Monday, July 10, 2006

Excerpt from All that Glitters

SEx ... Silver Expressions

you might be a redneck girl if your idea of a fun date is going muddin'

here's an excerpt from my book All that Glitters that proves my point, y'all


osh figured maybe he'd gone nuts, but pushing aside all of the bullshit for half an hour would be worth it. Damn it. They got the ATVs out, checking them over and making sure they were filled up with gas before Josh hopped on and commenced to trying to make Chas eat his exhaust.

Damn, the girl was good, though. Fearless and strong, Chas had not a bit of hesitance as she headed down an embankment, giving him a good, long look at that pretty heart-shaped ass framed in his jeans.

That ass gave him palpitations to this day. Josh looked away just in time to avoid a low-hanging tree branch and hooted. Oh, she was gonna get it for that. He gunned up next to her before turning nice and sharp, spraying her with mud.

"You bitch." Chas laughed hard, those blue eyes dancing, standing on the accelerator and zipping past him, crap spraying all over him.

"Oh, now, who's the bitch?" That couldn't pass without her paying for it. Josh went after her, laughing like a loony as she dodged and weaved, making him feel like the old man he was.

They came to rest under a copse of oak trees as the sky clouded up, a drizzle just starting, the tiny drops catching in Chas' hair as she smiled at him, just watching him. His hands itched to touch that hair. Instead they rested on his thighs, short nails digging into his jeans. "You're still a speed demon, lady."

"Some shit never changes, JC. Never has, never will."

Watching little clods of mud drop off his boots, Josh nodded. That was the truth. After all this time, after all he'd drank and screwed and done to get her out of his mind, one or two meetings had him kissing her, then wishing he could do it again and again and again.

"You got that right, honey. You surely do."

He heard her shift, one hand sliding out of its glove to stroke over his cheek, wipe the mud away. "You got splashed, JC."

Blinking, he leaned his head into the touch without even thinking, just staring right at her.

Eye to eye. Fuck, she still took his breath. "You were out for blood."

"You know me. I play to win." She kept touching, light little strokes like she was playing his skin. "'Sides, your blood wasn't what I was after."


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