Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh, y'all...

I'm *so* loving hearing about your critters - both current and past! Please, keep it up. The stories are fascinating.

In thanks, I'm sharing a little dog-related snippet from All that Glitters. Chas and Josh are fixin' to go on tour together and have both decided that they need to bring the dogs along.

Whether or not that's a wise decision. ;-)


"No, Jeffy. You and Sue Ellen take good care of me." Chas sighed and sat back, closed her eyes. Sometimes she wondered if her singing was worth all this hullaballoo.

Snuffling, Mokey tried to crawl up in her lap, wanting to comfort her. Silly mutt. Josh nudged her toe with his boot, just resting it there.

She smiled, reached down to scratch Moke's ears. Lord, that puppy was soft, cuddly, reminded her of the morning she woke up in Josh's bed, little head popping up over the edge of the mattress, tongue lolling, whining to go out.

Clearing his throat, Jeffy got her to look up by poking her side. "The first two days are travel days, no dates. If there's anything you need we can ship it to you, okay?"

"How many times has she done this? Come on, Jeffy. Lighten up."

Now that was some serious alpha male shit passing there, Josh giving Jeffy a look and Jeffy scowling back at him.

Interesting. Pointless, but interesting.

"I promise to be a very good singer and not make Josh cry for at least the first thirty six hours, Jeffy."

"Or beat you." Now she was the one getting the look from those grey eyes, but it had glint in that was purely dangerous. And sexy.

Hellacious sexy.

"I only give a twenty-four hour promise on the beatings, JC." Man, her shirt better not be too tight.

"Be good, baby." Oh, man. Jeffy sounded desperate.

Josh shifted in his seat, and okay, maybe he needed looser jeans too. Because that was pretty obvious. He just grinned at her, the sunglasses on permanent tilt so she could see his eyes. "Maybe we should stop at McDonald's, Vic. I'm feeling munchy."

She couldn't help the chuckle. "Two sausage biscuits, but you'll leave one half of one biscuit, a hashbrown and a large cup of coffee?"

Lord, some things never changed.

"I'll feed the other half to Moke. You want anything for Chachi?" At his name, her little baby growled and thumped against the side of his carrier up in the front seat, making Jeffy scowl and Josh laugh.

"He likes egg McMuffins." The happy little yips started up, Chachi just bouncing. Mokey's ears went up and her deep 'gee, I'm a big dog' voice filled the car, sending Chachi into hysterics.

"Everybody shut the Hell up!" Vic had a voice like a foghorn when he wanted to, rough as a cob and loud enough to echo. Moke and Chachi went quiet right away. "We're going to the bus. We'll have your McDonald's order delivered while you get everything checked and strapped in."

"You," Vic stabbed a finger at Jeffy. "Stop getting all pissy. Josh, stop pushing, and you," Vic growled at her, "stop egging everyone on. You're making my head hurt."


Blogger KimW said...

"Stop getting all pissy." haha! Love this line. Sounds like a great story.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Estella said...

Sounds good.

10:28 PM  

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