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SEx ... Silver Expressions: SEx ... Silver Expressions

SEx ... Silver Expressions: SEx ... Silver Expressions

PamK you have won a download copy of 'The Naughty Dagger'.
Email me offlist at Feather to receive your prize.

And just so you guys know what you're missing, here's an excerpt:

“I’m not gonna drop it, I’m not gonna drop it, I’m not gonna drop it,” became Katarina’s personal mantra as she simultaneously held six very full, plastic grocery bags and fished in her purse for the keys to her apartment.

“Hey, you want some help with that?” a voice asked her from behind, sending shivers down her spine and heat pooling in her groin. She recognized the voice instantly. It belonged to Mr. Alexander “call me Alex” Chase, the stud from two doors down. They had talked once or twice, but except for their first meeting, they’d never exchanged more than common courtesies. She’d been deliberately avoiding him since she’d moved in, originally because she got very nervous around strangers, then because of her growing attraction to him. Since the fiasco a few months ago with Jake, she had become very leery of men she was physically attracted to, as she invariably seemed to have bad taste in men. They just couldn’t be trusted, but they did make good pack mules.

“Um, yeah, sure, if you could just grab the bag with the spaghetti sauce in it, that would be a big help,” Rina said while trying to extricate her hand from the aforementioned bag. She wiggled her hands furiously to get them out of the bag straps, trying to keep the physical contact with Alex to a minimum. When she’d first met him and shook his hand, it had been like a jolt of electricity going up her arm, and she wanted desperately to avoid having that happen again. Instead of taking just the one, Alex took all the bags.

With her hands now free Rina finally managed to find her keys and unlocked the door. She absolutely loved her apartment and the way it was set up. She’d looked for months before finding it. Some people might not like the way everything was more or less open, but she liked being able to see from the kitchen into the living room or den. Only her bedroom and the bathroom had actual doors on them; the rest of the rooms didn’t even have so much as an arch or doorway separating them. They just flowed smoothly from one room into another.

“Where would you like me to put these?” asked Alex, following her into the kitchen.

“Hmm? Oh, just put the bags on the counter. I’ll get to them in a sec. Uh, would you like a cup of tea or something?” Rina tried to avoid looking at him while she rummaged in her pantry for the tea. She didn’t want to meet his eyes. Something about a man with black hair and ocean-blue eyes just made her want to melt.

Even if he didn’t want a cup of tea, she needed one. Her mom had always said a good cup of tea settled the nerves, and hers certainly needed settling.

“Sure, that’d be great.” Alex started taking her groceries out of the bags and putting them on the counter.

“Why don’t you have a seat in the living room while I put up the groceries and make the tea,” she said.

Why did I invite him to stay for a cup of tea? she asked herself. Granted, it was the polite thing to do, but still, she’d been avoiding him for months and now she was inviting him to stick around in her living room and have a cup of tea. She decided her self-inflicted isolation had to be messing with her head; there was no other explanation. Maybe she should invite her best friend Leona over again.

“Wow, that’s a really nice setup. Do you know you’ve got one of the best computer systems on the market?” He sounded impressed. Trust a man to be more impressed with a toy than with the six bookshelves surrounding her computer desk.

“Yes. Actually, a friend of mine told me what to get, although it’s mostly wasted on me,” she said. “I use it mainly as a word processor and for playing video games. You can have a look at it if you like.” As the teakettle started whistling, she walked over to the cabinet to grab two mugs, still trying not to look at him.

“Really? You don’t mind?” He sounded just like kid in a candy store who had just been told to pick ten of whatever he wanted. Rina didn’t really mind, though. Whenever Leona, who had told her what to get, came over for a visit, she would play on the computer for hours. Her manuscripts, working titles and her business related files were all password protected anyway.

“Really, go ahead,” she said. “Do you take milk and sugar?”

“Huh? Oh, for the tea? No milk, but a scoop of sugar, please. You play Shadow Dagger?”

“Yeah, it’s my favorite game. I love it. I spend more time on that than actually working.” She looked at her computer screen as she handed him his tea, still keeping her eyes on anything but him.

“Me, too. You heard about the new beta, Naughty Dagger? It just came out a few days ago.”

“Yeah, I’m one of the testers, just downloaded it yesterday. I don’t really see that much of a difference yet, but I only played it for about half an hour earlier today, before I had to go out and get stuff,” she said.

“Really? Cool, me, too. How weird is that? Hey, maybe we could play together sometime,” he suggested, as he finished his tea.

“That’s an idea. If you see me on, I’m Morgan68. Just IM me, and we can join up,” she said.

“Anyway, not to be rude or anything, but I’ve got a lot of work to do tonight...”

“Oh, yeah, sure. So, I guess I’ll see you in the Dagger,”

Rina let out a sigh of relief as he carefully put his teacup on the coffee table, got up and left. She hadn’t realized he was a computer nerd, not that that was a bad thing, just a bit strange. Most men she’d met in the past that looked as good as he did only knew enough about computers to send email and surf the web, unless their jobs actually required them to use computers. At least that’s how her ex-boyfriend, Jake, had been. Then again, Jake was an ass anyway. You wouldn’t expect Alex Chase, the stud muffin with the wavy, shoulder length, black hair, rugged good looks and athletic build to be a computer nerd; no one with that kind of muscle tone could possibly be stuck behind a desk all day. Well, not unless he worked out, and the apartment complex did have an impressive fitness center.


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