Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sensation of the Seas - May 1st release! hot excerpt

Sensation of the Seas Excerpt:

Miklos endeavored to loosen his grasp and gentle his touch. It took a Herculean effort, but he told himself he didn’t want to scare her with the full force of his passion. Oddly enough, she didn’t appear to be frightened at all. She was fumbling at his buttons, and pushing his shirt off of his shoulders. He assisted long enough to remove the shirt without tearing it apart.

With his chest expanding and contracting in deep breaths, he gave her a moment to appreciate his dark coating of chest hair, and then he slipped his hand under her dress. He stroked his fingers over her thighs and listened for any protest. If she were shy about revealing her body, he’d allow her to keep her dress on. To his surprise, when he reached her waist, she wasn’t wearing any underwear and didn’t seem shy at all. She took his hand and guided it to her center then let out a little mewl as he fingered her bare mound and damp folds.

She reached for his belt and unhooked it as his other hand traveled further up her back too unhook her bra. She wore no bra, either. Cupping her breast, his thumb found her nipple and he rubbed it. Breathless, she grabbed and tugged at his zipper. “Miklos, help me get your pants down.”

He stilled her hand. “Wait, my love.”


“Not like this.” He bent down to kiss her. The tender kiss seemed to calm them both. “I am anxious too, but this should be done with tenderness, love and respect.”

She was panting. “All right. But the second time, we can just shag like rabbits, right?”

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Sounds good!

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Blogger Meljprincess said... of my favorite words. Hi Cyn! This sounds brill!

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