Thursday, July 06, 2006

Somebody's Proofer

Well, here I am, one month down and counting in my new career as proofreader. I have to admit, I thought I’d be great at this job, and I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I think part of the problem lies with my OTHER career—that of dirty book writer, the career I thought was the REAL career until I got this new one and made the same money in a month as I made all last year writing. Now I might become a proofreader for life. But I digress.

Proofreading, in case you’ve never done it, requires that you keep your mind on what you’re reading or comparing. So, for instance, if I’m supposed to make sure the booklet on the back of a container of fish food says Not for human consumption, it would be real good if I wasn’t thinking about how to get my hero and heroine in bed in my next chapter instead. ‘Cause you know, if eating a little fish food would get them there in a new and exciting way, and they proceeded to spawn like crazy, well, hell, I might not notice what the booklet is saying.

This week at least, my distraction wasn’t my own work but a new book by Jasmine Haynes called Somebody’s Lover. Jack wanted a book last week, and he wanted it overnight, so I thought while I was ordering from Amazon I’d get Jasmine’s book, too. Consequently, we paid an exorbitant price in shipping, but it was worth it because I had her book in hand for the holiday weekend. Just in time for fireworks. Appropriate, since this book is hotter than a firecracker.

I teased myself, leaving it in plain sight on the kitchen table for two days, and finally opened it on Monday morning while I had coffee at the office. (Yes, we had to work on Monday.) OH. MY. WORD. This book is amazing.

What’s more, I had a hard time keeping my mind off the action in the book when I had to put it away at 8 AM. I can’t tell you specifically what was going on at that point, except I know it involved Jace making love to Taylor, because the whole chapter centered on that. I can tell you I was supposed to stop thinking about hot, sweaty sheets and start thinking about “fish food,” and it was a futile effort.

Jack(the bum) was off work and wanted to meet for lunch. Darn! That's my "guilt-free" reading time normally, but I didn’t think I could say, “Sorry, honey, but you know, I’ve got Jace bursting out of his jeans and Taylor ripping off her dress, so can we make it next week?” It wasn’t until later that evening I was able to get back to the fun. And that’s the way it went until lunch Wednesday, when I finished. My boss had the gall to interrupt the final moments, but I refrained from giving her the evil eye because she’s a nice lady. Still, she took her life in her hands entering my cube 2.25 minutes before my lunch time was up.

So, what's the point? I don’t know. Just wanted to share news about a good book with you. (I highly recommend you rush out and buy a copy of Somebody’s Lover by Jasmine Haynes—you won’t be sorry. Buy a fan, too, and lots of ice. Oh, yeah, and a tissue. This book has everything.) Over the glorious 4th of July, I edited several chapters in one book, added to my own time travel book, and sneaked precious moments reading Somebody’s Lover. I'll let you guess which parts were the most satisfying--and HOT.

What did you all do for the holiday?

And before I sign off, I’ve got to say thanks to all of our men and women in our military, and to their families, who sacrifice at home. THANKS!! You all are the very best.


Blogger Cyndi Redding said...

Hey, Dee!

Thanks for reminding me its time to buy Somebody's Lover. I wanted it as soon as I heard about it, before it was available. I'll see if my bookstore can order one...then THEY pay shipping! LOL. I have plenty of time before vacation, so It'll be ready and waiting when we're both just hanging around with nothing to do...heh heh.


7:00 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

Good morning, Cyndi!

"...THEY pay shipping..." Thanks for letting me know, smarty, LOL. I was crazy to pay that extra shipping cost, but you know how it is when a husband whines. Jack doesn't do it often, but he made it sound like not getting that book right away would be awful. Like going for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and ... finding only rum raisin, you know? But I didn't argue because it meant I got Jasmine's book! There's a silver lining for everything.

Hope you're doing well, Missy. Thanks for visiting with me.


7:17 AM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

Sweet Dee! It's so nice to "see" you today. Please don't stop writing EVER. Else I'll be forced to commit hary carey. My 4th was uneventful. E-mail me once in a while why dont ya? *g*
OMG! remember me tellin' ya'll I met Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction? I just have to share this story! He and I e-mailed back and forth in MySpace this am. I know it was him 'cause he said something only he and I would know. I was plucked!
OH, thanks for the book recommendation, Dee. I'm poor. But as soon as I get some cash I'll check it out.

Hi Cyn!

Crikey! I have to write the alphabet to submit my comment today. lol!

9:38 AM  
Blogger Vanessa Hart said...

I'm jealous! I don't have my copy of SOMEBODY'S LOVER yet!

As for proofreading, maybe you need some 90 proof to make it easier to swallow *LOL*


10:15 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Dee,

Sounds like the new job is going good, congrats. I haven't ready Jasmine's new book yet, but it's on the list.

I didn't do much on the fourth, James left for wrestling camp at the crack before dawn on the fifth so I went to bed early.

Tell Jack I said hi and I hope he enjoyed his book as much as you enjoyed yours.


10:24 AM  
Blogger Jasmine Haynes said...

Thank you, Dee! I am so glad you enjoyed Somebody's Lover. And thank you for giving it such a glowing recommendation!

2:36 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

Hi all,

I'm home from the wars and checking in.

Mel I figured maybe you were off doing something with your mom or sister, up in that bastion of Revolutionary War spirit (although the SURRENDER that finished the darn war was in VIRGINIA and don't y'all forget it). I will email, promise!

Hey, Nessie and Michelle. Thanks for stopping by. 90 Proof sounds good about now... Jack is waving to both of you. Michelle, it sounds like you are having some quiet time with James away--it's a good break!! And by the way, I don't think Jack enjoyed his book as wel as I did mine. But that's the way it goes sometimes.


8:00 PM  

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