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Excerpt from No Secrets, Book 4 of The Coven of the Wolf series

Here is an excerpt from No Secrets, found the the Zodiac Pisces duet. I tend to write about alpha males and the women who stand up to them. I hope you like it. -- Rae Morgan


"Debby, stop ignoring me. We’re going to discuss this habit you have of running away from me."

Debby opened the door to her place and entered. Boris stormed through before she could shut the door. She sighed. She just wasn’t in the mood for a lecture about what he expected or didn’t expect from her. And she wasn’t in the mood to mate with him either. Not tonight. The earlier mood, the pre-Ezra mood, had vanished with all the death and destruction at the mobile home park and the confrontation in the woods.

She understood Boris had been scared for her, but she was handling the situation until he’d barged in and taken over. She might have been able to question Ezra--or at the very least trick him into allowing her into his mind to read where Darius and the rest of his merry little band of murdering terrorist witches were hidden.

But Boris and Gor had cut off that avenue of inquiry.

Boris wasn’t the only person in this room who was pissed.

Of course he could read her every thought, which only added to the increasing strain between them.

He wasn’t happy with her. Tough. She wasn’t going to allow him to dictate to her in the real world as he did on the astral plane. He couldn’t have it both ways. She either did her job and used her magick, or she didn’t. And she couldn’t do her job if he tied her hands and restricted her ability to make instantaneous decisions as she had at the mobile home park. She had saved lives by going off to confront Ezra alone--she knew it and he knew it.

"Of course, I know it." Boris slammed the door, using an excessive amount of force, then locked it. The loud snick of the deadbolt shooting home echoed off the walls. "You shouldn’t have blocked me! I was terrified that the dark witch had you."

"I didn’t." Debby headed for the kitchen. She was starved; using magick took a lot of energy. "And he didn’t get anywhere near me."

"What do you mean you didn’t block me?" Boris dogged her heels as if he were herding an errant sheep.

"I didn’t. He did." She jerked open the refrigerator and studied the contents as if her next meal was the most important thing in the world. It was that or hit her mate for doubting her. That was what stuck in her craw the most--that he’d told her she was a key to bringing down the dark witches in Bear Hollow, and then he proceeded to doubt her ability to do it. He couldn’t have it both ways, damn him.

"Gods above and all the demons in the Underworld, he could block you? From me?" Boris stripped off his jacket and threw it against the wall, closely followed with a fist on said wall.

Debby winced and opened the freezer for some ice. His knuckles would surely bruise after that.

"Debby, look at me, dammit, when I’m talking to you."

"I would if you were talking to me, but you’re not." She wrapped some cubes in a dish towel and placed it on the counter, then turned back to the contents of her fridge. "Put that on your hand."

"What am I doing if I’m not talking to you, little hell cat?" he growled. "Knitting?"

"You’re yelling at me. I don’t listen to anyone yelling at me." She turned and glared at him. "Got it?"

The tension in the air between them built up like a teakettle approaching boil. The explosion came with a blinding flurry of movement from Boris. Before she could even squeak, he had her in his arms. Shoving her against the wall, he shoved his body against her back, his arm securely around her waist. Using his other hand, he ripped her shirt from her and sank his teeth into her shoulder, all the while growling in the back of his throat.

"Bo?" Her voice was shaky and came out low. Maybe she had pushed him too far.

"Shut up, bébé! I refuse to go through another hellacious half hour like I did tonight. We’re mating and that’s final. No witch nor man of any kind can interfere with the mind touch of a shifter and his consummated mate."

Pulling her into his body, he rubbed his all-too-ready cock against her butt. His hand slid hand down her naked abdomen and across the top of her regulation khakis to the juncture of her thighs. He rubbed the heel of his hand across the crease of her pants--hard. One-handed he pulled the zipper down and thrust his fingers closer to her heat. She was wet. Her earlier reluctance for intimacy now swept away with his blatant male aggression.

She couldn’t contain her moans when he sank his teeth into her shoulder again, then scraped them along the sensitive tendons of her neck. Every sharp, moist nip and bite triggered answering contractions deep within her core. Her pussy wept for more. Her body readied itself for her mate’s ultimate possession.

Boris licked and nuzzled her neck, now soothing rather than aggressively sexual. "I read your mind in the woods. You wanted to roll on the ground with me after I killed Ezra. You aren’t afraid of my animal tendencies at all, are you?"

Debby heard the underlying fear in his question, knew that he couldn’t believe that she accepted that side of him. "No, I’m not afraid of you."

"Why not?" He used his free hand to shove her hair aside as he turned his oral attention to the sensitive area behind her ear.

"Because," she let out a long low moan as the combination of his lips and teeth on her neck and ear and his fingers on her clit sent her sensual tension to another level. "Because you’d never hurt me."

"And why is that, bébé?"

"Because you love me." She groaned through a petit orgasm. "Just as I love you."

"Yes-s-s-s, exactly."

Boris let go of her waist and turned her within the circle of his arms. Taking her face in his hands, he kissed her eyes, nose and then took her lips in a deep, tongue-thrusting kiss. His body crowded her back against the wall; his pelvis matched the rhythm of his tongue and thrust against her. Her arousal spiraled upward and just when she could see stars and feel herself about to fall over the edge into a whirlpool of sensation--he broke off.
She moaned at the loss of his heat, his touch. "No, please ... dammit Bo! Finish it!"

Copyright Rae Morgan, 2006.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great reason for the hero and heroine to make love.

Little Lamb Lost

12:56 AM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

Yummy, Rae. I'd love to read how Bo finishes it. *g*

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Cherie said...

Wow! Great excerpt! Leaves you wanting more.

11:43 AM  

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