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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Last Virgin in Vegas

In the coming soon section of House of Sin there have been some requests for a blurb. Here is a brief one:

Lance Lott is a stand-up guy, trying to make it in Las Vegas as a designer for the local hotel moguls. He’s got a terrific girlfriend, who grants him every sexual delight including a three-some.

Gwen McIver agreed to her friend Sydney Wagner’s scheme for one reason and one reason alone. Lance Lott – the man made her blood race every time he looked at her with those Crystal Blue Eyes.

If a ménage a trios is every man’s fantasy why is Lance Lott’s fantasy a nightmare? Ever since he slept with girlfriend Sydney and her friend Gwen, his life has changed. He can’t get Gwen out of his mind.

Some of you may remember Lance and Gwen from The Pilot and the Pinup. Last Virgin in Vegas isn't a sequel as much as a behind the scenes moment, the two stories overlap.

Do they stand alone? I like to think so...but I also think if you read both you'll have a "so that's what happened" moment.

We've have this series discussion going on among the authors at House of Sin. What are some things as readers you like about series? If you don't read series, why not? And are there some you wish had never ended?

I would love to hear your answers!



Friday, August 04, 2006


The dictionary defines chemistry in this way...

1. The science of the composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems.
2. The elements of a complex entity and their dynamic interrelation.
3. Mutual attraction or sympathy, rapport.

Now, y'all realise I'm referring to the third definition here, but it just seems so lacking in substance as an explanation of the chemistry people often share. I mean, you know it when it grips you and you can't take your eyes off the other person, right? When all you want to do is stare into his eyes and read the depths of those chocolatey brown orbs, wondering to yourself... what is he thinking? When your gaze dips to find those lucious lips and all you can think about is whether they're warm and soft, or hard and demanding...


See, now that's a definition for chemistry. So, here's my challenge to you... write your definition for chemistry, as applied in a romantic context. In the meantime, here's another excerpt from Can You Keep A Secret?


About to turn away, she decided while she was here, she should give him an answer about dinner. She took a tentative step and then another, feeling as if she were trying to run through quicksand. So heavy, so hard, it seemed a mile to his cubicle. And then she was there, with his surprised expression greeting her.

“Penny,” he breathed, slamming the drawer shut and shoving the bon bon under the computer monitor. “I’m glad you came.”

Oh, she was coming alright. “Hi, Jesse,” she quipped, trying to keep the squeak out of her voice. “I got your email.”

He blushed. “I’m so sorry about what happened,” he stood and stepped closer. “You must think I’m a jerk.”

“No,” she gushed. “Really.”

When his eyes found hers, she couldn’t look away. Oh, what must he see? She feared he’d ferret out every one of her secret desires and use them against her. Though, if it was anything like her fantasy, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

“I don’t usually walk around with those sorts of things in my pockets.”

Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. A heartbeat passed, and Jesse’s eyes slowly travelled to her lips. He lingered. She sizzled.


“Me, too.”

He grinned. “Really?”

Wait. What did she just say?

“Meet me at seven, say?”

Oh. She’d agreed. Shoot. She didn’t mean to. “Seven.”

“Dante’s Peak. I promise we’ll behave.”

She smiled. “I’m a grown woman, Jesse.”

Something flashed through his eyes. “I know, but please don’t think I’m into that stuff.”

Penny resisted an evil laugh. “So what if you are?”

Again his eyes flashed, this time with something animalistic in nature that made her shiver and brought her fantasy back with one powerful jolt. “Seven?”



Later, gators,

Rose Middleton

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Now, being faithful to my promise...

Everyone was so great to post today--thanks very much.

Of my newsletter readers who mentioned my time travel that's in progress, I randomly chose thatbrunette to receive a download of any of my books and a download of Vanessa Hart's Heart of a Soldier--a great time travel erotic romance. Heart of a Soldier comes highly recommended by You-Know-Who (that would be ME), and every reviewer who's had the good luck to review it. Hopefully it will put you in mind for another time travel if/when Touching the Stars comes out!

Thatbrunette, please look at my books at, and then contact me at and tell me which one you'd like to receive, plus the format you prefer.

Love to you all--


Being Faithful To Fidelity

The American Heritage Dictionary defines fidelity as:
1. Faithfulness to obligations, duties, or observances; implies the unfailing fulfillment of one's duties and obligations and strict adherence to vows or promises:

I'm critiquing a book for a good friend. The book is great—a paranormal kicker that has all kinds of unusual twists—but part of the plot concerns a man who engages in a sexual relationship with a married woman … on the Internet.

The setup is this: They began as colleagues then became friends and confidantes. It seemed natural that they should become online lovers as well. Rarely did they talk on the phone and they never met in person. Now, in the book, the man tells a woman-friend about this and she reams him a new one. Okay, I thought, he deserves that. After all, his online lover was married and their IM logs were smoking with a whole lot more than dirty talk. But the female character acted like an unwanted conscience. She didn’t stop with ONE reaming out—she went on and on, until finally I had to stop and reason with this character. (Yes, I often talk to characters, even ones who aren’t my own.)

Dee: What’s the deal here? Give the guy a break. It’s not like he dragged this woman to a Holiday Inn and forced her to betray her husband in the most shameful and degrading ways. Making her lick him and touch him—
Conscience: I get the picture.
Dee: Well, okay. I mean it’s debatable whether they even committed adultery. The two never even kissed much less exchanged bodily fluids. They didn’t share a bed or a night or feel skin against skin. Her sweet aroma never filled the air and his groan of passion—
Conscience: Good Lord, will you stop? You’re right, they never did any of those things.
Dee: So what’s the big deal? They chatted, they got hot and heavy, they got off and then she tucked in beside her husband. Who’s the loser?
Conscience: Tsk, tsk. How long it’s been since you were in catechism listening to Sister Mary Paul. Didn’t she tell you that sinning in the heart is the same as sinning in reality? For those minutes of chatting, that woman committed adultery, and the guy encouraged it since he knew she was married. She gave her online lover access to emotions that by right should only have gone to her husband.

Okay, I think bringing age into this was hitting below the belt. Just like a lousy, good-for-nothing conscience. It has been a hell of a long time since I’d sat before Sister Mary Paul but she had been unrelenting: Thinking a sin = doing a sin. That fear alone had kept me in line during the BJ years. (Get your mind out of the gutter! In this case, BJ means Before Jack.)

Anyway, this whole "are they guilty - are they not guilty" thing got me thinking. Where is the line drawn? If I go to a party and see a good looking guy and I imagine him with no clothes, am I betraying my marriage vows? If a husband drinks a little too much at the local bar and makes a pass at a woman that goes no farther, is he a cheating bastard? How far does harmless flirting have to go before I’ve crossed the line? What about fantasies? If a husband imagines Nicole Kidman for a second while he’s making love with his wife, where does put him on the adultery meter?

To see how other people thought about this I conducted a very scientific survey. Okay, I asked four people, but two men and two women, so I thought that would be scientific enough.

The results were interesting. I started the scenario with the two women sitting together. “Suppose a man talked to a woman online in a sexual way. They never met, just chatted online and—“

“I’d never put up with that,” said Lady Number 1. “No way.”

“Me, either.” Lady Number 2 didn’t seem to need to hear more.

“But it’s not like they checked into a hotel room or anything, they just talked sex.” Gosh, I at least wanted to get to question two.

“I don’t care,” said Lady Number 1. “It’s the same thing to me.”

“Right,” chimed in Lady Number 2. “It’s cheating.” She nodded at me. From the corner of my eye I saw Lady Number 1 cross her arms.


I asked the two men separately. Both of them took their time and really thought about their answers. I also noticed that before they answered, their eyes lit up as though thinking about what that might be like.

“I don’t know,” said Man Number 1. “I’m not sure it would be. I mean, it’s just talk, right?”

“Just talk,” I said. “The man and woman would never meet.”

“Well, I don’t see where it would be cheating,” he said. Then he stopped and thought again. “Unless … if they developed a relationship. If they talked online multiple times and he went online for the purpose of talking to her, then that would betray his wife’s trust.” Then he kind of breathed a sigh. He smiled. He could go home and face his wife, his smile said. He’d come up with the right answer.

The second man was Jack. He thought about the answer a little too long for my comfort. “Flirting is okay as long as both parties know the limits,” he said. “But regular online meetings between a guy and woman where they have sex talk is a relationship and that’s too far.” He waited a moment, watching me.

I smiled and patted his hand. “Great answer, Sweetie.”

He smiled back. “I know. I learned how to handle trick questions a long time ago.”

So, what do you think? When is it crossing the line between a man and woman not bound to each other through marriage or mutual agreement? I wish I could offer the book I’m critiquing as a prize for the best answer—it’s a good one!

If I don't respond right away to your posts, it's becasue I'm still working and don't have access to a computer until I come home. So hang with me!

Thanks for visiting—


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Just when you got the song out of your head...

...I'm back! Shhh! Don't tell. My official SEx day is tomorrow, the 2nd. But since I have a commitment during the day (okay, a day job. Sheez, take the romance out of everything!) I decided to get a jump on getting my SEx on early. Hope you all don't mind. And I really hope I'm not stepping on anyone's blog time.

If you haven't been to my website, and shame on you for not going, you will see that I'm really influenced by celebrities. No, I don't mean Paris Hilton made me hate Nicole Ritchie or anything like that. I borrow several celebrities' looks for my characters. For example, in my book That's What Friends Are For (you're humming the song now, aren't you?), for the character of Ned Cholurski, I used Ashton Kutcher as my model. I liked his hang-dog expression and thought he would make the perfect nerd-gone-wild. For Fiona Griffen, I thought of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith's better half.

Okay, so here's my question I pose to you. For the readers, which celebrities would you like to play in the movie of your life? And for you writers, which celebrities have you modeled your characters after in your books? I can't wait to hear those.

I'll be back tomorrow afternoon for more dishing. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about me, check out my new FAQQLY page. If you want, pose a question to me. I'm not shy.

Until later, stay sexy!

We're Moving...

No, not me personally. Although when the thermometer reads 116 degrees F at 10am it seems like a good time to start thinking about it! LOL.

Silver Expressions is moving!

The decision was not an easy one, and mainly because we wanted to be sure that all of you still visit us in our new home. So think of it as just down the block vs. a state away!

Why are we moving?

Blogger has been great, don't get me wrong, but the new blog will have a ton of features that will ensure we are able to post pictures when we want, the posts are up on time and on the right days, and the down time that Blogger's server seems to have (quite a bit) will not affect us anymore!

Plus one added feature is that when you guys comment you'll have to put in your email address. Now this may seem like a pain, but do you know how many of you have won prizes but haven't gotten them?!? A LOT! This way, we know how to contact you when you've won! Plus, your email address isn't published for public view!

Stay tuned for the new link which I'll be posting and sending out to the loops this week! We're still under construction a bit and the clean up crew is on it's way.

The party starts on August 7th!

Soon the decorations will be up, the (spiked) punch chilled, and the appetizers ready, and I'll post the invite later this week!

Once the party starts we'll be celebrating for the rest of the month! We'll have new authors for you to meet, hot excerpts, even hotter pictures, and best of all more prizes!!!

We appreciate all of you and know you'll help us make this move the smoothest transition yet!

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