenirs everywhere, and one souvenir is a business card from Andrei Claude, Mr. Romance 2005. He is H-O-T and seems to be a really sweet guy. Check out the gallery at his web site, girls. Those pics will get yah droolin'--or they did me at least.

Now the guys in the suspenders were from the Ellora's Cave party, I believe. I've decided suspenders look really good on bare chests. They seem to accent all the right parts. I tried very hard to get decent pics at the Mr. Romance 2006 competition, but I was too far away with a cheapy camera, but here's a group shot. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't do the shirtless poses this year. What was up with that?

I had mega fun at the Vampires of the Caribbean party, though I was confused by the seemingly transexual Captain and the Little Mermaid, who I think was a vampire, although I'm still not sure. The music after the skit was awesome, and I danced until my feet couldn't handle it any more. And there were several terrific partying pirates to keep me company.

The thing about RT is that there's business mixed with fun and loads of free books if you're willing to brave the lines for them. I finally managed to get my hands on a couple of autographed Mary Janice Davidson books--not at her mixer (I was not the early bird there), but at the Kensington mixer. And I've got a "Betsy Rules" button somewhere around here to put on my tote bag. My coolest souvenirs, though, came from the beach shop across from the hotel, my "Pirate Girl" window clings. Got one for each vehicle--to confuse the other parents at my son's school (and the in-laws too). *g*

I'll leave you with the ocean view from our room at the Hilton. And I'd love to hear from you if you were at RT and would like to reminisce, or if you weren't and want to ask questions. It was so great to meet some of you in person, that I normally only "talk" to online!

Shara *returning to semi-comatose state to avoid any more laundry*

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Morning After Contest Winner

Congratulations Pam P!

She's the winner of a dowload of Tempting Fate (now available at LSB). Email me at emma (at) emmasinclair (dot) com with your preffered format.

As for me, I'm going to sleep some more.

Repo Chick Blues Sizzling Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from Repo Chick! I hope you all like it!

Callahan rested his hands against my shoulders and gently moved me back. “I want you, Leah.”

It occurred to me then that this was Jesse’s room. “Let’s go into my bedroom.”

We made it as far as the hall before Callahan stopped me, turning me toward the wall. He lifted my arms and held my hands over my head with one of his own. The skin on my tits and face felt good pressed up against the coolness of the wall. I wanted to have Callahan under me, with my hands pinning his to the bed, but I let the control freak in me go. For once, it was okay that I wasn’t in control. Just this one moment in time.

He positioned his hips against my ass, then lowered himself and slid into up into my wetness. I moaned against the wall as he thrust into me, driving himself deeper and deeper.

“Yes!” My voice sounded far off. I was being swept away from my pain and fear, from everything. All I felt was the sweet pleasure of Callahan’s hard cock thrusting into me. He held my hands against the wall and fucked me away from my anger. He took me to a different place, where nothing mattered but the moment.

He crushed his mouth against my neck and bit into the skin, just hard enough so I would feel it. The pain twisted around the pleasure and a pinprick that began deep inside my slick walls, turned into an unbearable ache. As he slammed into me, one of his hands reached around and found my slick clit. Two fingers made firm but small circles around it, not quite touching it, driving me out of my mind. I screamed out my frustration, knowing that if I pushed my pelvis forward to move against his fingers, I’d risk losing his cock.

“Callahan! Fuck!”

“Okay, baby,” he breathed against my shoulder, moving his fingers directly onto my clit, massaging until I was impossible swollen.

“Let it go, Leah,” I heard him say.

Then I was trembling and screaming, shuddering as unimaginable pleasure ripped through me.

Callahan sank his teeth a little further into my skin as he came, almost lifting me off the floor as he rammed into me. He yelled against my throat, an animal growl starting deep within his chest. Then he was kissing my shoulder, the back of my neck, my back. “Leah.”

I turned around and he was on his knees, wrapping his arms around me and resting his face against my belly. I ran my fingers through his hair, trying to fight the sense of panic creeping over me. I didn’t want him to love me. I couldn’t have him love me. I didn’t deserve it and I couldn’t give it back.

But I did need him.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Morning After - Tempting Fate

Well, I spent the day of my new release celebrating in bed., unfortunatly it's not what you think. I've got a wicked cold. Yuck. So not the way I would have liked to celebrate my first LSB release!

But here's a bit of an excerpt for you reading pleasure and then at the end I've got a question for you and a chance to win. Thanks for celebrating the "Morning After" with me!

Excerpt from Tempting Fate:

She stood at the center kitchen island. He was behind her. Close behind her, pressing her hard into the island. He didn't seem to notice, though, as he finished his cocktail.

But oh baby, did Chloe notice.

She leaned back slightly, bringing her back completely in contact with Tanner's front. That's when he stilled, setting his glass down in front of her.

“Chloe, what are you doing?”

What was she doing? She was making herself feel really good. And she had little doubt that Tanner could make her feel even better.

But she said, “Nothing.”

He pushed forward, his thick cock pressing into her behind. She pressed back just as hard, enjoying the contact. Wanting more.

Her breasts felt heavy and she was sure that moisture saturated her panties.

“I want more,” Tanner said.

At the same time his hands moved to her waist, tickling the exposed skin between her shirt and pants.

“Yes,” was all that she could manage.

She thought it was probably much more polite than the “Touch me more” that was threatening to spring out.

As if he heard her unspoken plea, his hands did move. They slid around her waist to her stomach. His hand splayed open on her stomach, practically covering her from her pubic bone to the underside of her breast.

“Please move your hand,” she said. “And I don't mean away.”

She didn't care which way. Up or down would be fine with her. Either way promised her extreme pleasure.

She held her breath, wondering what he'd do next.

His hand slid upwards.

“Oh yesss.”

Rather than cupping her breast, he drew lazy circles around her. Her breasts weren't huge by any stretch of the imagination, but they'd be a nice handful for him. She desperately wanted more contact.

Taking the risk, she broke the contact of her back to his front to lean forward into his caress.

His breath was warm on her neck when he laughed. The smell of the fruit juice obliterated any smell of alcohol on his breath.

“Don't be so greedy,” he said, pulling her back towards him again.

But she did get her wish. He cupped her breast fully in his hand. At the same time, he brought his other hand around to cup her other breast.

“Nice,” he said.

Nice? This was a lot better than simply nice. This was better than the all you can eat non-fat chocolate bar in the Elysian Fields she went to a few thousand years ago.

So, here's my question. Do you have a favorite cold remedy (sorry, did you think it was going to be something about the book - I'm being more selfish than that today)? Either a home remedy or a particularly effective medicine from the store? I don't have time to be sick so I'm looking for all the help I can get! One lucky (random) commenter will recieive an e-copy of Tempting Fate.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Peekaboo - I see you.

"Do you think he sees us?" I asked, contemplating giving a little wave to the hottie raiding his fridge.

All of a sudden the guy we were ogling a few houses down from my friend's place, did a peekaboo at the wall. "Yep," I said as we began to howl with laughter. "He can."

This is how my best friend and I spy. Very effectively. I had caught a glimpse of the guy Friday night. Saturday night I was given another peek. He is buff. I mean ripped. Worth ogling. Unfortunately we aren't very subtle at it. All the lights were on in her kitchen plus some candles. Move over James Bond. We have covert spying under control.

Thankfully Buddy left the light on in his kitchen so we could keep watching him again and again.

Then her neighbor called in reinforcements. One moment I'm writing and the next I look up to see him standing with his roommate and a couple of friends. Yep. Busted. Big time.

Look, if you're built like The Rock and your t-shirt hangs nicely on your bod, I'm going to watch you. I'm going to watch you...a lot. His arms were the size of my, uh, well some body party that needs to shrink. If you don't want me to stand at the window, trying to figure out how to get my digital camera to work so I can take your picture in the dark, a few houses away, don't look so yummy.

However, I don't think we'll become professional peeping tomasinas or private investigators. We're much too giggly for the job. Not as subtle as we think. I'd practice at my condo but there's no one worth looking at. It wasn't my most embarassing moment but it was one of the funniest to be caught so blatantly staring into a person's house as he took a beer from the fridge.


I'm very disappointed. I have nothing to look at tonight. Curses. And Kate saw him naked! NAKED!! Apparently his butt is so defined he has grooves. Grooves! *thud* I saw nothing like that Friday or Saturday night. I did see his roommate at the barbecue without a t-shirt. Shudder. I wanted to see the bare ass. As the single one in this friendship, I should have been given the gift of a ffffffine naked ass. Curses. Maybe next time? If he could let me know in advance though, that would be great. My mom's camera has infra-red abilities. And she's got a better lens so the picture quality will be that much better.

Anyone else get caught peeking where they shouldn't have been? Come on, 'fess up. There's no way Kate & I are the only ones who got busted so, well, spectacularly.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Contest Winner

And the winner of the "Love Actually" DVD is...


Cherie, if you can e-mail me at I'll get your prize all sorted.

Thanks to everybody for a great day!

Vivien :)

I say tomato, you say to-mah-to

There is a certain group of actors that enthrall me, simply by opening their mouths. Alan Rickman. Colin Firth. Hugh Grant. Ralph Fiennes. Kenneth Branagh.

Are you noticing a theme here? ;)

Like so many women around the globe, I’m a sucker for a man with an accent. Hell, I’m married to a Brit. The first time we had a telephone conversation, I missed at least 75% of what he actually said because I was too busy swooning over his voice. And that accent! Guh…I used to describe it as molten lava down my spine. I swear, all he had to do to get me in the mood was utter a single word in my ear, and I was putty in his hands. Very wet putty.

Ahem. What was I saying again?

Oh. Right. Men with accents.

You would not believe the kind of attention my husband Craig gets. We were actually married in the UK, and I lived over there until summer of 2004. There, I was the novelty, with all of Craig’s male family and friends asking me to talk, simply for the sake of hearing my American accent. Strangers coming to the door would stop and talk with me, based purely on my accent. Here in the US, our positions are reversed. People hear my husband talk, and everything just seems to stop. Women are constantly chatting him up, and even men will comment to me that they love the way he talks. (I’m completely serious with that; my daughter’s softball coach couldn’t stop going on about Craig’s accent the entire time I first met him.)

There’s a downside to it, of course. Often times, people won’t understand something Craig says. It’s quite common in our household for him to stop in the middle of a phone conversation and hand me the receiver where I then have to give our address/phone number/some other information that the other person needs and can’t quite get right because they can’t figure out what he’s saying. Even my mother won’t talk to him on the phone because she says she can’t understand him without seeing his lips moving. And one time at an amusement park, he had to deal with a young girl at a frozen lemonade stand for nearly ten minutes before she got his order right. (She kept thinking he was saying “full” instead of “four” and kept scooping more frozen lemonade into his cup before finally exclaiming, “I can’t get any more in!” Craig had to hold up four fingers finally to tell her what he wanted.)

But why is it? Is it the grass is greener theory that makes people go all gooey at an accent? It doesn’t even have to be a foreign one. I had a guy friend in college who was born and raised in New York. Without fail, every single girl he dated (and how he found them all, I don’t know, because we went to college in Michigan), had a Southern accent. Because he thought Southern accents were so exotic. To each his own.

Give me your theories. Because I still haven’t figured out why it is that even my husband whispering the words, “hand me the remote” in my ear can turn me into putty, even after being with him for nine years now. Other than, you know, the whole loving him madly thing. :) As a bonus, everybody who comments today will be put into a drawing at the end of the day for a DVD of “Love Actually,” one of my favorite romantic movies, chock-full of English accents.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I love "cock"

“You’re cock, Jeff!”

“Thank you!”

It’s an odd exchange. Also, one of my favorite random concert moments. I was at a Jeff Tweedy (he’s the lead singer of Wilco) concert, and somebody shouted that. In fact, somebody shouts it at every Wilco or Jeff Tweedy concert. Or at least, every concert I’ve ever heard. I’ve seen him live five times, and since they encourage their audience to record the concerts, I have some bootleg recordings as well.

But what does it mean?

Well, Jeff Tweedy insists that when he was growing up, cock meant awesome. “Look at my new baseball card.” “Man, that’s totally cock!” In fact, Jeff has gone on a single-man crusade to reclaim his favorite word. (Jeff, also, incidently is one of the bluest people I’ve ever heard live. I’m sorry. I misfingered it (the guitar). And we all know how painful that can be! Yes, yes we do.

Oh, where was I? Right. Cock.

Now, Jeff Tweedy is my muse. I love that man. I love every word of every lyric, every note, every second of every song. If he’s involved, I love it. But I have to disagree with Jeff on this point, as much as it kills me. I can’t help reclaim cock and make it a clean word. Because it’s my favorite dirty word.

Writing erotica is hard, but the English language and slang doesn’t do your humble writer any favors. Look at the words we have to work with. Penis, shaft, erection, dick, Johnson, purple-headed love mushroom, the one-eyed snake, etc etc. All too clinical, or too silly. Shaft works the best, but come on, who doesn’t think of the song (Damned right! Shut yo mouth).

It’s my default favorite when discussing male genitals. Also, it’s fun to say. Say it now. Say it under your breath if you’re at work. Cock, cock, cock, cock. I think it’s a delightful word. Just dirty enough to give you a thrill, but utilitarian enough to get the job done.

Imagine if Jeff’s one-man crusade is successful? Then one of the most delightfully fun and dirty words, not to mention useful and versatile, in an erotica writer’s vocabulary will be lost forever!

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that "cock" is cock!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Community of Writers

Hey, all, Grey again, here to talk about my favorite thing. Writing.

I started writing when I was fifteen, and right from the beginning I was fortunate to have writing peers in my life. In those early days we did team writing, where I would write until I was out of ideas or inspiration and then I would hand the notebook over to my partner and she would write until she couldn’t anymore and hand it back to me. We would spend hours every day at lunch and in study hall talking plot and characters and what had to happen next to get the results we wanted. My first published short story was created this way. Our English teacher was a little puzzled by our content, but he was very encouraging of the actual process. But what kept me writing was my friend and the inspiration I got in bouncing ideas and critiques back and forth with her.

In college I made friends with people who taught me about the business of writing. Not selling and promoting, but sitting down every day and writing something, even if it was just playing pun tag with Steven in history class (he’s a lefty, I’m a righty, so we could share a notebook without being obvious. It was great). They knew what they were talking about because they both sold to print houses fifteen years before I ever finished my first book. Sadly I’ve lost touch with one of them and speak only occasionally to the other, but I think of them often as I’m writing and look for them every time I’m in the bookstore. Someday I’ll be there with them.

I stopped writing for a long time. Grad school crushed my creativity and having children took all my time, so it took me a long time to pick up a pen again. But more significantly, I didn’t have any other writers in my life. Finally, though, the muse would not be denied (and I got bored spitless sitting in my school bus waiting for school to let out so I could drive the kids home) and I did start doing some hobby writing. And I found writers through that new-fangled device, the Internet. I made friends, and those friends turned into peers and partners and mentors. Three people in particular have come to mean as much to me as any friends I have ever had. We are all radically different writers, but somehow there’s a synergy, a connection between us that invigorates me. I find so much inspiration in discussing writing with them, in actually writing with them, in creating and living the writing life with them as a part of it. They are my friends, my teachers, my mentors, my muses. I really don’t know if I would even be a writer today without them. They are my creative family, and I am so grateful to have them as a part of my life.

And now I’m even more fortunate, because two of them have agreed to start a newsletter with me. They should be familiar to Liquid Silver readers. Pepper Espinoza is a wonderfully prolific and passionate writer with three books out from LSB, including her latest, California Stars. Vivien Dean’s work is inspired and complex and difficult to categorize, making her all the more enjoyable to read. She is the author of LSB’s Under a Rogue Moon as well as the Eppie finalist Chains of Jericho. If you are interested, please join us at Passion Oscura to receive our monthly newsletter and get registered for one of our three drawings for some great prizes to be awarded when our first issue is released on June 1. And best of all, you’ll have a chance to get to know these wonderful women, excellent writers and great friends.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Shuck Ying - come on down! email me at with your email addy and I'll send you your choice of my books. Here are your choices:

At the Mercy of Her Pleasure
Senth's a master thief who's been drugged since puberty to suppress his feral, half-human side. To save his brother's life, Senth must work beside a Better, an enhanced woman whose addictive, pleasure-laced pheromones could sever all that hard-won control. All he has to do is grab an heirloom, deliver it safely and return to his master— still a virgin. As long as the drug holds out, so can Senth. He must resist her. Because once he tastes her passion, he'll always be At the Mercy of Her Pleasure.

For Women Only
Khyff Antonello despises the Kin. The feline race enslaved him and caused his mother's death. But to protect the remnants of his family, Khyff must overcome his hatred long enough to seduce and betray their ambassador. To Mehfawni Ruh, males are bedtoys and trophies, and Khyff is exactly her type: blond, gorgeous, and a master of pleasure. But is his fragile trust in her a response of love? Or a ruse for revenge?

Take your pick. Which Antonello brother gets your fantasy life boiling? Senth the sweet virgin who yearns to be a man? Or Khyff, the prostitute whose past makes him tremble at the idea of being touched again?

Your fantasy choice! Come and visit my site, too. Almost 100 pages of fun things to do.

Fantasy Lovers

I love all the fantasies I've read so far. Two men and one lady sure seems to be a trend around here! Thought I'd let you have another peek inside At the Mercy of Her Pleasure. This scene is the Conqueror, Empress Rheyn Destoiya with two of her jades, pleasure slaves she keeps to satisfy her. All I can say is, she has Tony the Tiger GRRREAT mornings...

Destoiya turned on her side and took Sander into her arms, dragging him closer for a kiss. She wanted that mouth again. He slid a hand between her legs and lifted her upper thigh as he pulled it toward him, opening her for Rudolf. She arched back against Rudolf and welcomed the exquisite sensation of his pierced cock parting the lips of her pussy from behind and plunging the hard metal ring at the top of his cockhead deep inside.

"Yes, like that." She laid her head back against Rudolf's shoulder when he thrust harder. "More." Wrapping her leg around Sander's waist, she clung to him with both hands. "More," she demanded, her voice husky. "More mouth."

Sander's tongue laved her throat, his teeth nipping her skin. Rudolf's teeth tugged at her earlobe. Destoiya shivered at the heat of Rudolf's breath, the coolness of Sander's mouth, both wet against her skin.

Sander flattened his palm against her mons, and when he cupped his fingers between her labia, she nearly arched off the bed. Searing heat flooded her body and took her breath.

Sander was using his power of Empas to absorb her lust--and Rudolf's--and was pinpoint feeding it back to her. The desire of three, magnified, aimed, and delivered with precision. She half expected to combust.

The moment Sander's fingers slipped inside her opening, she climaxed. She hunched back against Rudolf, screaming her release, sobbing with it. Sander clamped his mouth over one breast, the tip of his tongue battering her nipple. She screamed again, her mouth wide. She gripped Rudolf's upper thigh and rode him, thrusting back while he ground himself into her.

His cock twitched and jumped inside her while he cried out his pleasure and shudders racked his body. His gasps heated her neck.

Sander slipped inside her the moment Rudolf withdrew.

The change between lovers only hurled her faster over the top. Frenzied with Empas-inspired lust, mewling cries escaped her throat.

"Wet," Sander murmured against her mouth. He thrust the full length of his cock into her, fast and hard, just the way she loved it. "So lush and hot."

He dipped his tongue into her mouth, curling it against and around hers.

Rudolf reached between them and took her nipple between his finger and thumb, twirling it roughly. He pulled back her head with his hand in her hair. Rudolf grazed her throat with his teeth, licked the back of her jaw, and circled her ear. The metal studs in the middle of his tongue tingled against her skin.

Destoiya turned her face to capture Rudolf's lips. When Sander cried out his climax, arching his back, Rudolf splayed a hand across her clenched buttocks and shoved her hard against Sander in counterpoint to the Androg's ramming thrusts. She moaned into Rudolf's mouth.

*ahem* Believe it or not, this is only the opening to that scene. Can we say hubba hubba? *fanning self*

At 10:00 pm I'll draw the winner's name. If you haven't posted, it's not too late!

Winner receives a choice of At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, or For Women Only.

What Makes Women Wet

I'm Science Fiction Romance author Kayelle Allen and I'm here to SEx you up! Today's blog is fantasies.
Yes, I do love sweet true love, the deep, wonderful, "gaze into your eyes and adore you" love.

Ain't talking about that today.

Instead, let's explore the topic of good old fashioned so hot you gotta have it topic of L-U-S-T. Wet, nasty, naughty, slick, fingers-in-your panties hot. What makes a woman wet?

Okay - here are the ground rules. You don't have to divulge your secrets. Instead, you can make up a fantasy character, talk about a hot book that got your best friend all tingly, or you can be a bit naughty and post your own real life fantasy. At the end of the day, I'll hold a drawing only for those who post a fantasy. Winner gets either of my books, At the Mercy of Her Pleasure or For Women Only.

I'll start. I wrote one of my favorite memories into a book, For Women Only. This scene came to me after one of my sisters forced me *cough* to go to a male strip show on my birthday. Forced me, I tell you! It was so sinful. Yeah, right. *grin*

In this scene from For Women Only, the Kin (think feline) heroine is taken to visit a male strip club and sees a performance by one of the horned and hooved Tyrans. Here you go:

Throbbing music pulsed and tickled deep in Mehfawni's chest. Light tracked across the stage and into corners where males danced almost nude in cages.

A man cloaked from head to toe in chain mail strutted onto the stage, pumping both fists to the hard beat. The female audience chanted his name in time. Rheman. Rheman. Rheman.

The dancer turned away from the audience and leaned backward, until the chain mail hood slipped off his head and onto his shoulders. He turned his head to one side.

The audience gasped. He had horns. Rheman was a Tyran.

Unlike most Tyrans, whose horns curved upward and out like a bull's, Rheman's horns curled down around his ears, almost into a circle. He'd painted them gold and the color flashed against the dark brown of his skin.

His metal cloak teased downward, off bulging shoulder muscles, down his smooth back and halted at his waist. While women screamed and shouted, he looked at the audience over his shoulder, flirting, seeking whether he should continue.

The cheering crowd urged him to take it off. The chain mail slipped further, showing the top of his buttocks, enough to reveal a thong made of metal links. The cloak jerked back up a bit and Rheman darted a quick guilty look at the audience, biting into his lower lip like a child caught being naughty.

His bronzed body almost forcibly drew Mehfawni's gaze.

The audience clapped hands in unison, chanting, "Take it off, Rheman!"

He straightened his arms, tilted back his shoulders and let the metal-ringed cloak hit the floor.

He wore only the thong and a pair of boots. He bent forward at the waist, both hands clasping his ankles, exposing his long, firm legs and perfectly shaped ass, and unclasped the covers over his feet. He ripped them off.

She held her breath. His hooves were gold, too.

Okay - your turn. Have a hot bit that excites you? Gets you all toasty? Makes you want to do the wigglies? Share it. I dare you...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Treats and Toes and Vacations Oh My!

Sorry I'm late ya'll! I hate to wait until I got to work to blog. Mornings I'm just happy to function.

Since I couldn't decide on ONE topic to blog on, I thought I'd just ramble a bit. I was thinking last night how desperately I needed a pedicure--which I just love getting! I used to NEVER polish my toenails, but a friend of mine just insisted many years ago that I do and now I do regularly *g*. We all know with the advent of summer (which may only apply south of the Mason-Dixon) that the feet come out.

So, do you do your toes? What's your favorite color? And do you treat yourself, not only to the occasional pedicure but to a massage or an eyebrow wax. Yeah I know.......treats and eyebrow waxing are oxymorons but it's better than doing it yourself.

And in the vein of summer, let's talk vacations. I must admit, there will be NO vacations this year because it's all going in both kid's mouths (braces). But I was surfing the net the other day, planning my dream vacation. What's yours? With or wihtout kids (and money is no object).......and if it's without kids, would you do the nude beach thing?

Post your answers and I'll be back late tonight to pick a couple winners. You'll get your choice of any LSB book on me =)

Monday, May 15, 2006

What's in a cover

What’s in a cover?

Okay guys, today I want to talk about what’s in a cover.

I have some pretty strong opinions about covers and would love to share them. In my humble opinion, a cover can make or break a book. I have to admit, I’m a cover slut and I think a good percentage of the population is right there with me. I mean… I’m a visual person, I’m attracted to likeable covers and a well-done cover will actually set a spark off in my brain, like a positive dopamine reaction (think chocolate) and drive me to buy the book because of that feeling. If I see a cover I like, I’m going to buy the book with only a very cursory glance at the back flap. I feel like a cover absolutely affects sales.

These are a couple of my favorite covers for my books.

Here’s an e-book I bought becaus
e of it’s cover, Heart of a Sorceress and let me tell you why… I’m interested in Magic, liked the blurb, the man was attractive, ding, ding, ding, pleasure… so I bought it. Here's my point is… I originally bought the book because I was attracted to the cover…Here's some others I really like...

So what do you think? Are you are cover slut like me? Will you actually buy a book by its cover? Do you think a bad cover can affect sales?

Rae Monet
Come Join My World...

Men and Coffee, Coffee and Men

I know I'm most likely in a minority of the population when I say I don't like coffee. I love the smell of it, but have never been able to develop a taste for it. Even if I mask it with cocoa, if I can still taste the coffee... blech!

Now men, on the other hand, I'm totally in love with. They're so different from women--and in more than just the obvious physical way. Behave, ya'll, I'm trying to be serious here! If you present a man with a problem, his natural instinct it to give you solutions on how to fix it. He doesn't understand--or appreciate--that you may just want to talk it out.

The way men think is impacted by the amount of testosterone in their bodies. Their brains, while physically larger than women's, have less connections between the two hemispheres, and so they tend not to see the details. Rather, they look at the big picture.

Which is why a man can walk from the bedroom to the garage, on a mission to get a hammer, and walk a dozen times or more past a pile of dirty clothes that needs to be thrown into the washer. Most of the time, ladies, he honestly doesn't see them.

Ever have your husband or significant other (or son or brother) stand in front of an open refrigerator and holler, "Honey, where's the mayo?"

"On the second shelf," you yell back.

"I can't see it!" he shouts.

So you stop whatever it is you're doing, walk into the kitchen, push him (gently) out of the way, move a few items around and pull out the jar of mayonnaise.

He didn't see it, nor did it occur to him to move stuff around. It's the way he's wired.

Now, you're wondering why this post has to do with men and coffee? Take a look at the picture below. (I saw this on a couple of other loops I'm on.) There's a man's face among the beans.

Try to find him--it's fun.

Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee beans in 3 seconds, the right half of your brain is better developed than most people.

If you find the man between 3 seconds and 1 minute, the right half of your brain is developed normally.

If you find the man between 1 minute and 3 minutes, then the right half of your brain is functioning slowly and you need to eat more protein.

If you have not found the man after 3 minutes, the advice is to look for more of this type of exercise to make that part of the brain stronger!

And, yes, the man is really there!!! (It took me more than 3 seconds, but less than a minute, so I guess that means I'm normal. Well, as normal as I can be, I guess. Hey! I heard that. No smartass remarks from the peanut gallery! LOL)










So, how'd you do?

Sherrill Quinn
Romance With An Edge
Website | Blog | MySpace | Readers Group

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Doing Daytona Contest Winners

Thanks again to everyone who came and played the last couple of days.

Contest winners:

Would you go to the Hamburger Museum: Paula (the one not going)

What's the temp: Michelle B

Name that gator: Jolene - Renee - Estella- Blackroze37-tami

Congrats to our winners. Please send an email to so we can arrange to get your prize to you.

Remember, I'm going to be traveling for the next couple of days, so if you don't hear from me right away, don't worry, I'll get with you as soon as I get settled in Daytona.

Thanks again

Dakota and Michelle do Daytona - Act VI

First Dakota and I would like to thank everyone for doing Daytona with us the last two days. We are going to leave you with some food for thought.

Anyone wishing to visit Daytona Beach must remember this law or you could be fined or jailed, so pay attention:

Owning a flower pot with water in it that isn't capable of draining is considered a public nuisance.

Note to self: unpack those flower pots.

And if your plans include visiting other parts of Florida, here are a few state laws to keep in mind while visiting.

Women may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer, as can the salon owner.

If an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle.

What about if you tied your alligator to the meter?

It is illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit.

Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal.

I bet those lady porcupine's are fit to be tied!!

When having sex, only the missionary position is legal.


You may not fart in a public place after 6 P.M. on Thursdays.
Someone 'splain this one to me, please. Why only on Thursdays?

It is considered an offense to shower naked.

I'll wear my shower cap, honest.

You may not kiss your wife's breasts.

This is just stupid.

Corrupting the public morals is defined as a nuisance, and is declared a misdemeanor offense.

Well damn. That's all I've got to say on that subject.

Two places you might wish to avoid:

Pensacola - A women can be fined (only after death), for being electrocuted in a bath-tub because of using self-beautification utensils.

Satellite Beach - Persons may not appear in public clothed in liquid latex.

All I can say is – kill joys!!

You know--this beautification utensil thing troubles me. Who says I can't blow dry when I soaking. I mean, GAWD! I have to multi task or I'll never get anything done. LOLLOL And this really puts the kabosh on my freakin' Luquid panties. I don't like Florida. Let's go to Oshkosh. Bet they like people who can multi task...LOLLOL

No, we are going to Daytona, we'll do Oshkosh next time ~smiles~

Well that's a wrap, bloggettes. Thanks again for spending time with Dakota and I.

Have a great week and be sure to visit SEx or SiN for regular RT updates live from RT.


Dakota and Michelle do Daytona - Act V

Are you ready for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa contest?

Well of course you are ~grinz~.

Here's the plan.

Let's say you have been given a baby alligator as a pet, oy's. Give the little guy a name.

That's it. Name your alligator in the comment section of Act V and you will be entered in a drawing to win one of four books from Michelle or Dakota.

2 Winners will receive books from Michelle Hoppe
2 Winners will receive books from Dakota Cassidy



Name that alligator!

Don't forget to read Acts I, II, III, and IV -- post a comment to get your name in the drawings for other great prizes.



Dakota and Michelle do Daytona - Act IV

Hey, Dakota, what ya doin?

Um, preparing for RT. I have wet nails and wax on my upper lip--you?

Ewe, I don't want to know about where you have wax and why are your nails wet? Aren't you supposed to stick them in one of those light boxes at the salon before you leave so you don't f_ck them up driving home?

Sigh...Candles are lovely, darling. So--are you packed?

Packed? Of course I'm ... not packed. I mean really, I have hours yet before I get on the plane, what's the rush?

Did you bring the alligator repellant to ward off the evil beasts? Sheesh, I hope it doesn't chase away Steve the alligator hunter--he's cute...

Okay, hold the phone. You said we was gonna eat the alligators, so why do I need repellant? Do I need to bring the directions for building those alligator alarms? Cute? You talking about that Steve guy or the alligator?

Did you all just hear me sigh? We will eat the alligators, after Steve catches 'em. He's HOT. And the rush IS, you need to bust a move so we don't have to hold the plane for you...Okay, let's skip that. Are you bringing a costume?

You mean like one of those Halloween ones? Oh, oh, can I be a ghost?

Oh, GOD. DO you all see? Do you have any idea what I do from day-to-day trying not to let her make me crazy? Yes, darling. Be a ghost--BOO :)

Got a sheet I can borrow? What about you? Are you bringing a costume? Oh...and as long as we are on the subject, have you seen the cover models?

Er, no. Mine aren't white. LOLLOL I have--are we stalking them this year? I am NOT promising to do their color wheels again and I'm not loaning out my hair gel just to get pics. Got that?

hmmmm. So if we don't have color wheels and they can't use your hair gel, I guess that means we will need to entice them with something else. You did say those skirts you're bringing are short, right?

There will be NO enticing of the species known as cover model for Dakota. She's no longer on the market. Thus, her eye tic seductive wink and cute sashay of her butt are not what will be coaxing them into a pic. I hope you have private ammo. I am not bait. LOLLOL

Well, that's a nice -- how do you do! You know I can't do the seductive wink cute sashay of butt thing in heels. Damn I can barely walk in heels. We better hope Isy is bringing the private ammo.

Indeed, we'd better. My eyes will never be the same after that foray into a pathetic impersonation of Marilyn Monroe.

Is that who you were impersonating? Now I get it ~eg~. Hey, did you get the message about the new airport security rules? Apparently, we must have and I mean must have our boarding passes to get through the security check point now. Yep, it's true. The e-ticket flash is no longer allowed. We need to allow extra time to find the boarding pass fairy, okay.

What? how can this be? This is like playing scavenger hunt. How are people supposed to know this crap? I mean, does the FAA have like a radio station where they just make these announcements at will? They're toying with us, I tell you...

I don't know, darlin, all I can do is forward the information to you. I got this from Orbitz when they sent me my reminder that I'm leaving soon - as if I didn't know that ~silly face~. Hmmm, does the FAA have a radio station? Good question. Maybe someone here at blogville knows - anyone? Oh, by the way, I think I need another suitcase. I'm running out of room for my shoes.

I think I have to go now. I have to finish packing and I'm exhausted already. LOLLOLLOLLOL.

Not to worry folks, we will return with another contest and more information about the beautiful state of Florida.

Remember to check out yesterdays posts to get in the drawings for the goodies we’re giving away because this is a two day playing of the Dakota and Michelle show. Get those comments in on the right blog post to be entered to win.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Dakota and Michelle do Daytona - Act III


Hi everyone.


Sorry, I fell asleep. It's not my fault though ~yawn~.

I was actually doing research on Daytona for ya'll and found this wonderful web cam, updates every sixty seconds and you can hear the waves ... yep, that's right, you can hear them.

So I'm sitting here looking at the waves rolling ashore, the sound of water breaking on the soft sand in the background and the next thing you know it's two hours later ... see not my fault.

It is currently 78 degrees warm in Daytona Beach, Florida ~smiles~.

Here's the web address if you want to take a peek at the web cam and hear the ocean. Make sure you've got a comfy chair just in case.

Dakota and I have decided to run another contest - so here is your task.
Tell me what temperature it is where you are now. That's it. Everyone who posts here in Act III with their temp will be entered in a drawing for a sterling silver sexy charm.

Don't forget to read Act I and II, because if you do you will miss our other contest. And remember, we will be here today and tomorrow, so join us for Act's IV and V. Heck we may even toss in VI and for sure a couple more contests.


Dakota and Michelle do Daytona - Act II

Daytona Beach, Florida. Everything you wanted to know and maybe a little more – sort of.

According to the research we’ve done the number one tourist attraction in Daytona Beach is – drum roll please ----- the beach. Duh! we’d of never guessed that one in a million years.

Actually, we’ve discovered that RT is not the only exciting thing going on in Daytona the week we will be visiting this fair city. Nope, the list is endless. Well, not endless, but it’s big.

Here are a few of your choices:

Daytona Beach Thunder Indoor Football
Spring Family Beach Break
Daytona Cubs Baseball
“Sophisticated Ladies: The Art of Theatrical Couture”
Jeep Beach 2006

Hmmmm, indoor football. Why? I thought Florida was the land of sunshine, so why would they play football indoors?

It's hot in Fla--they have AC inside, silly

Oh, right.

Spring family beach break – I’m wondering if the Spring family does this every year and why would we need to know this. Perhaps we will get a chance to meet them and ask.

You go look for them. I'll wait for you back at the hotel, k? LOL

Lazy butt.

Cubs baseball – are we talking bear cubs or alligator cubs? Either way I think I’ll skip it.



Jeep Beach – now according to the site, this is a celebration of everything Jeep. I’m packing my earplugs because the last time I ventured into a Jeep event here in Washington the roar of engines caused my eyes to cross and twitch. Yep it was a fun fest with twenty-four hour “roar of engines”. Day and night "roar of engines". Who wants to sleep anyway "roar of engines"…oy’s!

Betcha some hot guys are there

Watch out cover models, you’ve got competition!!

As for the Sophisticated Ladies, this one may be a winner. Here is the information direct and in person from their site:

“Partnering with Seaside Music Theatre in celebration of their 30th anniversary, the Museum will showcase 12 original dresses designed and assembled by SMT's award-winning team for some of its show-stopping Broadway productions. Dazzling, show-stopping dresses from Aida, Follies, Jekyll & Hyde and Hello Dolly!. Also featured will be drawings, fashion sketches and production photographs. The Museum of Arts & Sciences is located at 352 S Nova Road in Daytona Beach. Hours are 9am to 5pm: Monday through Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday. Admission prices are: $12.95 for adults, $9.95 for seniors, $5.95 for children 6-17, $4.95 for members and children 5 and under are free.”

The WHO? We can't attend anyway. We ain't sophisticated...not by a long shot

Not the Who, darling, they are a singing group. These are ladies. And we is to sophisticated. Think glitter.

Our ongoing search for all the important stuff on Daytona Beach continues and updates will be posted during this two day Dakota and Michelle marathon, so come back often.

Oh, and if you haven’t entered the contest yet, read the first post: Dakota and Michelle do Daytona to get all the details on entering.

YAY, come back and enter!


Dakota and Michelle do Daytona!

Well Dakota, it's only a few more hours before we leave for beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida for RT. You excited?

It is not. We have a week to go, silly.

Yes it is silly, cause this is the banter for the SEx blog, remember? ~grinz~

Ohhhh, so we're all pretending that this is a few hours before we go to RT, but it isn't reaaally because we're doing this a week in advance so we won't miss our blog day. Got it. Okay, so color me thrilled to be leaving for RT :)

LOL, oy's, I know it's been a lot of work to get ready, but keep your eye on the ball, dear. We must entertain the bloggettes before we go to RT, so yes we are doing some pre-work on the blog so it will be coherent. Ummm is thrilled in the purple range on the color wheel? I can't find it.

No, it's in the pink and TOTALLY in my color wheel of life :)

I don't think I got that copy of the wheel, oh well. So let’s talk about RT. I'm sure our fans will be glad to know we are flying this year -- no detours through Kansas are planned.

I'm not touching KS with a ten foot pole--we got to KS because of you. I'm sticking my tongue at you out right now. LOLLOL.

See me ignore Dakota ~grinz~

So tell me, got some cool clothes you're packing? Got any designs on the cover models?

I've got my glitter all sprinkled on, even did my shoes ~grinz~. Nothing too wild, just lots of dresses and jackets. If the hotel has the heat on this year, I'm going to cry. Designs on cover models? LOL, ya right. What about you. Did you get that little black skirt?

If the hotel has the heat on they're in the wrong state. It's FLORIDA--otherwise known as hot. I do have several little black skirts and a couple of little black shirts. In fact, everything is little 'cept my ass. LMAO

LOLOLOL, I'm sure your ass is just fine, missy. Besides black makes everything look smaller, hahaha. Speaking of Florida don't forget we need to plan a trip to the Hamburger Museum.

My ass won't be so small if we go to the Hamburger museum. The color black or not...

It's okay, we will get you a bun to cover it with, LOL. Ummm, actually I don't think they sell hamburgers to eat at the museum, hon. It’s all about the hamburger water bed with lettuce sheets and bun comforter and the hamburger Harley. Besides, I thought we planned to eat alligator. Didn't you say we didn't need gator alarms because we would just eat them?

Can you all hear me sigh? Do you have even an inkling of what I put up with? LMAO. Yes, we'll eat the alligators.

Hey now, are you saying I'm a pain? Cause, I'm not and you know it. Just think, before I came into your life you didn't know that the only thing between your house and St. Louis is lottttttttttttttttttttttts of cows. You didn't have a clue that it is possible to get hotel maintenance to visit your room at 2 am. And, you would have never known that the sea turtles are gonna lay their eggs on the beach in Daytona on May 15th. I could go on, but I don't want to bore the good folks here with all the life lessons I've given you over the last three years ~smiles~. Does alligator taste like chicken?

Um, yes.
Yes I have so. Whoopee and how the heck should I know?

Well, I guess we've beaten that subject to the dead horse stage, what do you say we give the folk a nice little contest to play?

Are we giving something away? I do color wheel charts, you know...I do. I can tell whether you're an autumn or a spring. CRUCIAL to your well being...

I thought it was warm and cool. What happened to winter and summer? I think you've got a defective color wheel, babe. I'd ask for a refund.

If I were you? I'd spin it again. LMAO.

No, I don't want to spin it again. Let's get back to giving something away to the nice folks who came to play with us on the blog.

Okay, so what are we giving away and do I have what we're giving?

Oh wait, did we tell them we are going to be here for two days?

Um, no, I think we were remiss.

It's true folks, you get two days of the Dakota and Michelle show. Today and tomorrow, the fun will just keep coming and before you can say - Jack had a rabbit that had babies and soon Jack was all rabbitted out, six hundred times, you will know more about Daytona Beach than someone who has lived there all their life.

Ouch, that hurt. As much as I love run-on sentences, I think I'm going to need to slow down for a bit.

Anyhows, about that contest. Here's what you do ... tell us if given the chance, would you spend an afternoon at the world famous hamburger museum in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Everyone who plays this game is entered in our drawing. The prize is a hamburger, I'm kidding. The prize for this game is a download of one book from each of us, your choice.

Oh and don't forget to check back later today and tomorrow. We have lots need to know information about Florida and of course the continuing saga of 'doing' Daytona. There will also be at least one or two more contests and maybe even a color wheel.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

On the road again!

It's been an eventful week here at my sister's house. I'm visiting home again, for the 4 times in as many months. (I just can't stay away!)

I arrived late last week, and by the time the weekend rolled around, I was right back in the swing of things. In the midst of the edits for Scion's Rebirth, and trying to get the ball toward to the middle of the mountain that is Fate's Decree, my laptop died a horrid, painful death. I don't want to go into it, but let's just say it involved a toddler, drool, and a fall from a table, and leave it at that.

Bad news, I'm doing the edits for SR, completely by hand, god bless the people at LSB for being such troopers, they don't know anything about this up until this blog. In fact, the only people who do know are the insurance company, and my family. I'm hoping that Cameron the Compaq will be either repaired or replaced by the end of next week, putting me back on schedule for the new book.

The highlight of my week though, has been my husband's return from sea a few days before I left. He'd been gone for almost 2 full months and I missed him so much.

I was reminded when he returned, just why I married this man. We got married very young by any standards. I was all of 21 and he was 23. By any modern measure, that's really a tender age to marry at. And I don't deny that it was not the most informed decision we ever made, but fortunately, through hard work and sheer tenaticity, we're still together and still going strong. I was surprised though, how after all these years, (six on the 20th), he can STILL give me butterflies. Ours was never an exceedingly passionate affair. There are rarely any explosions or fireworks that are not methane-induced. We are content and happy and used to each other. I adore my husband and I do love him passionately, madly sometimes. But it's strange to realize at the oddest moments that I have a 'crush' on him.

It's a far cry from the stuff that I write, passion and intrigue. My question for you, dear fellow bloggers, is this- If you had the chance, which would you take? A passionate affair that had no chance of succeeding, replete with mind-blowing sex, or a long-term secure relationship with as much passion as a two week old banana in the bottom bin of your refrigerator? That's your question, security, or sex?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The more the merrier...

I'm known around the loops as a bit of a party girl. Somehow this weekend I found myself in a very interesting situation. A guy that I've had my eye on for weeks asked my friend and me to go riding with him and another friend. At the end of the, morning....we kinda got asked to participate in an orgy. My friend and I, though sorely tempted, politely turned them down. For three days, we've been kicking ourselves as we recall how terribly attractive we find this guy. Truly, this is the guy that it only takes one glimpse of to make our knees clench and our mouth go dry. Sexy, with a capital S. We have now come to the conclusion that this week our halos might become a tad tarnished.

So what I want to know of many of you have participated in/written about/fantasized about an orgy? As always, the hotter the better.

Putting the "R" in Regencies...

And the night's second winner is....

And the winner of their very own shiney copy of California Stars is...



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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The winner is...

It was a tough decision, but Cheri J wins a feathered mask. So, Cheri J, email me at with your contact information. Congrats!

Now, I can't leave the rest of you out of some goodies. If anyone else who responded would like a bookmark of Masquerade, email me with your address and I'll send one out to you.

Thanks to everyone who came out today. I truly enjoyed the experience. Best wishes and happy reading!

Melissa J.

"California Stars" Morning After

In January 2005, I spent nearly 3 weeks in Italy. It was a glorious, happy three weeks. While there, I learned that Liquid Silver Books had bought my first book New Frontier. I also began the first round of edits on my book California Stars. Almost exactly one year after New Frontier was released, California Stars has been published.

This novel means a lot to me, and I put a great deal of work into it (well, obviously). It started with a simple premise: What if the genders were reversed? That is, what if our hero was a bit awkward with women (even a virgin!) and our heroine was the girl to show him how to get it done? I like toying with concepts and playing around with expectations, and so I really loved this project.

It was also full of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. The original mauscript required some hefty rewrites, and I honestly had to delve into my characters' lives and take assessment of who they are, and what I wanted to convey.

The result was a novel, that quite frankly, I think is sizzling hot :)

Now, presented for your approval, the blurb.

California Stars is the story of a young man, William, and his first love, Lynne. William is a virgin, and unbelievably shy when it comes to the opposite sex. Lynne comes into his life without warning and promptly changes everything. She's older, beautiful, fun, spontaneous, and above all, the best teacher a young man like William could ever ask for. She shows him things and takes him places he never dreamed of before, and experiences he never dared to hope for. But they both have lives, responsibilities, and familial problems. Can their red-hot lust turn to a genuine love? And will that love be strong enough to face the obstacles of family, school, responsibility, and pain?

And if you're intriqued, here is an excerpt.
She ran her fingers down his arm. “You feel fine to me.”

William caught his breath as she caressed the top of his hand, a surprisingly intimate act. It didn’t stop his head from pounding though, or the noxious roiling of his stomach.

She leaned over, oblivious to his torment. Her lips were soft and tender against his cheek, and her breath warm in his ear. “Let’s go.”

“Where?” he squeaked.

“It’s too crowded here.”

William looked at the single waitress standing by the cash register, waiting for them to pay their check.

“Are you done with your pancakes?”

She pulled back slightly and shoveled the final piece, drenched in strawberry syrup, in her mouth. She gave him a winning, close-mouthed smile as she swallowed the food, and then before he realized what she was up to, she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him hard on the mouth.

He opened his mouth without a second thought, and she tasted like strawberries. Her mouth felt like he always imagined strawberries should taste--sweet and fleshy, bitter and firm, soft, giving, taking. The smell of her filled his nostrils and hit him in the groin, the taste of her chased the sick bile and made him forget that he ever wanted to run.

She broke the kiss and smacked her lips with satisfaction. Everything about her was playful and flirty--from the way she licked her lips to the way her eyes danced over his face. He wanted to kiss her again. He could almost feel the final barrier of his extreme discomfort and modesty crumble beneath her insistent gaze.

While they had been kissing, the waitress came by and put their check on the table. William didn’t even bother looking at the final bill. He just pulled the roll of twenties from his pocket, peeled off two, and dropped them on the table. Lynne took one last swallow from her juice--and William noticed she didn’t leave a trace of lipstick on the glass. He rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand.

William followed her out of the restaurant, watching the swing of her perky little bottom as she walked. Will she let me...? His hands itched to cup each rounded cheek, to feel the firm flesh beneath his palms, to trace the curve with his fingers. Her whole body was perfect really, and with each passing moment, he became engrossed with touching her and caressing her and feeling her body everywhere...

It was funny the way the horrors of the reading could flutter away, forgotten, on the night’s wind, in the face of this overtaking desire. Ten minutes ago he thought he’d like to die, and now he thought he would die if he couldn’t get just a few precious seconds alone with her...

He opened the door for her like a proper gentleman, and she smiled up at him as she slid into the front seat. He slid behind the wheel, but before he could start the car, Lynne grabbed him and kissed him again.

As before, he opened his mouth beneath hers, happily kissing her back. He felt comfortable in the darkness and the nearly empty parking lot. Like when they danced, she had to show him what to do with his hands. He gripped the back of her seat, but she guided his free hand to her body, placing it on her stomach, and then releasing him. It was permission to touch her, permission for which he had never had to ask.

His fingers splayed across her abdomen, happy to feel her warmth through her shirt. He didn’t attempt to get any closer to her. The kiss deepened, and it felt like her hands were everywhere. She ran them down his back, his arms, over his chest, around his neck, through his hair. She wasn’t touching any bare skin yet either, but it felt like her hands were searing his body. He could feel her touch all the way to his bones, and hormones and instinct drowned his conscious thoughts.

He kissed her harder and finally pulled the hem of her shirt up so he could brush against the delicate skin of her stomach. He caressed her ribs and rubbed the broad area of her back. She moaned in response to his touch, and this encouraged and elated him. He felt like he was floating and only she kept him tethered to the Earth with her strong hands on his shoulders and in his hair, and the sound of her breath, and the steady thump of her heart against his chest as he tried to move closer and closer.

For a chance to win you're very own copy of California Stars, just take the time to comment! I look forward to hearing from you :)

Morning After--Excerpt from Masquerade

Hello, everyone! My name is Melissa Jackson and I am a new author with Liquid Silver Books. I must confess that these past few weeks have been both stressful and extremely exciting. Besides preparing for the publication of Masquerade, I have also managed to graduate from college with a degree in History. It has been tough, but I am looking forward to a continuing my career writing more romantic novels.

So, here’s to new beginnings! I am pleased to announce the release of my novel Masquerade. Here is an excerpt. Enjoy!

“Tsk, tsk, I’d prefer the desk myself.”

Julian’s eyes shot open. He would recognize the soft, silky voice anywhere. It was his mystery lover. She stood in the doorway dressed in the same blue satin costume holding his sandwich bag in her left hand. Her long, honey hair fell in luxurious waves down her slender back. Teasing him. Taunting him to touch the silky strands. Damn, but he itched to bury his face in the heavy tresses and lose himself in her sweet scent.

Slowly rising, he watched her glide across the room to halt a few inches from him. Silently, she reached behind her to unzip her dress. Slowly and deliberately, she pushed the material off her shoulders and let it slid down her flushed body. Gloriously naked, she stepped out of the puddle of silk and saddled closer to him.

In the dim light and the hindrance of the mask, he still could not discern details of her face. But her eyes, well, they were unique. He could literally drown in the sparkling blue pools, never wishing for salvation.

He lifted his hand to her cheek, his thumb gently caressed her smiling lips. Full, luscious, lips. “Who are you?”

“Shh, no questions,” she said softly, laying a finger on his mouth to still his words.

Mesmerized, he watched as she leaned closer to him. She lightly touched her flaming, hot lips to his. He closed his eyes and lost himself in her soft, gentle kisses. Each sweet touch radiated delicious warmth through him. Never had he felt such an intense reaction to something as simple as a kiss from any other woman. Not this degree of desire or want or passion. He hungered for more.

Julian claimed her lips with his. Hard and demanding. He wanted to taste her very soul in that one kiss. When she responded with equal fervor, he deepened the kiss. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and savored her flavor, her essence. Before this night was out, she would be totally his.

Julian claimed her lips with his. Hard and demanding. He wanted to taste her very soul in that one kiss. When she responded with equal fervor, he deepened the kiss. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and savored her flavor, her essence. Before this night was out, she would be totally his.

If you could conceal your identity, what fantasy would you act out? Would your lover be a stranger or someone you have admired from afar? One lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the day to receive a special gift.

Morning After ~ Melissa Jackson & Pepper Espinoza

by Melissa Jackson


California Stars
by Pepper Espinoza

Monday, May 08, 2006

Let's hear it for vaginas!

Howdy y'all! Beth Williamson here. I'm back, and I'm sure everyone missed me, right?

As a follow-up to my marvelous column about pet names for penises, I thought I'd flip the coin and talk about something else that's near and dear to an erotic romance novelist's heart… the vagina. I always thought Georgia O'Keefe's paintings looks like female anatomy (thus the picture to the left. )

Oh, to hear the funny names that men pop out with for female anatomy. I was going to talk about breasts, but didn't feel like getting into the hooters/melons/casabas/tits discussion just yet.

It's a part of the anatomy that we erotic romance novelists have to find a comfortable name for.

So, here is my thesaurus of terms for the vagina.

Pussy (I use this one the most)
Vulva (too clinical)
Mons (also use this one)
Quim (too British for me)
Snatch (sounds illegal)
Notch (what's notched)
Bush (ugh)
Vagina (way too clinical)
Cunt (use very sparingly)
Hair pie (double ugh)
Apricot split (heh?)
Beaver (makes me think of teeth)
Bunny (too cute)
Cockpit (ROFL!)
Honey pot (a little goofy)
Mound (mound of what?)
Split tail (I'm not split!)
Poontang (this one is just weird)
Slit (it's more than a slit, man)
Twat (eh, not)
Venus Mound (it's Venus' mound?)
Hot box (I guess that's true)

I've collected these from various online sites, other authors, and just from hearing or reading them.

Personally, I use pussy more than anything and feel the most comfortable saying it. I'd love to hear what y'all think - I know this is a funky column subject, but what the hell. The blog is named SEx, after all. ;)

Tell me which ones I'm missing, which one is your favorite, or least favorite. Let 'er rip, everyone. Give it to me straight (or sideways). ;)

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