Monday, April 17, 2006

Future sex: gizmos, robots - Article from

By Adam Tanner

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - When America's top sex researchers gathered recently to discuss the next decade in their field, some envisioned a future in which artificial sex partners could cater to every fantasy.

"What is very likely to be present before 2016 would be a multi-sensual experience of virtual sex," said Julia Heiman, director of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University, Bloomington.

"There is a possibility of developing erotic materials for yourself that would allow you to create a partner of certain dimensions and qualities, the partner saying certain things in that interaction, certain things happening in that interaction."

A field dubbed "teledildonics" already allows people at two remote computers to manipulate electronic devices such as a vibrator at the other end for sexual purposes.

"People who use it are just blown away," said Steve Rhodes, president of Sinulate Entertainment, which has sold thousands of Internet-connected sex devices over the past three years. "This is not something that just the lunatic fringe does."

"The Iraq war...was kind of a boom for our company."

Gina Lynn, who writes the "Sex Drive" column for Wired magazine, says she has used and enjoyed the Sinulator and says there is no reason to fear the technology.

"People are still really afraid of...any sort of combination of sex and technology and of the Internet," she said. "What people are missing here is the point, which is the human connection that we are facilitating through the technology."

"No one who is even inventing this stuff wants or even thinks that technology could ever replace human connection or sex."

Annie Sprinkle, a former adult film actress, prostitute and author of "Spectacular Sex," said teledildonics are a logical outgrowth of improvements in pleasure devices.

"Now people use vibrators like mad and rightly so; the technology of sex toys has vastly improved," she said. "The more options the better; I mean it can never replace body to body."

"Some people will love it more than anything else and others won't be into it."

What do you think? We already use battery operated toys for pleasure, so why not move on to the full thing right? Wrong?

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Blogger Jennifer Y. said... with a robot just seems a little odd to me and I don't think I could do it...but to each his own I guess...hmm...suddenly having some interesting images in my head. Technology is fascinating is amazing what people come up with.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Cherie said...

Wow Amazing things are being invented all the time. It is not really my thing, however. My husband keeps me perfectly happy.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

Annie Sprinkle...God love her!

I've had sex with robots..oh're talking about the metal, rubber, whatever kind. I'm not into this. I want the real deal. OK!?

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well...that will certainly lower the asshole quotient in my life but there's something to be said about the human touch.

1:43 PM  
Blogger blackroze37 -tami said...

any1 see the like real sex on hbo,, where there was a machine , that pumps a dildo in your and u hold the remote to how fast or slow?
so cold looking, even though she was having a good time , but guess worth while if you are horny enuff

ill stand in line :)

2:58 PM  
Blogger snowflake said...

This sounds like something right from the pages of a futuristic erotica. There will be a market for it, I'm sure, especially when people have time to get used to the idea. It wouldn't totally replace the human touch though.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Rae Morgan said...

I'll keep my hubby, thank you very much. For me, lovemaking has emotion in it -- and until they can make robots that feel and adapt -- I'll take a pass. Anyone remember the Star Trek Next Generation Movie where Data got feelings? That was my fav -- I always suspected he could "do it" but even he knew that emotions would make love making so much more meaningful.


3:30 PM  
Blogger Estella said...

Nothing can replace the real thing!

4:44 PM  
Blogger A J Matthews said...

Hmmm... anyone seen the movie "Demon Seed?"

I agree with Estella, nothing can replace the real deal. Even so, for those souls lacking a partner in their life, cyber-sex taken to the cutting edge of technology would offer an outlet for their urges.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

This most definitely reminds me of futuristic erotica. A machine could never replace a flesh and blood partner heh even though there are men who act like emotionless machines. Though as A.J. said they could be substitutes for single people just like the adult toys are now.


6:11 PM  
Blogger Pamk said...

rofl at jenna that would definitely do that. But I think I'll stick with the real thing. Just imagine if it got a virus. Oh boy the possibilities boggle the mind

7:02 PM  
Blogger LISA WILLIAMS said...

Holy cow! I know sex toys are great but it's still not the same as touching and feeling a live person.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Deborah Chan said...

I am sure they took this idea from someone's book...can't remember the author's name about sex robots!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Shuck Ying said...

As the saying goes "To each his own..."

8:01 PM  
Blogger KimW said...

Only if the real thing was no longer available. haha! Boy, I sure hope that never happens.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would take a long time for me to get used to the idea. But as mentioned, it is not so uncommon of a storyline in erotic romance, and erotica.

Little Lamb Lost

10:23 PM  

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