Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Eternal Pleasures

If you haven't already ... check out Eternal Pleasures. Garrett is definately the type of guy I'd want holding my hand, or whispering sweet nothings in my ear. notes.

Okay, okay ... back to my romantic ideas. How about some fantasies? After all, that's what
Eternal Pleasures is all about ... fantasies. Hmmm...side tracked again. Ever thinkn of your home as the least sexiest place on earth. With all the kids running around, dinner cooking on the stove and the hubby doing yard work who has time for sex at home? Make time .. play games. Turn your bedroom into a private, romantic hideaway (that means get rid of the tv folks). Try some shear curtains hanging around the bed. Yes this will take some time, but well worth it. Oh, and don't forget the candles. Scent stimulates the sex glands to you know. Look for Romantic Fantasies & Other Sexy Ways of Expressing Your Love by Gregory J.P. Godek for more wonder ideas.

Debi Wilder


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