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Naughty Dakota--X-Rated Excerpt

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Hookay, so here's another hot one from Whose Bride Is She Anyway? Tara and August are pretty hot for each other.

In a bathroom

By a mirror...


He lit the candles that sat on the bathtub, they gave off a soft glow, just enough to see one another. August stood between her legs. He lifted the heavy curtain of her hair, sprinkling kisses over her shoulders.

Tara wrapped her arms around his neck as fire burned in her veins. If he didn’t make love to her soon, she would explode.

“Lay down, Tara,” his tone was thick with arousal.

She swung her legs around and lay down, resting her back against the smooth surface. He stood over her, tracing soft patterns over her nipples. “Look at me.” Her eyes fastened on his, hypnotized by his stare. “See the mirror?” She looked to her left and nodded. “I want you to watch when I lick you. I want you to see my tongue buried in you. I want you to come with my head between your legs, while you see my mouth fuck you.”

Tara’s breathing quickened to short pants at his erotic request. August leaned forward, letting his lips hover near hers. Her pussy wept, slick and needy, aching for him. Snaking his tongue across her mouth she whimpered in response. “Please, August...”

“Please, what?” he whispered as he slipped a finger inside her, forcefully enough for her to revel in the entry, hard and fast, catching her by surprise.

Gasping, Tara struggled to find her voice, as her hands clutched at his shoulders. “Lick me, do it now, I want to watch as you fuck me with your tongue.” This time he groaned at her words as he slipped his finger back out.

August wasted no time parting her legs. He draped one over his shoulder as he twisted his body to stand between them. “Open your eyes, Tara, watch...”

She did as he demanded, turning to the left, seeing the side of his head poised between her legs. Blond hair, thick and shaggy brushed her inner thighs. Lifting her hips, she offered herself to him. “Don’t make me wait anymore, August, please...”

Brushing kisses along the outer lips of her pussy, his hot breath tormented her. “Open yourself for me, Tara, help me lick you.”
Fighting back a scream, she let her hands drift between her legs, parting the smooth flesh, she so carefully shaved for him.

And he licked. A single, long, hot stroke.

The wet, moist contact made her hips jolt forward, pushing his tongue against her clit. White, hot bolts of electricity shot through her as he swirled his tongue over the swollen nub. Her fingers slid inside his mouth as he pleasured her, and the rasp of his tongue was slick with her juice.

Her eyes were glued to the mirror as she watched her own hands move in time with his head. Looking up at her, his lips moist with her arousal, he demanded more. “Touch yourself, Tara, let me see you slide your fingers through your cunt.”
Mesmerized by his words, she fingered her clit and August slipped his tongue back into her. She caressed the wet surface, turned on by their combined touch.
Feverishly, he suckled her, pulling her fingers toward her tight entrance. It seemed natural to let two fingers slip inside her warmth and this time, she did scream as he lapped at her and she moved within herself. Her nipples beaded tightly, as she slid in and out of her pussy and August licked every exposed surface. Tara’s pussy clenched her fingers, riding them as his mouth strayed to her entrance. He joined her fingers, stabbing his tongue inside her, fingering her clit. Soft hair brushed her arms. His head moved to a rhythm all its own as he wedged his tongue into her.

Strong hands clutched at her ass, gripping the flesh tightly, tugging her to fit his mouth. Moving back to her clit, he buried his lips in her, licking, sucking and the tight tension, building to an almost painful need for release, snapped, snaking outward, lashing at her pussy.
Tara rocked against him as she drew her fingers in and out, watching her body tense in the mirror. Her mouth was open, her body arched toward August’s head, her arm hidden between her legs. Using her other hand, she tugged a nipple, seeing her own surprised look as she prepared to explode.

Heat engulfed her, tearing at her flesh as she came, with August tonguing her clit and her fingers plunging deeply within her. There was no fighting the scream that ripped from her lips, as she shuddered, jamming her hips down on the hard surface...


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Ice cubes please.

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Wowza, pumpkin pie,

I think you should be required to hand out fans and ice water with yer excerpts.


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Thanks, now I need to have some BOB time.

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Anonymous Joy said...

Dakota! Where did you learn such language from - teehee!

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Hi Dakota!! The only thing I can say is that the excerpts are getting fierier with steamy heat!!

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Good thingI had ice water handy!

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glad ya liked e'm! Thanks for stopping in :)


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Cold shower time! LOL!!

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