Friday, January 27, 2006

Sexy Scents

Sense of smell is powerful. Like a song, a certain smell and bring you back to a memory so strongly it's as if you're right back there again. I was listening to a radio show the other morning, and the DJs were doing a call in show about what smells turn people on. It was interesting. One woman called in and said that the smell of cucumbers did it for her. A guy called in and said that the smell of a woman's feet did it.

I get a lot of compliments from the guys here at work about my perfume, Samsara by Guerlain. I mean a LOT. I've even had one guy email me about it. So there's a tip for you, ladies! Go getcha some! Samsara, that is. Or whatever else *grin*

This is from Ask Men. Other scents which arouse:

1- Vanilla-Like the smell of chocolate, vanilla has a sweet, welcoming scent. Its odor increases sexual stimulation in both men and women. So the next time you're ready to get sexual with your girl, invest in a vanilla candle or burn some oil to set the mood.

2- Patchouli-Patchouli has received much positive press in recent years, all thanks to its ability to make people horny. Okay, maybe not, but it does smell awesome. Experts believe that it awakens and provokes sexual energy and every little bit helps, so experience the scent via incense sticks. Burn one today.

3- Musk-Although musk is known to closely resemble the scent of male pheromones, what should concern you significantly is the fact that musk will quite possibly drive her crazy. So invest in some cologne that lists musk as a main ingredient and let her do the rest. If you don't want the cologne, there are incense sticks, as well as oils, available.

4- Peppermint-Ah, that minty fresh scent. Peppermint is believed to help you stay awake, alert and energized; that's always a good thing when it comes to sex. This might also encourage your girl to try something new in the bedroom. You can opt to emit the scent via a candle, incense or oil.

5- Ylang Ylang-Have you ever smelled ylang ylang? It really does smell like sex is about to take place. So if you're in the mood for some erotic sex, burn some oil or buy some room spray. But be careful; this fresh scent is known to encourage verbal communication.

6- Jasmine-With its subtle scent, jasmine has the ability to open the other senses to new experiences. If you want to seduce her, use jasmine in an oil or incense.

I love the smell of a guy freshly out of the shower. That soap and water smell. Love it.

What about you? I'll choose a name at random for any free download at Liquid Silver Books!


Blogger Elizabeth said...

hmm, not sure about a specific smell turning me on - but vanilla is my fav smell. it is fab! you can get in all shapes and forms...purfume, candles, car freshers, room sprays, incense sticks...i love it don't know why. when ever i come across it i take a nice, long deep breath and sigh.

back to the topic...i suppose the smell of freshness does it for me, so a guy right out of the shower - or better me joining the guy in the shower - mmmmmmmmmmm.

Elizabeth (join and be entered to win a $5 GC!)

6:41 AM  
Blogger Tracy Sharp said...

Elizabeth! I'm with you on joining the guy in the shower *grin*

8:12 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

What a great topic!

Personally, I don't normally notice scents (unless a woman or man smells like they're drowning in perfume or cologne), but a couple of months ago I stood behind a young man in a grocery line. I swear I wanted to throw him to the floor and have wild sex right there in the Express Lane. (Fortunately for him, I restrained myself.) I mentioned how wonderful he smelled to the cashier after he left and she said she commented on it to him. She said she thought he said the cologne was called Tag.

Do you know about this? Because I might get some for my hubby, but ONLY if he's home for the day.


8:49 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

LOL, Morning Dee,

My son wears Tag and your right, smells really good. Believe it or not it's an inexpensive brand he gets at wally world in the deodarant aisle.


8:56 AM  
Blogger LSB Author, Darragha Foster said...

My brother-in-law's waffles. He doesn't use flour. He uses almond meal and the most delicious spices. You walk into his house after he's made waffles and OMG, it's heaven.

His wife makes soap. I want a soap called, "Duane's Waffles." I want a perfume that smells that good.

I don't really want to eat them...just sniff the batter and the overall aroma!

9:07 AM  
Blogger Paige Burns said...

I'm a big smell girl. Sometimes I'll walk by a guy in the mall who's wearing a colonge an old boyfriend wore and bamn, I'm looking around for him, it's weird.

The smell that gets me is my DH's scent mixed w/ his deodorent, I think it's one of the new Old Spice scents. I'll get a wiff of that in passing and it's like a beacon. He thinks I'm crazy.

He, however, likes only one of my perfumes, which I'm so tired of wearing. It's Grass from The Gap and it does smell like cut grass. So even if I don't like it anymore, if I want to make him a little crazy while we're out to dinner or something, I sprtiz some of that on.

LMAO! Dee, you crack me up. But you're right, cheap ol' Tag just does it for me too!

9:10 AM  
Anonymous shellya said...

Hmmm, I like the smell of cinnamin in the kitchen and vanilla or jasmine in the bedroom. But, the best is the smell of clean sheets with a just showered slightly wet man laying in or on them. YUM! :)

9:19 AM  
Blogger Tracy Sharp said...

Dee, I don't know that I've ever smelled Tag. I'll have to check it out :)

Michelle, that is too funny! I'm at Walmart a lot so now I WILL really have to look for it.

Darragha, I love waffles. Now I'm hungry hehehehe!

Paige, sometimes I'll smell Polo and my boyfriend from when I was 17 will suddenly pop into my head, and the memory is so strong that it's like he's right there with me. I've never smelled Grass.

Shellya, I love clean sheets! And the man on them? Good call.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Well, other than my husband's sweat (weird, but true), I'm actually not sure. I'm allergic to most perfume and cologne. But what turns my husband on is this pear body spray I wore when we were first going out. Now I have trouble finidng the exact scent as the store where I bought it isn't around here.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Tracy Sharp said...

Nicole, you're not the only one who digs the sweat scent. That one was a biggie with both sexes on the radio show.

I really loved the original Herbal Essence shampoo. Anyone here remember that green shampoo with the picture of the girl in the pond and flowers all around her? I miss that shampoo so much!

10:03 AM  
Blogger Tina Burns - PR Liaison said...

Smell memories are very tangible for me too.

One day at work, I smelled this awesome cologne, which is weird since I work at Starbucks and all you smell is coffee all day. Anyway, I was like, "Who smells good?" Looking around for a hot guy, but knowing my luck would be an old man or something. My friend who was at the register blushed a little and said, "It's me"

It took me a second to realize she was answering my question! Also, confirming my suspision that she prefered the ladies. We joke about it all the time. :)

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't smelled Tag yet either. After work I'm sooooo going to the stores. I'll spritz the first guy that walks by and see what happens.

Who knew the commercials were right, hm?

A favorite scent? I don't know. I can't think of one. But, like I said, going to the drugstore after work and I'll let ya know. I'll be the one sniffing men's cologne, ambushing unsuspecting guys. "Pardon me. Can I spritz you? It's an experiment for SEx."

10:04 AM  
Blogger Tracy Sharp said...

LOL Tina! Too funny!

Jenna, you won't have trouble finding volunteers!

10:19 AM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

I love the smell of my cat's armpits. No smell is better then that of a cat's fur and skin.

I also like the smell of some men. Those are the one's I like to f..ondle.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Caffey said...

I absoultely love vanilla. Its mostly the bath gel and lotion I always get. It has this sweet scent that just for me, makes me feel good. My dh always had commented that he liked it. Sometimes I had used for a long time, Love's Baby Soft. Remember that one? It really had more of the sweet scent but it was the other one I would use. I can't use regular perfume. I like the softness of the scent. For him, I like a musk on him, but not a lot. I guess I like it more natural to a woody scent. Ought to light some vanilla candles now that you mention it!

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Cherie said...

I had to laugh at the story about the Tag cologne. I have to look for it next time I am at wally world. That reminded me of a time when hubby and I were dating. i noticed how good he smelled and I asked him what cologne he was wearing that smelled so good. He got this puzzled look on his face and said he was not wearing any cologne. We finally figured out that it was The Mennen Speed Stick deodorant he was wearing. LOL. Just goes to show you that even the cheapest thing can smell so sexy on the right man.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Tracy Sharp said...

Mel, I love the smell of my kitties too, except for when they just get out of the litter box hehehehe.

Caffe, I love the blueberry candles a lot. Not sure why, just love them. I do rememebr Loves Baby Soft, though I never used it.

LOL Cherie! That's too funny!

11:13 AM  
Blogger Sherrill Quinn said...

There's just something about a guy and Drakkar Noir that gets me.

Actually, sometimes just the Drakkar Noir will do it for me...

Sometimes not.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Bonnie Dee said...

I have to say I don't get the patchouli thing. Never have. It doesn't smell good to me. And peppermint reminds me of my grandma's muscle rub. But all the other smells on that list are great, especially ylang-ylang, which is also really fun to say out loud.
My husband and I have ylang-ylang scented massage oil and we get giddy playing with that word.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Trace said...

Sherrill, I had a gay friend who used to wear Drakkar. I loved it on him. But now it always reminds me of him hehehehe.

Bonnie, I don't even know what patchouli smells like!

12:03 PM  
Blogger LSB Author, Darragha Foster said...

But, the best is the smell of clean sheets with a just showered slightly wet man laying in or on them

Oh, my. The daughter is spending the night with a friend...I guess I'll ask DH to take shower when he gets home from work at 10:30p.m.!


12:06 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

I don't really notice smells unless they are bad ones. I guess the smell of cleanliness or soap and a hint of cologne or aftershave (if he puts too much on I get a headache and I am repelled...LOL) on a guy are nice to me.

I also like the smell of cinnamon, lavender, and some fruity smells (but you don't find those on guys too often...LOL).

1:07 PM  
Blogger Amy S. said...

Vanilla is my favorite scent. I also like cocount. I used to have some splash and lotion in coconut from Bath & Body but they quit making it. Although there is some on ebay.

2:00 PM  
Blogger snowflake said...

The smell of clean water and soap is the most sexy thing for me. I don't wear perfume because I'm shy of drawing attention to myself and my nose is sensitive to strong scents.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

Michelle and Paige, you're kidding me?? It's a cheap old thing? My gosh, I'm getting some for Jack and he's going to wear it all weekend--after I lock the door.


2:42 PM  
Blogger Dakota Cassidy said...

I LOVE scent, but not heavy and cloying. I hate the stuff that sticks in your thorat long after the person is gone.

I am a Bath and Body works 'ho :) I got 'em all and then some. A whole pantry filled with them.

I wear loads of Bath and Body stuff--Cucumber Melon, Raspberry, Apple, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Pearberry and rarely perfume. I do love Breathless, by Vic Secret though, and wear that a lot.

I also have a perfume they no longer make called Millennium. Loved that.

My honeybunny wears Pierre Cardin, but just enough that's he's yummy, not overbearing.

Dakota :)

3:19 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

MMMm.....freshly showered man, now that's a good scent.

Now outside of smells that turn my on, I absolutely LOVE Lemon Zest from Yankee Candle. It's so fresh and yummy and better yet, it doesn't bother my allergies and give me a headache.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Tracy Sharp said...

Jennifer, I love the smell of cinnamon. Mmmmmm.

Amy, I love the smell of coconut so much. I love the taste, too.

Jenny, that's one of my faves, too. I don't wear a lot of perfume and never strong scents.

Dakota, I love Bath and Body Works! Their stuff is SO nice!

4:37 PM  
Blogger Christy Robin said...

I have a friend who wears Echo. Man, oh man he smells so good! All us girls sniff him as soon as he comes in, although I must admit I started that particular habit.

As for natural scents, what guy likes the smell of a girl's foot? (shaking head) To each his own.


5:33 PM  
Anonymous annalisa said...

My hubby uses soap scented with sandalwood. It really smells good! A nice, clean smell! :)

I like Elizabeth Taylor's Passion, Calandre by Paco Rabanne, Must by Cartier, and Estee Lauder's Private Collection. I have had strangers stop and tell me how good Passion smells and sometimes Calandre. It makes me feel good when someone asks what scent I'm wearing!

I love vanilla scented candles too.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous chibi-hentai said...

i love a person's natural smell. i've been known to just bury my face into my Dom's neck... or the crook of His thigh, and just breathe Him in. Scent is very important to me, for really connecting with the people i love.

Still, a couple favorites are cloves, and patchouli. Vanilla Musk is pretty good. And Exclamation! is something i wear often.

Many blessings,

6:04 PM  
Blogger Vanessa Hart said...

I like pine. Not all pine, and certainly not Pine Sol! *LOL* I'm talking about that woodsy scent. Drives me wild!


6:20 PM  
Anonymous Rae Morgan said...

Vanilla is my fav. My hubby seems to love it also. The perfume I wore for years (until the company went out of business) was Secret of Venus by Weil (there is a knock-off out there, but it is not the same!). It had vanilla undernotes along with lemongrass, amber, and musk. I just loved that perfume. Closest American perfume is Youth Dew and now Cartier has Breath of a Dragon. My hubby bought me Breath of a Dragon for Christmas and I get a lot of compliments on it.

And Samsara is a great fragrance.

Rae Morgan

6:45 PM  
Blogger Tamara said...

Banana nut bread is a great smell for me.

8:14 PM  

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