Wednesday, March 01, 2006

LSB Associated Press: Liquid Silver Hosts 1st Annual Silver Shamrock Invitational

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just for the Irish anymore. Liquid Silver Books, an E-book publisher of Distinctive, Classy, and Smokin’ Hot Erotica, is joining the holiday business and lobbying for St. Silver’s Day. Patrick’s of the world watch out.

Kicking off this highly unconventional yet titillating holiday, Liquid Silver Books is hosting a Scavenger hunt, The Silver Shamrock Invitational. Silver the Siren, Liquid Silver’s spokes-Siren, gives us the details.

“I’m deeply honored that they [Liquid Silver] would celebrate a day in honor of me,” Silver gushes, her silver luminescent scales turning a blushing shade of pink. “The rules of the Invitational are fairly simple, from March 10th through the 19th, Silver Shamrock Icons will be placed in strategic places on a variety of worlds [websites] associated with Liquid Silver. The Hunt will start at Liquid Silver and only those that participate will know where the Hunt ends.

Each Icon will be a portal to a new and exciting world within the Liquid Silver universe. Each participant must make note of where in those worlds they find the Portal Icon [Silver Shamrock] before jumping to the next world. When they’ve reached the end, all they have to do is email me the list of worlds and the places [webpage] they found the Icons.”

March 20th is the official St. Silver’s Day, and Silver said she would be picking a winner from a gem crusted bowl that is said to have good luck properties given to her from an admirer.

The Ides of March and Saints have nothing on the fun, passionate, and rewarding holiday, St. Silver’s Day promises to be. Be on the look out for more information on Liquid Silver Books and The Silver Shamrock Invitational.


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