Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Being a Saint is highly overrated

So say, Rhiannon Neeley and me, Dee S. Knight.

We think you'll agree now that I’m No Saint, Valentine is out and about. I’m going to handle the early session of our Morning After blog. Then around 4 PM, check back for a visit with Rhiannon Neeley.

In No Saint, our stories are very different. Rhi’s “Sindulgence” is a contemporary about a forty-six year old divorced woman who’s attracted to a twenty-five year old man (whoa, mama! Who wouldn’t be?). But Devon is more than young and good looking as sin, he’s warm and has a wonderful sense of humor, is a great conversationalist, and sexy, sexy, SEXY. I want him myself…

Anyway, Clarice has a few doubts about the wisdom of starting a relationship with Devon—she has a son about his age and there’s that whole society thing. Her friend, Jan, voices objections right off the bat. Devon is more open to taking a chance, thinking he can conquer all—just like all warm, humorous, conversant, sexy, twenty-five year old men.

By contrast, my story, “Candy Hearts and Flours,” is a fantasy about a demon and angel. Mariah, the demon, has trouble being bad. Because of this, her father throws her out of Hell for one week in Las Vegas. (Some might wonder if there’s a difference, but there IS. Be nice—I love Las Vegas.) Mariah’s dad has told her to seduce a saint in one week or don’t bother coming home. The angel, Patrick, is also in Las Vegas, and would be perfect for Mariah to seduce. Too bad she thinks he’s wonderful. Rather than damn him to Hell for all eternity, she tries to avoid him.

Patrick is in Las Vegas to create a fantastical cake at The Candy Hearts and Flours Contest, which ends on Valentine’s Day. Patrick really likes Mariah, though he figures out she’s there to capture a soul. He tries to avoid her, lest he give in to her temptations, but when he sees her turn her attention to someone else in the contest, he decides to sacrifice his own honor to save the other man’s soul. Or IS that the reason?

So, in both stories we have improbable pairs. They shouldn’t be attracted to each other, but gosh darn it, they are.

Which brings me to my question. Have you ever been attracted to some unlikely other? Was there (is there) anyone you wanted to approach but were too nervous to, or every time you got close something happened to stop you?

I’ll be back in a few hours to post a short excerpt of “Candy Hearts and Flours,” and tonight I’ll choose a blogger at random to receive downloads of Ain’t Your Mama’s Bedtime Stories and Resolutions.


Blogger Rae Morgan said...

Good morning Dee! Yes, I'm up! And I also love Las Vegas. :) And sure I want to approach a lot of men, but I'm married. So that sort of puts the kabosh on that topic. Although there was this one Logic professor I thought was soooo cute in a geeky, dark, slim and metro sort of way. Well, if I remember correctly he was married too -- so it was not meant to be.

Sigh, unrequited lust. Oh and there is always Vin, no matter what Jenna thinks, I feel Vin could handle more than one woman lying on his chest. [Hint: This line of conversation was a HOT topic over at the Silver Readers list a couple of days ago!!)


8:27 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

That's what I mean, Rae. I think most women have met someone at work or wherever, and felt something, but not done anything about it, for some reason.

Do yo mean lying on Vin's chest was a hot topic, lol?


11:06 AM  
Anonymous Cherie said...

I think everyone finds someone attractive at sometime or another. In my case, I would not because I am married.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

Hi Dee!
I told you before and I'll tell you again, I know you both followed me around Vegas in December. *G*

SEALS! And not the cute kind at the zoo. Those are the only men I've ever hesitated to approach. Probably because when I have they're completely nutsy! Any other dude..it's on!

12:50 PM  
Blogger snowflake said...

Dee, this may freak you out but I had a crush on my much older British teacher when I was in junior college. He wasn't really classically handsome but he possessed an ironic wit that is charming in its way. Of course, I never dared approached him or anything about it but I did sign up for his remedial lessons even though I don't need it.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

Cherie, I would never act on an attraction because I'm married and happily so. But as any guy would say if you called him on staring at a beautiful woman, "Just 'cause I'm married, don't mean I'm dead." Before you were married? Did you have a crush on someone you hesitated to approach?

SEALS!! The closest I'd ever have the nerve to approach one of them is through a book. After awhile it's hard to read with closed eyes and panting breath. But, meljprincess, I definitely get your point! And I promise I didn't follow you around Las Vegas, but if you go again, please write so I can live vicariously!!

Jenny, that's exactly what I mean. I had a crush on my boss once. He wasn't really good looking or flashy or anything. There was just something about him that drew me. Like you took your teacher's classes, I volunteered to be on committees he was. I did nothing to let on, and of course he never knew--and neither did anyone else, lol!! Eventually, the attraction went away and he was just a normal guy again. Which is good. :)

3:31 PM  

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