Thursday, April 27, 2006

Excerpt From Repo Chick Blues

Here's a hot excerpt from Repo Chick Blues. I hope you like it!

I went in, got two bottles of beer, took a deep breath and went back out, handing him a bottle.

“Thanks.” He locked me in his calm, river-green gaze and I was helpless to do anything but stand there.

He patted the spot beside him. “Come on. I won’t bite.”

“Right.” I sat down next to him. My heart was thumping so hard I was afraid he’d see it through my top. I took a long swig of my beer and pretended to be interested in my yard.

Callahan set his bottle on the side table and sat back. I turned to look at him, my gaze moving over those strong legs, taut belly and broad chest. Before I even knew what I was doing, I was climbing on top of him, straddling him, and bringing my mouth down on his, the beer still in my hand.

He kissed me back, taking the beer from my hand and setting it down on the side table before I dropped it. His hands came around my waist and moved over my back, sending tiny shivers through me. I probed his mouth with my tongue, kissing him deeply, not able to get enough of his mouth. I breathed him into me, a little moan escaping my mouth as I ground my pussy against his stiff cock, the fabric of my panties growing damp against my clit.

“Leah,” he murmured against my mouth. “I want you so fucking bad.”

I sucked on his tongue as my fingers found and fumbled with the button of his jeans. His fingers did the same with my cut-offs and we both lifted up so the other could tug the denim down our thighs. I reached down, pulled the cut-offs over my legs and kicked them off.

“Holy shit, you’re brave. Anybody could drive up right now.”

“Uh huh.” I scanned the road in front of the house. The back of the outdoor sofa blocked us, but cars moved up and down the road constantly. Drivers could see my shoulders and face easily.

His cock was rigid and lay straight up against his belly. I grinned. “I guess you like me, huh?”

“Oh yeah. Just a little.”

I lowered myself so that my clit pressed against his erection, and moved myself slowly up and down over it.

“Oooh fuck, Leah. You keep that up and we won’t get far.”

Callahan slid down into the sofa and gripped my hips, lifting me so that I was level to his face. When his lips touched my pussy, I immediately pressed myself against his mouth, needing to feel his tongue on me. I looked at the street, watching cars go by. The mail truck stopped and a young woman began shoving mail into my mailbox. She glanced my way just as Cal sucked at my sweet spot, and I felt my mouth drop open as heat traveled through me. She grinned and gave a little wave. I waved back and she drove away.

Tendrils of desire swirled in my clit as he sucked it, flicking his tongue over it, making little circles before sucking it again. My walls squeezed together tightly, aching for release.

“I want you. I don’t care if we haven’t yet had a date.”

He gave me a loopy grin, his eyes dreamy, “Well okay, then. Since you put it that way.”

I took him in my hand and lowered myself onto him, sighing as he filled me up, caressing every nerve ending. The feeling was exquisite. “Oh…”

I tried not to rush it, but my body wouldn’t listen. I leaned forward, hands on his shoulders, and began moving up and down, faster and harder with each stroke. I watched the street, the cars going by, a couple riding their bikes, a woman jogging, all going past the house.

Cal’s hands gripped my hips and he lifted his pelvis, lifting me up and down with more and more force. “Is anyone watching?” His voice was breathless.

Two cars stopped to wait for a red light. One of them, a silver Volvo driven by a woman, carried a passenger; a man in a shirt and tie, his blond hair gelled into place. He turned to look at my house. Spotted me. At first his face looked confused, but then he smiled. He was handsome, and I grinned back as I continued to bob on Cal’s cock. “Yes. Red light.”

“Man or woman?”

I kept my eyes on the man. “Man. All dressed up. He’s smiling at me.”

“He knows you’re fucking someone.”

“Yes.” My voice came out as a whisper. My pussy grew tighter and began to quiver.

“You like that?”


The man and I had locked gazes, and as the first shudder over-took me, I bit my lower lip to stop myself from crying out, keeping my eyes on the man’s face. Pleasure stuttered through me, almost blinding in its intensity.

I felt Callahan stiffen beneath me, he jammed himself high into me as my walls tightened over him again and again.

The light turned green and the cars moved forward. The man winked at me as his companion drove away. He never brought her attention to what was happening in the house on the corner of the street. I knew he never would.

I leaned in and kissed Callahan’s mouth. “Wow.”

“Yeah. Wow.”


Blogger LISA WILLIAMS said...

I have your this book..but in my TBR many books to read and so little time. But I am sure it will be great!

8:48 PM  
Blogger Tracy Sharp said...

Thanks so much, Lisa. I hope you enjoy it :) I had lots of fun writing it.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm....stopped traffic at crucial point. That was terribly spicy.

Little Lamb Lost

12:59 AM  
Blogger Tracy Sharp said...

LOL you bet, Littlelamblost

6:56 AM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

Love the excerpt, cover and title.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Trace said...

Thanks Melprincess!

11:58 AM  

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