Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quick and Dirty

Just a quickie to announce my winners.

Ya'll email me at cece at and tell me whic one you'd prefer--Once in a Blue Moon or Dancehall Diaries: Lynette.

And since I'm here and chatting at Pink Posse any second now......I thought I'd post an excerpt from Blue Moon:

“I got you something,” Ty said, returning from the bedroom.

Peeking over his shoulder, I saw the white carpet continued in there. Inwardly I shuddered. The place definitely needed brightening up. “Are you feeling better?”

And a part of me still couldn’t believe I was sitting in his living room. Had agreed to marry him. That he’d actually be mine in just a few days. My inner cynic refused to celebrate until after we said “I do.” Then, it would be real. Tangible.

Then I’d believe.

“Still tired but yeah, a little. I am, sorta.” He stopped about three feet from where I sat and said, “I’m gonna be a dad.” He chuckled, pushing his hair off his forehead again. A nervous habit?

I returned his smile, softening at the excitement in his voice. A mirror of the same excitement I’d felt the first time I heard the baby’s heartbeat.

He took a deep breath, then sat beside me on the couch. His words snapped me from the daydream I’d been drifting in and out of all day. “I suppose we should make this official.”


Ty held out his hand, motioning for mine. His calluses were rough against my palm. “Your nails are purple.”

“Cassi’s idea.” I laughed softly, my insides melting. I knew what was coming and was touched. At his excitement over being a father and his desire to do the right thing, despite his obvious nervousness.

“I hope you like this. I saw it today, and well, it just kinda looked like you.” He slipped the ring hidden in his right hand on my finger. The elaborate white-gold band was a perfect fit in more ways than one.

“Oh, Ty!” I blinked back my sudden tears, admiring the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. A huge solitaire with diamond accents and a hand engraved band. I lived for different, unusual or quirky, and he’d noticed that, then taken the time to make sure I had a ring he thought I’d like--elaborate, girly and one of a kind.

The ring was a work of art.

“Do you really like it?” he asked, his voice low. “If you want a brand new...”

“No! This is perfect, Ty. How could I not?” I gushed. “Beautiful. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

I threw my arms around him, pulling his head down to mine. The lava pit low in my belly began to roil as we kissed. I moaned, teasing him with my tongue and liquid heat seeped through my veins, eating away at the shell around my heart. I allowed myself to believe for just a little while. To feel protected as he drew me closer and kissed me back, his lips smooth and warm against mine.

His hand slid up my side to cup one breast through my blouse, his fingers brushing across an oversensitive nipple. I arched my back even as he moaned low in his throat and we fell back against the cushions. His lips grew more insistent, more forceful, until I couldn’t think.
Before we could finish our little celebration the phone on the sofa table behind us rang, jerking us back to reality. Ty jumped as if he’d been scalded and grabbed it.


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Congrats to the various winners and savor your reads!

Little lamb lost

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