Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rockin' Rick

I thought I was going to be late posting this blog this morning, but then I woke up at 5 a.m. with the disequilibrium that comes from drinking too much. Not a hangover exactly, but a feeling of needing to be vertical rather than horizontal. Know what I mean? If not, you can experiment by drinking 2 ½ tequila sunrises followed by 2 beers. To get the full effect, you need to go to a Rick Springfield concert at an outdoor venue. Which brings me to what I actually planned to blog about: my teen idol

The man still looks damn good at 56. When I saw those muscles last night glistening with sweat. Yum! And may I say, much better than he ever looked in the early 70s. His web site has some primo videos from when he first went solo and when he was in Zoot. What in the world was he wearing in the Hooky Jo video? My friend, who wishes to be called Di in an attempt to remain incognito (I have pictures), says that outfit’s just typical 70s. Eek! And we’re bringing that fashion back again?

I digress. Where was I? Watching the sun come up, actually. Now, if you’re a General Hospital fan, you may know Rick as Dr. Noah Drake. He’s currently reprising his role from the 70s. I know Mom watched the whole Luke and Laura thing, but my fave TV shows from that decade were Mickey Mouse Club and Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys. Here’s an NPR article on Rick's recent return to GH.

Rick was also on Battlestar Gallactica, another show that I apparently missed. My friend Tracy gave me a DVD of Nick Knight, and while Googling for images I discovered he was in a series called Human Target. Anyone ever catch that one? Last night, Rick asked the audience, how many of us had seen his naked butt, and apparently quite a few of us had. Yes, that teeny bopper movie Hard to Hold solidified my love for Rick, and damn, I need to add that DVD to my Christmas list. For another view of Rick’s naked butt, I found this web site on Zoot. Scroll down. Too bad the image is so fuzzy!

The concert was awesome, of course. It was Di’s (not her real name) 1st time and she seemed duly impressed, but is now planning to drag me to a Bob Dylan concert—I won’t go and you can’t make me! *g* No, actually she’s in love with Paul McCartney, who is in fact OLDER than Rick, but yes, he’s aging well. However, he was in an article for AARP Magazine!.

I saw Rick two years ago, same venue, for his Karma tour. In fact that tour tee is the one my husband managed to turn green when washing in the laundry. He’s since been forbidden to wash any of my clothes. It’s only a faint green, but still! And I love that album. I’ve been listening to shock/denial/anger/acceptance for the past two days. A lot of anger in that one, but some excellent music. And something else for my Christmas list, his latest cd is The Day After Yesterday, an album of cover songs.

So tell me any secrets you know about Rick Springfield—like TV shows I’ve missed, movies too—and if you have a Zoot album you’re willing to sell me, let me know. Now, if Rick just isn’t your thing, feel free to mention any teen idols that you’re still in love with. And I’ll pick one poster (ie. person who posts comments) to win a download of my first book, Enlightened Love.



Blogger LISA WILLIAMS said...

I can still remember singing and dancing around to the song he sang "jessy's girl"

9:08 AM  
Blogger Shuck Ying said...

Wow. A blast from the past. He was such a cutie.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Deborah Chan said...

Rick was the only reason I would watch General Hospital. Brings back many memories.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Amy S. said...

He played in one episode of "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries". The episode was "Will the Real Santa...?".

10:20 AM  
Blogger Shara Lanel said...

Lisa, I remember dancing around too until Dad got mad--they really liked country music at the time.

Shuck, he totally was and is!

Deborah, for a long time I felt sad that I'd missed him on there. I was a late bloomer as far as he's concerned.

Amy, really?!! Do you think it's on the DVD set that's out now? I must check that out!


10:51 AM  
Blogger LSB Author, Darragha Foster said...

I don't remember him! I like the song Jessy's Girl, but didn't even know he sang it. Where have I been? I was a teenager in the 70's. I watched the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew show. I didn't watch General Hospital. I was an "All My Children" girl.

He's just adorable, but I apparently missed his boat!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Cherie Japp said...

I remember when he appreared in Battlestar Galactica. He played Apollo's (Richard Hatch)younger brother. He died in the first episode. Talk about a cameo appearance. I am with you. I loved dancing to his music as well.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Shara Lanel said...

Darragha, You're like my friend Di who told me before the concert started that she only knew one of his songs. Turns out she knew two, but still. I recommend you start with his Working Class Dog album and build from there.

Cherie, he died in the first episode? I'm so sad for him!

Oh, as far as late blooming. Two of my son's female friends were over yesterday to jump on the trampoline. My son explained that I was getting all dressed up for the Rick Springfield concert, and they just stared at me with blank expressions. Rick who?


11:21 AM  
Anonymous annalisa said...

I've watched GH on and off since I was a teenager. Love seeing Rick on GH again. He's still lookin' good! I'm glad they brought him back on the show. My favorite TV show and movie Rick was in was Nick Knight. It was a vampire series on TV. I was sorry when it ended. Maybe some TV station will play it again some day! :)

1:03 PM  
Blogger Shara Lanel said...

Annalisa, have you noticed if the TV series is out on DVD? That would be cool.


3:06 PM  
Blogger Estella said...

I still love Rick Nelson and Pat Boone.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Shara Lanel said...

Estella, I think my aunt liked Rick Nelson, too.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Rae Morgan said...

Yes, I remember Rick on GH -- I would run home from school and caught the last half hour -- then Dark Shadows would come on. :)

God, I'm old.

Loved Jessy's Girl.

And I think he looks better at 56 -- I'd jump his bones for sure -- just don't tell my hubby.


6:17 PM  
Blogger Shara Lanel said...

Rae, I won't tell yours if you don't tell mine. *g*

I'll pick a winner for Enlightened Love when I get back from Pilates, so still some time to post comments and get entered!


6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four of my coworkers attended his concert in Atlanta about 2 years (?) ago and came back more excited than ever about his performance.

Two of them got called up on the stage and while one of them danced in front of him the other got behind him and felt his... (ahem) well, that story rocketed around the company so fast -- and like any rumors (true or false) got slightly changed each time. By the end of the day people were asking if it was true one of them had borne his love child! LOL - we all joke with her even still.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Shara Lanel said...

Oh, how fun to get on stage with him! When I saw him in Charlotte, he bodysurfed and was close enough to get his sweat on me. Somehow that doesn't seem quite as cool ;-)


12:25 PM  

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