Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sacking the Quarterback excerpt

Here's an excerpt from my January release..Sacking the Quarterback. Enjoy!

Damn, Johnni’s got a great ass, Donovan thought. It was round and firm. Her jeans hugged her cheeks, making his hands itch to squeeze them. He had a second to notice she’d stopped before he ran into her.

“Put them on the counter. I’ll put them away.” Gesturing to the tray, she smiled at him.
He blinked. God, he hoped she hadn’t noticed him staring at her ass. He set the glasses down and backed off, reaching to adjust himself when he turned away. “So what do you want on the TV?”

“This is a sports bar, isn’t it? Sports Center should be on.”

He felt shock run through him. A woman who would willingly watch sports instead of soaps was a rare find. He flipped on ESPN and turned the volume up when he saw something on his brother.

“The Renegades aren’t saying much about the shoulder injury Jackson Klasek sustained in the conference game,” the anchorman said.

Donovan sighed. “Damn, I was hoping the reporters would ignore it.”
“So how’s he doing?”

He turned to see her leaning on the bar. “He’s sore, but it’s nothing he can’t deal with. He’s not taking pain killers though.”

“I watched the game. It looked like a bad sprain. Why won’t he take meds for it?” She brushed her hair up into a ponytail and he got his first good look at her breasts.

All thought of his brother shot out of his head. Her breasts were small and pert. He wasn’t a big breast man. He didn’t like women whose breasts made them look top heavy. Hers would fit nicely in the palms of his hands. Her nipples were outlined by her tank top and he wondered what they would taste like.

“Mr. Klasek?” Her voice broke into his reverie.

Shit, he couldn’t believe he’d drifted off and stood staring at her chest. He looked up at her and saw the hint of pink in her cheeks. At least she didn’t look mad at him. In fact, he must be dreaming because he swore he saw a flash of interest in her eyes.

“Call me Donovan.” He moved closer to her.

“Okay, Donovan. Why doesn’t your brother want to take pills?” She didn’t step away from the bar.

He stood on the other side and leaned into her space. There wasn’t any back up in her. When their lips were almost touching, he said, “He saw how hard it was for me to kick my addiction to them and he never wants to go through that again.”

Her breath was warm on his lips and he saw her eyes widen. A flash of pity and then a flash of understanding shone in them. He wanted to kiss her, but a crash sounded as the bar door burst open. He jerked away. He didn’t want any of his staff to see him hitting on one of his employees.

“Where’s Roscoe?” one of them asked.

“He’s sick. Johnni’s filling in.” He waved a vague hand towards her.

“Okay.” The others went to store their stuff.

Johnni stared at him and he couldn’t help but smile at her. She winked and laughed. As he walked past her on his way to his office, she grabbed his arm and pulled him closer.

When he looked at her, she said, “I hope you’re going to work up the courage to kiss me some time soon.”

His mouth fell open. “Umm...”

Her face flushed. “Of course, you might not want to do that.” She started to turn away.

“Wait. That’s not the problem.”

“What is the problem then?” Her gaze met his with a question.

“I’m just not sure.” Shrugging, he knew he couldn’t explain his reasoning to her when he didn’t know the reasons himself.

She nodded. “Fine. Maybe when you are sure, you’ll come and find me.” She kissed his cheek and walked away.

“I will,” he said quietly.


Blogger LISA WILLIAMS said...

I like it that she made the first move...

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you don't see the heroine making the first move very often.

Little lamb lost

1:12 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

Sounds like a good book!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

This cover is fantastic! Enjoyed the excerpt.

10:37 AM  

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