Thursday, June 29, 2006

Do you do NASCAR?

Do you do NASCAR?

As most of you know--and probably some of you don’t know--I write sensual NASCAR themed romance. How did I get interested in this stock-car racing sport, you ask? Well let me lay it out for you:

Growing up in Washington State, I began riding dirt bikes when I was an infant. How you ask? My mother used to carry me in a front pouch and my sister rode the back.

Yes, I was raised a tomboy, folks. Sunday, became NASCAR day, where my family would sit down and enjoy all day car racing and crack crab. I'm sure that sentiment brings back fond memories for all of you who did the same.

Here's the history... In the 60's my mother drove the powder puff racing category of drag cars and eventually married my father, who was a mechanic. That was until she decided to have children, and therein lies the story of my tomboy upbringing... instead of boys, my mom had two girls, so she had to make due. But she never really gave up her racing roots, and she decided to trade racing for motor cycle riding. Seemed like the safe way to go.

So my fascination with NASCAR began, you could say, from birth ;). Now I write about the sport, the sexy drivers, the sassy heroine’s--it’s so fun to write I can’t resist.

Stay tuned for my next NASCAR themed romance coming soon from, Driving Me Insane. You can read about all my NASCAR books here:

Here’s a picture of one of the driver’s on the NASCAR stock car circuit… not sexy at all, huh? What an inspiration for a romance, huh… and guess what, he’s a bachelor. This is from the February issue of ESPN Magazine.

So tell me, have you ever NASCAR’d? If not, do you want to now?

Author Rae Monet

Chip 'N Dale

Two of my critique partners and I are going to see the Chippendales next month.

No, no. Not that Chip 'N Dale. This Chippendale:

I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous. When it comes to male stripper shows, I'm a virgin. Luckily, one of my critique partners is, er, more experienced than me. LOL

Not that I'm not ready for the experience. I mean, how could I turn this down?

I just don't think I'll be able to tell my family. Well, maybe my sister, since she's an awesome supporter of my writing. But the rest of them... they'd be sure I had one foot in hell.

Hmm. Considering that the temps in southern Arizona this time of year are triple digits, they might just be right. LOL

What about you? Have you ever been to a male stripper show? If you haven't, would you go to one?


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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Eternal Pleasures

If you haven't already ... check out Eternal Pleasures. Garrett is definately the type of guy I'd want holding my hand, or whispering sweet nothings in my ear. notes.

Okay, okay ... back to my romantic ideas. How about some fantasies? After all, that's what
Eternal Pleasures is all about ... fantasies. Hmmm...side tracked again. Ever thinkn of your home as the least sexiest place on earth. With all the kids running around, dinner cooking on the stove and the hubby doing yard work who has time for sex at home? Make time .. play games. Turn your bedroom into a private, romantic hideaway (that means get rid of the tv folks). Try some shear curtains hanging around the bed. Yes this will take some time, but well worth it. Oh, and don't forget the candles. Scent stimulates the sex glands to you know. Look for Romantic Fantasies & Other Sexy Ways of Expressing Your Love by Gregory J.P. Godek for more wonder ideas.

Debi Wilder

Small Romantic Things

We all can use a little romance with our sex, can't we? Here are a few things to remember....
Hold hands with your partner in public. Yes, that means the grocery store, in the parking lot, at the park...wherever you may be. That one small intimate action can produce a whole lot of loving down the road.
And what about those love notes? I leave one for my husband in his brief case every once in a while, just to remind him what he means to me ... or what I want him to do to me. Once I even left him a little story taped to our front door so that when he came home he'd have something to read, and think about.
There are so many small things you can do to spark that flame. A look, a handwritten note or drawing (remember when you were a young girl with a crush on the cute guy and you drew a heart with your names in it), or just a look.
Have fun finding your small romantic thing and feel the fire begin to burn out of control.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Coffee with the Devil King

He is the master of orgasm-by-kiss.
He likes chocolate cake for breakfast.
He isn't above causing power outages to get his way.
He's a bit Veruca Salt.
Oral copulation with him is a whole new experience, because
He's a shape-shifter. Oh, my!

He's the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven.
And he's waiting for you to claim him. Tame him. *Do* him. He's

Go get him.

Incidently, I wrote Devil King of the Sixth Heaven after having a similar experience in a mall, at a coffee bar. Gods only know who you'll meet at the mall, huh? Would you like to know more about my one-on-one, real-life experience? Would you?

I'll pick one winner from today's bloggers to receive the Liquid Silver ebook of her choice. Additionally, I'm running a contest on my website...take a look here

Now...go find the Devil King...then tell me all about it...--Darragha

Liliah held her brownie up to her lips. Chocolate. Sacred chocolate. It was her Eucharist. Her rescuer. Her drug of choice. She closed her eyes. She willed the fat and carbs of the decadent treat to vanish. She stopped herself from wishing the calories onto the heinies of the girls. Karmic retribution could be painful.

Pushing aside thoughts of fattening up the girls, Liliah touched the tip of her tongue to the glossy ganache frosting atop the moist, chewy fudge brownie square. The taste of the chocolate cascaded through her body like an electrical jolt. Her nipples tingled and hardened. She raked her tongue across the frosting, enjoying the rich, satisfying, silken texture. Washed in a bath of tryptophan and phenylethylamine, chocolate’s feel-good chemicals, her headache and mood improved.

That’s when she saw him. He entered the mall like a superstar entering an arena of adoring fans. The sight of him took her breath away. An icy chill enveloped her from head to toes. Her spine tingled. Her unused and neglected womanly attributes awakened. Pressure, desire and need attacked her nether regions. She squeezed her legs together. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He was simply beautiful. He had the tall, athletic build of a super-athlete, but moved with the grace of a dancer. Liliah realized her mouth was hanging open. Embarrassed and hoping no one had noticed, she locked her lips together. The man was literally jaw-dropping gorgeous.

Her arms suddenly began to throb with an ache that she knew could only be cured by wrapping them around his neck. Her hands tingled. She wanted to shake them out by kneading his powerful shoulders. And as for that dire, empty sensation between her legs … well … she knew what she needed there, too. Him.

The man’s pace was even and fluid. He nodded a greeting at the elderly gentlemen sipping coffees near the mall entrance. He smiled at the owner of the Tandoori chicken stand grinding spices for the day’s offerings. He waved his hand faintly at the uniformed mall janitor pushing a broom around the theater entrance. He strolled by as if they were his subjects and he, their king.
Dressed simply, he made a flannel shirt and Levi’s look good. His walk accentuated the tightness of his faded blue jeans. His thigh muscles were clearly defined. So was his package. He must have a Hickory Farms Beef Log stuffed in his shorts. Damn!

Liliah set her brownie aside. He’s walking this way! And he’s sizing me up! Jeez—I hope it’s me he’s looking at so intently. Hers was not the only female attention he garnered. The silence of the teen girls and the absence of whirring noise from the barista’s espresso machine proved that. Liliah glanced over to the coffee bar. The girls were huddled together, trembling—gazing at the
man like cows staring into the headlights of an oncoming train.

The barista’s face had gone ashen.

Liliah snapped back to the real world as hot coffee dribbled onto her hand and lap. “Dammit.” She slipped off her stool to retrieve some napkins.

Approaching the barista, she whispered, “He’s a babe, huh? ”

The coffee bar attendant nodded. “I’ve never seen such a handsome man before in my life. God, I hope he buys a coffee.”

Liliah nodded, whispering, “He walks as if he owns the mall and everyone in it. He knows we’re looking at him. I’ll bet he’s counting on it. He’s a bad boy. He’s the kind of guy that accepts nothing less than total adoration. ”

The barista smoothed her apron. “I could use a bad boy about now. ”

Liliah turned to face her. “Get in line, honey.”

Angels and Deceivers

For once, I'm going to tell you to judge this book by it's cover.

Let me explain. I'm an art snob. Whenever I've filled out those cover request questionairres that we have to do whenever we sell a book, I have always asked for a photorealistic cover, and usually a kind of abstract one, as I live in fear of the dreaded Poser skin cover. So when April came to me and said, "I know you prefer photorealism, but I've got this great new artist...", I waffled. But I trust April (hell, who wouldn't??), so I agreed.

Best decision I've made all year.

Look at that cover! It's beautiful, isn't it? Even before Lynne and I started talking about ideas, she already had gotten the essence of the story and had not one but two great ideas for how to do it. Fay, my heroine, looks just as beautiful and strong and vulnerable as I'd imagined, and Aaron... yummy, and without any skin! And everyone who has looked at it has said, "Wow, that really looks like an old Bogart movie poster!" Which is everything I had hoped for.

Because that's what Angels and Deceivers is, an old film noir story in print. Only so much hotter! Aaron Pierce is a detective on the hunt for a missing heiress. But he gets a bit...distracted when he meets Fay Sexton, sultry and sassy and up to no good.

The view was as spectacular as I’d imagined, and had absolutely nothing to do with the mountains or the city below.

I recognized her instantly as the mysterious woman from the bar last night. She was lounging on one of the deck chairs near the pool, all glossy black hair and long, muscular limbs. The swimsuit she wore was one of those new French two-pieces that revealed everything but her mother’s maiden name, the curves so modestly hidden by her gown last night now revealed in all their statuesque glory. The suit’s top crossed over her breasts, seemingly demure while boldly revealing the faintest curve underneath, the bottom leaving the shadow of her navel showing with the barest of skirts to disguise the junction of her thighs. The brilliant red of the fabric left me in no doubt that this was the owner of the roadster out front. A sensuous car for a sensuous owner.

Stomping down my libido, I started over to her. “Excuse me,” I said, “are you Karen Andrews?”

She lifted her head, unfazed by my unexpected appearance. Drawing the starlet sunglasses down her nose, she studied me for a minute. “Depends on who’s asking.” Her tone was challenging and playful at once.

“Aaron Pierce,” I answered, forcing myself to remain professional. “I’m a private investigator looking into the disappearance of her sister.”

“Well, isn’t that interesting.” She sat up, crossing one shapely leg over the other as she leaned forward. “I’ve never met a private dick before.”

Despite the coyness of her tone, I sensed a trace of bitterness in that last statement. “I take it you aren’t her sister.”

She rose to her feet, folding the sunglasses before offering her hand. “Fay Sexton. Best friend of the missing. Although I didn’t know she’d disappeared. Is Carter sure he didn’t just leave her behind at some party again?”

“He says she’s been missing three weeks, so I doubt it.” Her grip was strong and sure in my hand. I held on a little longer than I should have.

She didn’t try to withdraw it. “Didn’t I see you last night? At the club, right?”

“I was consulting with Mr. Brody regarding the case. That’s why I’m here.”

“Huh. Funny he didn’t mention me.”

I had to agree with her on that. “Why do you think that is?”

“Well, that’s Carter, isn’t it?” Setting the shades down on the table, she snagged a robe of Chinese silk off the back of her chair and slipped her arms into it with a lithe grace meant to fascinate. “He can’t get anything from me, so I’m not worth bothering with.”

“And that troubles you.” Somehow, the fact that it did bothered me as well.

The look she shot me was pure venom. “If what you say is true, if Tess’s been missing for three weeks, it would have been nice if he’d at least told me.”

“If the two of you are such good friends, I’m surprised you didn’t know already,” I pressed.

Her indignation weakened. “I was in San Francisco until yesterday.”

“And you always make yourself at home when there’s no one about?”

“Here? Yes.” The anger snapped again in her eyes. “This has been practically a second home for me since I was eighteen. Claire took me in when no one else wanted me. So you can keep your insinuations to yourself.”

I could tell by the vehemence of her words that there was more to this story than she was telling, but it didn’t seem appropriate to pursue it now. Instead I asked, “And Claire is ...?”

“Tess’s mother,” she ground out impatiently. “She died a couple of years ago and left Tess and Karen on their own. They had a hard time of it, so I’ve been around a lot, trying to help out. Is that a problem?”

“No, not at all,” I assured her, filing away the information she gave me. “It’s very commendable of you.”

“Gee, thanks.” She tried to remain indignant, but I could see worry crease her brow. “Do you really think Tess is in trouble?”

I had just enough chivalry left to be affected by her concern. “I don’t know. I’ve only just begun looking into it.”

Her full mouth tightened with her own internal struggle before finally she said, “If Tess is in trouble, I want to help.”

“The best way you can help is by telling me everything you know about your friend and her habits and behaviors over the last few months.”

“I don’t know anything,” she snapped, her mercurial eyes gone dark again. “I told you, I was in San Francisco for most of the last month.” Her eyes narrowed with determination. “But I can help you investigate. I know all her friends and all the places she hangs out.”

“Fine. Tell me.”

“And then what are you going to do? How much chance do you stand of getting in at the Flamingo or the Kit Kat?”

She was right, damn it. I would waste my entire retainer greasing enough palms to get into just one of those clubs. But if Fay traveled in the same circles as Tess and Brody, she would already have access like I could never get.

She must have read the resignation in my face because she smiled condescendingly. “Don’t worry, you won’t ruin my reputation. Let me get changed and I’ll go with you.”

“That won’t be necessary.” I tried to forestall her one last time. “Surely I could come back for you later.”

She paused in the doorway, one well-toned leg peeking through the hem of her robe as she leaned back. “What, and miss seeing the great detective in action? Don’t be silly. I’ll just be a minute.”


For more excerpts, head on over to Angels and Deceivers and get your own copy of this amazing cover and the book that goes with it!

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Winner of Drawing for Scion's Rebirth!

Here's hoping Sasha will forgive me for stepping on her toes! No harm meant! But Estella, you've won a copy of Scion's Rebirth! E-mail me at to let me know what format you'd like!


Body Image and Sexuality

Is anyone ever really happy with his or her body?

You read a lot about how women are so wrapped up in their weight. I admit I am too. Especially since I gained weight and I can't fit my jeans properly. Other women tell me I "carry it well", and my big butt and plump hips don't stop men from hitting on me. Yet I still feel very self consious about my body. Except when I'm writing hot sex scenes. Then my self consiousness disappears.

Maybe women's sensitivity about being called fat or big is such a widely known joke simply because women are just more open with their insecurities. Then again it could be because men get such a kick out of seeing women rip each other apart, and one the first things a women insults another woman on is her looks. Hair, makeup, the size of her ass. . . But I digress; the competitiveness of women is a topic for another day.

Today, with the summer starting to heat up and people being so self consious in shorts and abthing suits, I want to talk about what makes us FEEL sexy. Most people have problem areas that they feel very self-conscious about. Women worry about the size of their hips or their breasts. And while most men won’t admit it, some worry that their dick is too small, or even too big. Or if they’re hairy chest is gross, or that their abs aren’t a perfect six pack.

28618I mean, sure we LOVE looking at hot men, but do we expect the men in our lives to actually look like this? We have to remember that men don't expect the owmen in thier life to look like an airbrushed model either. We a re oputting that expectation on ourselves.

I talked to a guy once, (Through research of course ) that really stressed about the first time he was with a new woman because his cock was too big. He said it caused all sorts of problems with positioning and comfort. Which ya know, I can understand, because even though we women love out romance heros to have the "massive hammer" as it was put to me, we don't really want that do we? I mean, well...we might want a nice one..but not... anyway..... there is such a things as too big...sure we stretch enough to give birth, but that takes hours of the body slowly preparing itself, and in the end it isn’t a really a pleasant sensation.

And isn’t that what sex is about? Barring pro-creation, it about Pleasure.

I’ve never been in love, but people tell me sex is always better when you’re in love. I’m guessing that’s because you trust that the person you’re with loves you for you, and not for your body size. With that trust comes a sense of freedom, a loss of inhibitions. (Sadly, for some people …that takes alcohol! I’m a bartender, I see this way too often.) I wonder if erotic stories are doing this for women too. You see, when we read them and we get turned on, we forget to be self consious about ourselves. I've recieved an email,okay two, from differnt women saying that after they'd read one of my stories they went an jumped their hubby and had the best sex in a long time.

I don't think it's my story that did it, but the fact that reading a well done hot sex scene that also contains emotion, helps us get past our subconcious, to the root of our sexualtiy. It helps our bodies to remind us that we want to give and receive pleasure. And our emotional freedom from the self consiousness makes it that much easier to achieve.

For me, my sex life got a whole lot better when I decided to concentrate on being healthy instead of worrying about my size. I won’t deny I want to lose 80 pounds, but I’ve learned that whether I am over weight or not, (and no, I haven’t always been overweight) my body is still capable of giving, and receiving pleasure. And I learned to not always depend on the guy knowing how to give me that pleasure. Men like to be told what feels good, and what makes you uncomfortable because for them, it’s a point of pride that you get to come before they do! Maybe more than once!

I guess what I’m trying to say is …stop worrying about how you look, and think about how you feel. Sexuality and sexual enjoyment is a gift we've been blessed with. Embrace it. Wear the short shorts or the skimpy lingerie that makes you feel sexy and attractive. Enjoy what your body can do for you! And if you need a little help...try writing out one ofyour fave sexual fantasies, and leaving it on the bedside table for your signifigant other...or maybe email it to him at work? It coudl make things get very hot, and I'm not talking about the temperatures outside. *wink*

Oh! and to help get you in the right frame of on the hot photo of the man for a larger version. LOL

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Winner of yesterday's blog...Lisa Williams!!

Lisa Williams, please give me a holler at and I'll hook you up, baby!

Cheers all!


A return to normalcy!

Yay for normalcy! I've been like a chicken with it's head cut off this week, since hubby and I made the decision to move from Bangor base where we have lived for two years now to a nearby section of housing meant for surface ships seamen and their families. I've been cooped up in a tiny apartment all that time and felt cramped the entirety of it. So I've been on a cleaning binge for a few days now, preparing for a pre-move inspection. I have a month to get everything in order and get moved to the new place.

If you've ever lived it base housing, you'll know what I'm talking about here... the cleaning is not routine cleaning. You need to be able to literally eat off of any surface if you had to. That's the only downside. On the bright side, the new place is a real house with a honest to goodness yard, literally a hundred yards from Puget sound. Go me! Gotta love loopholes.

As my husband helped me clean out the laundry room last night, I noticed something about him. After six years of marriage and God only knows how many randy romps, I noticed that I still lust after him as much as when we got married. It's the strangest thing really, but it was the way his jeans fit him just so. Shirtless and with low-slung jeans... that's my Navy man. It's amazing to have those moments when you fall in love all over again. The little things never used to thrill me, I was always waiting for the next big thing to come along, the next man to sweep me off my feet.

Then one day I met a skinny blond guy at the bookstore I'd just been hired to work at. Our first kiss was on the back end of a Buick as we were star-gazing. I could say that I knew at that moment that I'd spend the rest of my life with him, but it would be a bald-faced lie. Truth is, I fell in love with him by degrees and yesterday showed me that each day the degrees by which I love this man keep coming. He's amazing and takes such good care of me, even going to far to move when we're perfectly settled in a home already, just so I can have my sunshine and view of the water.

People fall in love in different ways I've discovered. My sister met her husband and married him within ten days of meeting. It's been 9 years and three kids and they are still all over each other like the teenagers they were when they said "I do."

My question to you, dear fellow bloggers, is this. If you have ever fallen in love (and who hasn't) was it like me, by degrees, or was it a bang, as my sister swears she experienced, like everything snapped into place at once? All replies will be adored and all repliers will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Scion's Rebirth. I'll check back later to see what you all think!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ah, the joys of summer...

So, yeah, it's officially summer right now (yippee!), and one of my fave things to do is hit the pool/lake/beach. What's better than a cool, crisp margarita and a gaggle of hot bodies? LOL. I work at an Air Force base where our primary population is young pilots in training (yeah, I know, it's a hard, hard life I lead *g*). And we don't have just Air Force dudes (and dudettes), we've also got Navy and Marine Corps pilots...yum! Consequently, on any given day, there's a bunch of shirtless hotties either running around the base perimiter or hanging out at the pool...can you say "eye candy"??

Back in the day when I was running every day, we had a Marine Corp guy we used as a rabbit (i.e., he'd set the pace and then I'd run behind him, huffing and puffing to keep up...and just panting in general *g*). Mmmm, there's nothing like staring at a well-defined booty and fabulous back to keep your motivation up! LOL.

So what are your top things to do during the summer? Blog with me today and I'll pick a random winner for any book from my backlist!

Cheers (tipping a margarita glass at y'all)!


Friday, June 23, 2006

Help! I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door winner

The winner of my newsletter member drawing was Mary S. of Missouri. Congrats, Mary! She won a copy of my first LS release Help! I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door.

Mary says she's new to ebooks, but she's willing to give it a try. She may even buy her a PDA and download some more ebooks to take with her on vacation... Hey, it's great singlehandedly stimulating the economy, isn't it? :)

Check out my newsletter and check out my new blog "Celine's Dreams" at

More fun and contest to come!

Danger! Danger!

Last Tuesday, I had a dream about sex on a motorcycle. Don't ask me where it came from...oh, alright. It was probably my subconscious telling me that I have the hots for a friend of mine who happens to have a Harley. So on Wednesday, going "riding" weighed on my mind all day. I did fulfill my wish, but it was a true ride, no freaky stuff. Dang it! So anyway, my newest crush offered to take me riding on Monday. I chickened out (don't shoot me), but he did happen to call me last night to say he would see me tonight at karaoke. Second chance, right? (I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated. LOL)

You're probably wondering what the point of my Blog is today. Well, here's my question for you guys....What's the most dangerous position you ever found yourself in? The hotter, the better as always. Helicopter, Mile High, with a crazed criminal next door? I want all the juicy details. And anyone who has happened to have sex on a motorcycle, your advice would be much appreciated. ;)

Putting the "R" in Regencies...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hot and sleepy...Not!

Happy Summer! Or not so happy if you're where the weatherman says heat index over 100. Yes, that's Richmond tomorrow, and what does that make me want to do?


A lot.

So, in an effort to inspire forward momentum I thought I'd talk about trying new things. And I have been trying new things lately. I dragged my dad to a "Taoism" class that involved a pop song about chi and chakras. I think the whole thing would've been fine--coloring my spleen yellow and saying "courage" to my liver, or was it my kidneys?--but that song was all it took for my dad's skeptical side to kick in.

I've also started going to a new church. It's a unity church and the service involves meditation, which I love. The Father's Day sermon was about growing up without a father and the scars it leaves. I found it very moving and it certainly made me thankful for my dad and my husband, great fathers, both of them.

Another new thing is I've discovered the TV shows on itunes. Yahoo! I was able to get the Commander in Chief episode I missed, and the CSI season finale. But most important, through itunes, I downloaded the Dixie Chick's new album, "Taking the Long Way." I must say that my fave song on there so far is "I Hope." Did I say I was an exciting person? Sigh. I'm not.

However, this past weekend was an adventure for me, when Bridget Midway, Laura Bacchi, and I did a signing at an "adult" store in Newport News. We had some very interesting visitors, like the four graduates in 2006 glasses and the kid with the cast that had to sit by the door looking out while his parents shopped. Usually, when I've gone into this sort of store before, I've tended to look over my shoulder to make sure no one I knew was there. Here we were happy to see people we knew, like Denise--who tried on the impossible-to-walk-in shoes--because the people we knew bought our books.

I was trying to imagine if I could get a pair of thigh-high boots past my thighs, if they would just make me look shorter and stubbier than I already am. I was also curious if the white nurse outfit would turn the hubby on. Then Laura, Bridget, and the shop owner had to educate me on a few items, because let's face it, I'm behind the times. At the very least, I claim innocence and ignorance in all these matters, especially if my mom asks.

And the conversation at dinner! Whew! I had two ultimate margaritas and seemed to be talking about whether having two guys would be as good in reality as it is in fantasy. Feel free to weigh in on this issue.

Now my Grandma read Primitive Passion in one day--I sent her the paperback, because she doesn't have a computer--and she didn't even think it was too spicy. Hmm. Some things I just don't want to know, you know?

And now I'm reading about ghost hunters in a book by Katherine Ramsland. She seems to share my belief that there could be ghosts...but I need to see them with my own eyes to state that as fact.

Tell me about something new you've tried recently or plan to try. I want to hear all about it!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Solstice Winner

Winner of the free download of Vixen Virgins is...


Congrats! E-mail me at and let me know what format you prefer!

Thanks y'all!

Solstice Madness

Howdy folks! Beth Williamson here again and I've brought something hot with me. Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway).

Today is officially the first day of summer. It's also the summer solstice at 12:26 today, which actually throughout time has been more a religious event.

Interestingly enough, the Summer Solstice is also known as: Alban Heflin, Alben Heruin, All-couples day, Feast of Epona, Feast of St. John the Baptist, Feill-Sheathain, Gathering Day, Johannistag, Litha, Midsummer, Sonnwend, Thing-Tide, and Vestalia.

It's the longest day of the year and is sometimes called Midsummer because it is about in the middle of the growing season. Of course for those peeps in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, this is actually their winter solstice. That's a brain bender...

There were solstice celebrations in every part of history from Ancient China, Gaul, Celts, Neopagans (Wiccans), and Ancient Rome all the way through Christians who celebrate it as The Feast of St. John the Baptist.

So what does this long rambling post mean? Good question. I'm glad you asked! I want to know your wildest summer stories. Give me the most interesting thing/place/person you ever did during the summer. Was it a celebration? Dancing beneath the moon naked? Or skinny-dipping down in Mexico?

Bring it on folks! Everyone who posts gets entered to win a download of Vixen Virgins.

Ready, set, confess!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The "morning after" with the Vampire Next Door

'Morning all! Sorry for the delay. This is my "first time" at a "morning after" blog and Blogger and I had a few technical issues this time around, but we worked them out eventually. Sounds just like a relationship between a guy and a gal, doesn't it? :)

I thought I'd post an excerpt from Help! I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door to celebrate its release. Enjoy!

Help! I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door
by Celine Chatillon
ISBN 1-59578-229-X

Short synopsis:
Valentine Drakul longs for a mate, someone to share eternity with who won’t be totally grossed out living on a diet of steak tartare. Could the sexy girl living upstairs fulfill his every fantasy?

Melynda Kerpanik got the heck out of Dodge, Kansas, and ended up in St. Louis working for her cousin as an interior decorator. But will her career plans take a backseat to her curiosity about things that “go bump in the night”?

A deadly foe ensnares Mel in his evil plot to rid the world of Kindred race... Can Val save the mortal woman he loves without transforming her into the eternally lonely being he's become?

Their first meeting...

Val Drakul had two choices. He could either sink his fangs deep into the flesh of this woman’s luscious, lithe neck--and dispose of her deliciously curvy body later--or he could ask his attractive, half-dressed, uninvited guest to sit down and stay awhile.
He chose the latter.

“I don’t believe we’ve been formally introduced,” Val said, letting go of his prey and switching on the hall light. “I’m Val Drakul. You must be my new neighbor upstairs. Shelby’s cousin, right?”

Her face paled as he led her toward the living area. Her cat-green eyes widened with fear and surprise. “Y-yes. I’m M-Mel... Melynda Kerpanik.

She stuck out a unsteady hand to shake. Her skin felt velvet soft and warm to the touch. Val clenched his jaw, fighting back an almost insatiable urge to taste her.

“And it’s not what you think,” she continued. “I heard this awful noise so I came down to investigate and--”

“You just happened to notice my door was unlocked?” Val raised one dark eyebrow and chuckled. “So you entered my abode to make sure if everything was all right--is that correct?” She nodded. He motioned for her to sit down beside him on his leather couch. Slowly she bent her knees and relaxed against its cool, smooth surface.

“That was very neighborly of you, Ms. Kerpanik.”

“Uh, thanks. You can call me ‘Mel’ if you like.”

The blush on her high cheekbones enchanted him. The white streak in her part, dividing her waist-length black hair like a skunk’s stripe, he found sexy, too.

“I used to live next to a little old lady who had this awful tendency of falling and breaking her hip,” she continued. “So I tend to act first and ask permission later.”

“That’s an admirable trait, Mel.” He frowned, although his dark eyes continued to scan her curves. “‘Mel’ sounds like a man’s name, and you most definitely aren’t a man. I shall call you Melynda instead. Is that all right?”

She swallowed hard. “Please do.”

“I know I really shouldn’t say a word about your nickname when mine is ‘Val’. I get tons of junk mail addressed, ‘Valerie’. Very few men are named ‘Valentine’ these days. I suppose I should change it.”

“No, I wouldn’t. It’s a good, strong name. And I love the holiday.”

“Really?” He smiled and settled back in his seat. This Melynda person was definitely worth getting to know better even if she was a mere mortal. “Would you like something to drink?” he asked. She shook her head no. “That’s okay. I’m probably out of everything except beer any how.”

She grinned nervously. “Typical bachelor.”

“Yes, I am. And I do have an appalling habit of not locking my doors at times. I don’t expect too many night visitors, so when I go out on a shoot I forget to throw the bolt.”

“A shoot?”

“Photos. I’m a photographer.”

“Yes, so Shelby told me. I noticed some fantastic cityscapes in your darkroom.”

He lifted one curious eyebrow. “Why, thank you. Do you happen to have one of my calendars?”

“Calendar?” Her green eyes widened. “You posed for a calendar?”
“No, I don’t model.”

The endearing blush crept up her cheeks once again. She demurely pulled her robe tighter across her more-than-ample breasts. Val forced his hungry gaze away from his attractive guest’s obvious charms and returned to discussing the topic at hand.

“I shoot a yearly cityscape calendar of St. Louis. Would you like one? I have several promotional copies in my study.”

“Oh, yes, I’d love one.”

Val rose and swiftly exited the living area before Mel could exhale her long-held breath.

What the hell am I doing chitchatting with my devastatingly handsome neighbor at three in the morning? She was certifiably mental. But she couldn’t seem to help herself. She was hooked.

The man couldn’t get any better looking if he tried. Even his name sounded sexy: Drah-kool. The way he said it sent orgasmic sparks zinging along her spine. She couldn’t quite place the accent, but wherever he was from originally the women there were mighty fortunate.

His muscular backside had intrigued her in the moonlight. But now that she could enjoy his face close up his aquiline profile fascinated her to no end. Dark, obsidian eyes glowed with an inner spark above chiseled cheekbones and a smooth, square jaw line. When he looked at her it was if he could see right through her and glimpse the throbbing pulse of her heart. His wavy, shoulder length, jet-black hair was to die for. His slightly olive skin tone denoted perhaps some Mediterranean or Eastern European ancestry? Either way, it was amazing Hollywood hadn’t scooped up a stud like him and put him in pictures.

Sex appeal--Val Drakul simply overflowed with it. His full lips looked like they were made to kiss and to be kissed--passionately and frequently. And his smile? Closed mouth yet quirky. Like he laughed with confidence at all life threw at him and then some. Like he knew his own mind. Like he enjoyed a good beer, a good smoke, a good woman...
Mel pulled her silk robe tighter across her peaking breasts. The mere thought of making love to Val Drakul made her knees turn to Jell-O. It had been too long--way too long--since she’d been with a man.

That damn cheating ex of hers gotten it from both her and his man-stealing girlfriend for a time, but she’d been living the life of a nun since their marriage broke up. Her luscious-buns neighbor probably didn’t suffer at all in that particular department. She didn’t want his pity.

There was no need for Val Drakul to learn that she was a lonely, undersexed, unemployed art teacher from Kansas. She had to get out of here. She’d take her free calendar, wish him goodnight and run the hell back upstairs before she wet his nice leather couch thinking how amazing he must look without his clothes on.

“Here you go.” Mel stood as Val returned to the living room and handed her a large, glossy calendar. “About half are in color and half in black and white. I prefer the black and white shots myself, but the publisher always insists on at least six of the twelve in color.”

Mel flipped through the pages, mesmerized by his talent and technique. In the thrill of discovering another artist’s work, she completely forgot about her desire to depart.

“How breathtaking! They’re simply beautiful. I love your black and white photos, too. Has Shelby talked to you about doing some art photography for the lofts upstairs?”

Val looked decidedly uncomfortable for a split second before his charming smile reasserted itself. “Yes, she has. But I declined. I have more than enough business with the calendar shots, my own gallery showings and the occasional freelance opportunity. Maybe some other time.”

“Too bad. I was thinking of doing at least one of the lofts up in a cool black, white and metallic gray scheme and your photos would be superb accents. You sure you won’t reconsider? They wouldn’t have to be new photos--they could be reprints.”

She turned back to October’s picture of a huge, blood-red harvest moon hanging over the Arch, illuminating it and the river beyond with an eerie orange glow. “I could really see this photo blown up to a good wall-picture size hanging over a dining table.”

Quick, like a cat, he stood beside her, glancing over her shoulder. Mel shivered slightly and felt the dampness between her legs growing.

“Ah, yes. That’s one of my favorites. I wouldn’t mind seeing my Halloween photo framed and hanging on a wall rather than in just a calendar. Let me talk to my publisher about the reprint rights.”

“Fantastic.” She beamed a smile in thanks at him. “It will make my decorating job that much easier.”

“No promises. But I will try,” he said softly.

Mel turned slightly, examining the handsome visage mere inches from her own. Those lips... those eyes. She could see herself taking Val’s strong chin in her hand and tilting his head just a little toward hers and then… Vivid images of her and her newly introduced neighbor moving together as one between satin sheets flooded her mind. It was as if it their joining had already happened—or would happen—and she had no control of how fate would bring them together for better or worse.

“Melynda? Are you all right?” Concern etched itself across his features. He reached out to touch her shoulder.

“Me? I’m fine.” She shook her head and rubbed her temples, inching away from him. The disturbing feeling of déjà vu quickly passed. She’d only been in the Twilight Zone for a few seconds this time. Why she hadn’t outgrown these occasional psychic daytrips was beyond her. “It’s late, and I’m not thinking too clearly. I’d better go now.”

“Yes, you’d better. Unless...”


She looked deep into his eyes and then she knew--she could never leave him.

“Unless you’d feel safer staying here tonight.” His rich baritone enveloped her like a cloud, drawing her further into its mists; his intense, dark eyes plumbed the depths of her soul.

“I mean, this is an old building and there are lots of strange noises. The vast majority of them are innocuous, but...” He shrugged.

She swallowed hard, licking suddenly dry lips. “You mean there’s something in the building that isn’t harmless?”

“Yes. Me.”

Help! I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door
by Celine Chatillon (

P.S. If you've read this far, I want to thank you. Now, here's my "prize": Everyone who signs up for my Celine's Dreams yahoogroup newsletter today will be entered into a drawing for a download of Help! I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door . Everyone else will receive a free prize as well. Sounds like a "win-win" situation, doesn't it? Go to and join now!

Loving Fate

WooHoo!! I love the "Morning After!" And it is technically still morning even though I'm a bit late.

Loving Fate is the second book in the Fate series (if you'd like to read the 'morning after' post for Tempting Fate, it was on May 23) and features the spinner of the thread of life Lacy (Lachesis). She's the most sensitive of the three Fates and her heart is breaking for single father Noah after the death of his daughter.

I really love this book as writing it was a different experience for me. As I was writing, I think I was more aware of style and tone for this one than most of the other books I've written. Mostly because it deals with a difficult subject.

Plus, for those of you that have already read Tempting Fate, you get a chance to go back to visit with Chloe and Tanner.

And to end, here's a kind of simple, but fun excerpt of the entire Moraie family at dinner the night Noah appears on Mount Olympus.

Noah sat down next to Lacy.
She passed him a plate heaped with food.
All eyes were on him when he took his first bite of potato salad.
His eyes closed in ecstasy. He pulled the fork out from between his teeth slowly.
“This ... this is almost orgasmically good.”
As soon as he said it, Noah thought maybe that wasn’t the best thing to say to the
family of a girl you fucked earlier in the day.
But God, was the food good.
He shoveled another bite into his mouth.
“You might want to slow down.”
It was one of Lacy’s sisters that spoke.
The three of them were absolutely amazing. They looked almost exactly alike except
for their hair and eyes.
Noah was already used to Lacy’s blue eyes and blond hair. She looked like an angel.
Chloe was just about the complete opposite with raven black hair and bright green eyes.
And then there was Atty with brown eyes and auburn brown hair.
Who were these girls anyway?
“So, have you figured out what I’m doing here yet?”
“Yeah, that’s definitely my fault,” Tanner said. “I still don’t know exactly how I did
it, but well, I brought you here.”
“And where exactly is here?”
He thought maybe he’d talked about that with Tanner earlier, before the incident
with the tea, but he’d been too overcome with lust for Lacy to remember if he ever
actually got an answer.
“Mnt Olms,” Tanner slurred.
Chloe laughed and Atty rolled her eyes.
“I’m sorry. What was that?”
“Mount Olympus,” Atty answered, enunciating each syllable.
“Mount Olympus? Like I’m in ancient Greece?” Noah laughed, but trailed off when
no one joined in with him.
“No,” Atty corrected. “Like modern day Mount Olympus.”
“What in the hell are you talking about?”
He looked around frantically, waiting for someone to start laughing, to tell him this
was all a joke, but no one did.
It was Lacy’s voice that soothed him when he was about to jump up from the table
and run out of the room. She reached over and put her hand on his.
“Sorry, Noah, but it’s the truth.”
“But ... how?”
“Unfortunately, we don’t know that.”
“Are you like gods or something?”
“We’re...” Atty started, but Lacy interrupted.
“Or something. I promise I’ll explain it all in good time.”
“But I don’t believe in gods and goddesses.”
Maybe if he said something like that he could get them to go away. And then what?
End up alone back in his stupid farmhouse that he was looking to sell anyway?
“It doesn’t really matter if you believe or not. We’re here.”
As delectable as the food looked, Noah suddenly found himself without an appetite.
“Hey. If we’re really on Mount Olympus, shouldn’t we be eating ambrosia or
Tanner laughed as he took a big bite of his cheeseburger.
“Dude, we’re on Mount Olympus. We can eat whatever the hell we want.”
That did make a certain amount of sense.
“If you’ll excuse me, I’m not feeling so hot,” Noah said. That tea must have done
more of a number on him than he’d thought. “I think I’ll skip dinner and go get some
Lacy rose as if to accompany him.
“Alone,” he added.

OK, I said the excerpt was going to be the end, but I forgot about a giveaway - I love giveaways! And I'm going to make things easy - all you have to do is comment and you'll be entered to win a download of Loving Fate.

Enjoy your last day of spring!


Morning After - Celine Chatillion & Emma Sinclair

Help, I'm Falling for the
Vampire Nextdoor!

Celine Chatillion


Loving Fate
Emma Sinclair

Monday, June 19, 2006

"Can You Keep A Secret?" winner

Congratulations to... Estella!

Estella, email me at rose @ lrmiddleton . com (take out the spaces) with your preferred format for download.

And thanks to everyone who shared their best gifts with us!

Take care,

Rose Middleton

Girl Talk

Growing up, I've always benefitted from close girl friends in who I can confide, be it about boys or school, or hopes and dreams. Even now, I still have girls night out, though the pool of single friends is growing smaller year by year, and when we do get together, there's more talk about kids and nappy changes LOL!

I couldn't help but blend in this wonderful gift into my story, Can You Keep A Secret? Margie, best friend to our heroine, Penny, is a riot, and I've so far been asked whether she'll get her own story. Time will tell (*she laughs wickedly*) but for now, I want to celebrate the joys of best gal pals with an excerpt.


"So, what’s new, baby?" Margie asked, patting Penny’s knee. "Tell me all about it."

"Governor’s Ball with Dad."

Margie groaned. "Yes, I saw you in the Who’s Who column again."

The drawling tone of Margie’s voice made Penny cackle with laughter. Ben’s career was one of Margie’s pet hates, and she insisted he stop using Penny as arm candy every time they talked. But she understood Penny’s position, too, with her own family thrust so pointedly in the spotlight. Being the daughter of two highly renowned actors, Margie knew the pressure of responsibility.

"And work?"

Penny’s cheeks heated. "Work’s fine."

"Fine? Are you trying to con me?"

Penny smiled. "Me? Never. Work is A-ok."

"So why have your cheeks turned beetroot red, and why is there sweat on your upper lip? You’re not telling me everything."

Ain’t that the truth, Penny thought wearily. Weakened by the emergence of her inner vixen, Penny wasn’t sure she possessed the strength to resist Margie’s probing. When those words appeared on the little red card at lunchtime, enticing Jesse with absolute confidence, she’d almost thrown the gift away.

She had no idea where such a naughty little poem came from, and even less of an idea how she managed to sneak into his cubicle and actually leave the present for him to find. It wasn’t like her meek and mild self at all.

Feeling Margie try to break down her defences, Penny resigned to the inevitable and gave in. "We’re having Christmas in July. A Secret Santa present exchange and a trip to the ski fields."

Margie’s eyes grew wide and hungry for details. "And who are you playing Santa for?"

Margie really had a way with words, Penny thought, as more visions of her playing Santa for Jesse bombarded her. Sheesh, the night wasn’t even over yet. "Just one of the reporters," she said with an air of carelessness that didn’t convince Margie one iota.

"And what are you planning to buy for this mystery reporter?"

Penny shrugged, but she could see Margie wasn’t buying the act. After all, of the two of them in the room, Penny wasn’t a professionally paid actor. "Just a few little things, nothing expensive."

"Just a few little things that, what? Make him think you’re interested?"

"Margaret!" Penny sat up. "I would never."

Oh, but she did, and the wicked pleasure it gave her bloomed in her chest again.

"If you want my advice," Margie winked. "Be bad. Be very, very bad."

Reaching out, Penny playfully punched Margie’s arm. The woman was such a rebel.

"You know I couldn’t."


Million-dollar question, that. Why? Why, indeed. "Because."

Penny pushed up to her feet, knowing that if she didn’t try for the door now, she’d be here all night pouring out her plan to Margie. Their friendship had never been about boy talk. Sure Margie was there when Caldwell said it wasn’t working and when Thomas walked out. Just like she’d been there for Margie through two divorces. But that was it. No sex advice, no girl talk, no boy talk.

"And just where do you think you’re going, little lady?" Margie laughed. "I want details."

"Honey, I’m tired." Penny slipped her trouser button back into its loop. "Dinner was exquisite, as always. And the company," she leant down and kissed Margie’s cheek. "Divine. I gotta run."

At the front door, Margie stopped her one last time. "Promise me one thing."

"What’s that?"

"That you take a chance, do what your heart desires. Forget all the stuffiness you grew up with, forget deportment and what’s expected of a woman. Screw it all to hell. You deserve lust, love and some damn good sex. Go get it."


And in celebration of my boss putting on another Christmas in July this year (*here we go again!*) I'm giving away a free download of Can You Keep A Secret? All you need to do is reply to this post and tell me the best Christmas present you've ever received. I'll draw a name out of a hat and pop back in later today with the winner!


Laura Rose Middleton

Sunday, June 18, 2006

What a busy Father's day!

Already I've taken dh to the airport. He's being deployed to Germany...hopefully back by fall. Oy! So I rushed back home to blog and before I have lunch with my own father. My dad is one of those guys who rarely says "I love you." He grew up in the age when men didn't show emotion. My mom will make me hug him before I leave today - It'll be painful for both of us.

My father is an avid fisherman - my fondest memories are fishing with him when I was a kid. Ironically Fishing Openers in my part of the country are on Mother's Day. That doesn't seem right. So my big plan is to lunch with my parents.

For those of us in the states how are you spending Father's day? For those outside of the US - what are you doing today? Enjoy it however you choose to spend it.



Winner of Bridget Midway's "Flashback to the 80's " contest

Meljprincess got all of the correct songs first! Whoo! Hoo! I thought for sure the Romeo Void song would have gotten you. Mel, e-mail me at and let me know which book you would like besides THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR.

Thanks everyone for playing.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Contest while Momma works...

While I do my book signing today, you all will have to put on your thinking caps. And of course I will not make this easy on you. Moohaahaahaa!

If you haven't guess from my book title, That's What Friends Are For, and some of my other current book titles, I'm a bit of an 80's head. I love 80's music and the feeling you get from it when you listen to it. So in my contest, I'm going to list 5 of my favorite 80's songs. You have to guess the artist. Post your answers on this blog along with your e-mail addy. The first person to guess them all right, will win a free download of That's What Friends Are For!

1. Never Say Never

2. Love My Way

3. Cars

4. I Want Candy

5. Suddenly Last Summer

BONUS! If you tell me who are the 4 singers on the original song, "That's What Friends Are For" you can get another free download from me from anything in my collection. Check out my website at to read excerpts and reviews.

Good luck and have fun! Oh my! What am I doing? I have to get ready!

Stay sexy!

Winner of LSB Download

Thanks everyone for stopping by and playing the match the couples game. It looked a little disorganized because I couldn't put it in neat columns like I wanted to, but believe me I spent a lot of time fighting blogger as I tried to set it up.

Anyway, the winner of a free download of a LIquid Silver Book is Teresa. Contact me at to let me know what book you'd like and what format you want it in--Liquid Silver has a wide variety of choices of format. I'll be offline a lot of this weekend so may not process your request until Monday, but will get it done.

Have a great day!

It's 1 a.m. Do you know where your erotica author is?

Okay, I'm starting to wind down. I have all of my books and CDs ready. All I need to do is sleep. Yeah, sleep. Speaking of sleep, I do have to hit the bed. However, I will leave with you all, for your reading pleasure, an exclusive excerpt from That's What Friends Are For! Enjoy! Sometime Saturday, I'll post my contest to win a free download of my book!


She took a deep breath then blurted, “I’m so fucking horny, Ned. That’s why I came up with that plan.”

His heart settled a bit. Not what he’d wanted to hear but the one thing he could always count on with Fiona was honesty. He’d always appreciated that.

“I’m sorry,” she continued. “I never wanted to use you. I thought it would be okay. We’re friends. We know neither one of us would hurt the other. I know you’re clean. I know I’m clean. I got tested every month after I dumped Kwame.”

“I know.” He remembered how nervous she’d been every month when she’d gotten tested.

“And I thought since I was allowing myself to get used...” She trailed off unable to complete the statement. “Can you forgive me? I’m a horrible friend.”

“No you’re not.” He kissed her temple. “Truth be told, I struggled with wanting to go through with it for that same reason. I wanted you so much but I didn’t want our friendship to suffer. I don’t have a lot, but our friendship means more to me than anything in the world. You know that, right?”

“Of course. Just like with me. I would die for you.” She gave him a quick peck on the lips. Then he heard her swallow hard. She kissed him again, a little longer this time. His hand that rested on her hip squeezed it gently.

Fiona’s breathing increased. Her breaths matched the pounding rain outside, hitting against his window. Listening to her and holding her, Ned’s heart started a crazy, hammering rhythm.
“Fi,” he said in a short breath.

Instead of responding verbally, Fiona kissed him harder. His tongue slid into her hot mouth. She sucked it like he’d imagined her taking his penis in her mouth. When she moaned, it not only vibrated his tongue but also his lips and body.

His hand cupped the back of her head as his other hand smoothed over her firm ass. He had never forgotten how absolutely perfect her backside was when he’d squeezed it the other night outside of the club.

One of Fiona’s hands clutched his shoulder while the other hand danced down the side of his body, eventually reaching the waistband of his pajama pants. Just the proximity of her hand stirred his engorged penis, making it throb even more. As though she read his thoughts, her hand gently swept over his cock.

His breath caught as she pulled from him.

She said, “We don’t have to, well, you know...”

“Yeah.” Ned nodded, knowing exactly what she was going to say.

“Not all the way.”


“We would be each other’s...”


She sighed. “Yeah. Relief.”

Without another word, Ned stripped off her top and tossed it to the floor. Fiona made short work of undoing his pajamas as they both pulled them and his boxer briefs down in one tug.
“We’ll still be friends,” Fiona said with a lilt of questioning in her voice.

“Damn right.” He yanked off her panties, nearly tearing them in the process. “Friends with benefits.”

Friday, June 16, 2006

SExing it a little early

Hi y'all! My name is Bridget Midway, and I'm a---oh, wrong group!

Hope Bonnie Dee doesn't mind me stepping in early on my SEx day. Just like in that hit 80's song, I just can't enough. Oh I just can't get enough! Actually, except for my finger frantically typing away on my blog day, I'm running around the house like, uh, Britney Spears looking for a place to drop baby #2 (good analogy, Bridget!) because tomorrow Shara Lanel (yeah!) and I will be at our "Wicked Words" book signing event.

For those in the Tidewater area of Virginia, please come see us Saturday, June 17th from noon to 6 p.m. while we sign CD and print copies of our books. We'll also be doing a drawing to win our gift basket. Ohhhh! Ahhhh! So where is the signing? Hmm, how can I put this tactfully? It's at The Love Shack at 987 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard in Newport News, Virginia. The Love Shack is not just a B-52's song. It's an adult toy store. Hey, if touring in malls boosted Tiffany's career then making the rounds at adult toy stores should be par for the course for an erotic romance writer. By the way, I've also signed at The Pink Banana Boutique in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Don't you just love that name?

Personally, I find that people are less uptight about buying *gasp* erotica if they're in the right setting. Somehow signing That's What Friends Are For at a church sale seems wrong. Call me silly!

Anywhoo, so I'm running around trying to get things ready for the signing, making sure I have enough books and promo items and pens and, oh, a camera! So many things to grab and remember. Agh! But by tomorrow I'll be all poised and calm. Yeah, right! There will always be something that I'll forget. I normally do.

So before I get in on talking about my book, That's What Friends Are For, I want to know from you all where the strangest place you've ever purchased a book from an author. Did you catch one in an elevator and got her/him to sign it there? Or maybe in the ladies' bathroom? Or, hell, what about at an adult toy store? Or tell me where you would love to see your favorite author sign. Would you like your fave author to sit in front of Wal-Mart signing away? How about at Victoria's Secret? Hmm, actually that's not a bad idea! Let's just share. For me, the strangest place I've gotten my books from authors has been at the adult toy store is it. But I have been known to stalk an author or two at conventions and conferences. That's right, folks. I have no shame.

I'm going to take a small break to get some more of my stuff together. Procrastination, thy name is Bridget Midway! So stick around. If my head doesn't explode between now and noon tomorrow, you'll be seeing more of my blogs tonight and tomorrow.

Stay sexy!

Paul Newman. Just because.

Here's Darla's DH

The incomparable, Alfalfa!
Did you know Carl Switzer who played Alfalfa was murdered?
In searching for this photo I read some stuff about it.

Everyone's finding the match-ups way too easy. Even my 'stumper' couple, Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, didn't stump everybody.

Mates for the second nine

Here are the partners for the second group. Any you don't recognize?

Hope you enjoyed this little game.

I had fun thinking of couples, less fun assembling the photos which, believe me, is a real pain in blogger.

Tomorrow I'll post the winner of a free LSB download chosen at random from among those who commented today.

Second group of partners looking for their mates

Here's another group of lonely lovers looking for their other half.

Part 2 - Partners for the first nine

It appears the blog only allows uploads of nine photos at once, so I'm going to have to do this in groups.
Here are the partners for the first nine, and no, I wasn't clever enough to put numbers or letters with each picture. Get over it!
It's a game for fun not winning. However, I will pick a winner of a free download of any Liquid Silver book from among those who comment on the blog today.

Famous Couples Match Up

Salt without Peppa? Santa without Mrs. Claus? Inconceivable! Some things were just meant to be together. See if you can match the couples from the first group with their partners in the next post.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs2.5 License.

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