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Riding the Line - Excerpt

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Riding the Line - excerpt

Grant stood immobilized by the sight of Lindsay’s tight ass jiggling seductively and
the small red-orange tribal flame that kissed her lower back just at the crevice of her butt,
as she retreated to her bedroom. It didn’t matter. Nothing that happened in the past
mattered, and he was sure as hell glad that she had thrown herself at him. Hell. Before he
even knew who she was he’d wanted to bury his cock deep inside her. And that’s exactly
what he was going to do now. Fuck her until she forgot about her past and only thought
of her future. A future of nights with him.

In two strides he’d caught up to her and grabbed her around her waist. He hefted her
over his shoulder, her naked ass high in the air, and turned toward his bedroom.

“Put me down this instant you cretin!”

Her breasts pressed against his back as she kicked and screamed. She pounded him
with her fists, but instead of making him want to put her down, it sent desire rushing
through his body and straight to his cock. “If you don’t quit moving Lindsay, we’re not
going to make it to the bedroom.” He smacked her ass to get her to quit struggling.

She stilled, a high-pitched yip escaping from her mouth.

He smoothed the sting with his hand, trailing down her crevice with a finger before
gripping her legs firmly again.

“Tell me about the fire.”

“What? You’re crazy, what fire, put me down!”

“The fire on your ass, Linds. The one that’s making me burn.”

His bedroom door was ajar, and he kicked it fully open. The anticipation of tossing
Lindsay on his bed and filling her with his cock while he stroked that small flame kissing
her butt almost made him oblivious to the sopping wet carpet as he stepped into the room.
“What the hell?” He set Lindsay down with a splash and walked into the bathroom. The
scent of sandalwood assaulted him as he walked through the door.

Steam billowed out from the tub where the faucet was still running full blast.
Bubbles overflowed onto the floor and shifted with the waves his footsteps caused.

“Oh, my God,” Lindsay gasped from the bedroom.

Grant rushed to turn off the water and found himself flat on his ass.

Lindsay hurried in and promptly tripped over him, falling head first into the teeming

Grant lunged forward, pulling a sputtering and soaked, but sexy as hell Lindsay out
of the tub, landing on his back with her sprawled on top of him.

The sound of the water rushing dimmed, his soaked suit forgotten. The damage the
water was going to cause swept aside, leaving nothing for him to think about except her.
She lay still, like a deer in headlights, almost sensing the change in him and waiting
for him to make the move. Only fear didn’t show in her eyes, but heat, passion and
threads of love.

His heart jumped, answering those precious tendrils of new love. The words were on
the tip of his tongue, palpable, filling his mouth with the need to voice them.

Lindsay shifted up, her naked body slid over his clothed erection, and licked his lips
in a playful kiss.

He swallowed the words.

He plunged his hands into her soaked hair and forcefully brought her lips to his in a
searing kiss that left them both breathless.

She rocked against him, spreading her legs wide, her sex ready for him.

“Bed.” He pushed her off him and shoved her gently toward the bedroom. “Now.”

Lindsay scrambled to her feet and out the bathroom door.

He turned off the water and shed his drenched clothes as he turned and made his way
to the bedroom.

Lindsay lay draped like a harem concubine on the bed. Her legs open. Her pussy
glistened from her juices. Her rosy nipples were peaked and screaming for his touch. She
reached to him, beckoning him to her.

Like a sailor to a siren, he crawled onto the bed and into her willing arms, into the
cushion of her breasts. He nuzzled her neck, trailing kisses to the soft spot behind her ear
where he sucked gently before nibbling around her ear lobe.

“Grant,” she whispered, arching up into him, her hard nipples poking into his chest.
She wrapped her arms and legs around him. Her heels dug into his butt, pressing his cock
onto her wet core.

He pushed up onto his hands and surged up, his cock spreading her labia wide. Each
thrust forward he bumped her clit with his cockhead, then slowly soothed his way down
until his tip rested between her slick pussy lips. He thrust, then retreated, over and over,
until she was writhing under him.

She gasped and moaned with each tap of his cock on her clit. “Please,” she moaned,
meeting his surge with the tilt of her hips. Her body urging him inside.

Not yet. He wanted her broken from her negativity. Unwilling to let thoughts of her
past filter their way into this night, or any night after.

Up. Down. Up. Down.

The slick friction of his cock on her clit was sweet torture, but he wanted her to come
undone over and over, until she knew nothing but the feel of his cock in her, the scent of
him, the love he showed her with his body.

“Let go,” he urged, bending down to suck a rosy nipple into his mouth.

She groaned and lifted her breast to him, urging him to take more of her into his

He tugged and pulled, suckling her deep with each surge of his cock until she cried
out. He backed off of her nipple, but kept up his relentless motion.

“Lindsay.” Grant bowed to her other breast and gently bit her taut nipple. “Let go,”
he said, his teeth still lightly clamped on her breast.

Sweat beaded down his back as he leaned forward, increasing the pressure of his
shaft on her clit and increasing his pace.

She clung to him, her hips tilting upward, matching his thrusts. Her nails dug into his
back and she let go. Her scream filled the room, her body rocking into him as her orgasm
ripped through her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fire seems to have moved to all parts of the heroine. Great excerpt!

Little lamb lost

12:52 AM  
Anonymous Night Owl said...

Love the excerpt!! Can't wait to read the whole story!!
Night Owl

2:27 AM  
Blogger LadyVampire2u said...

Great excerpt! Wow, you got the fire going all right. I like sensual, erotic scenes that are different from the norm and this one definitely is.


3:08 AM  
Blogger Faltenin said...


Now try to get back to work, Fal.

5:34 AM  
Blogger LISA WILLIAMS said...

Hot stuff. Loved it.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Shuck Ying said...

Thanks for heating up my day! Wonderful excerpt.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Deborah Chan said...

What an excellent way to start my day! Thank you.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

I think I've just come.

10:23 AM  

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