Friday, March 31, 2006

Kunzite and Love

I have been spending the last 3 weeks here in Louisiana with my family while the hubby is at sea. My visits home are usually not quite so long, generally it only a week or ten days. But this time, I've felt like I needed my family a bit more. I tend to get clingy when he's gone. But I AM looking forward to going home. I've been on vacation this time. My first time off in almost a year. I've completed 2 books in less than 9 months, and have another planned to be finished by the start of summer.

I adore travelling, I only wish I could bring Nanashi and Miyoko with me when I go. They are my two little siamese cats and utterly adorable! I substitute my affection for my absent husband on them and my characters in my stories. :)

There are few things in this world that I adore as much as my husband and my cats. Those few things are my job (writing), collecting vintage costume jewelry, and my love of fine jewelry and purses and shoes... okay, so there really is quite a bit! *lol*.

One thing that always makes me miss him the most, his excellent skills in the bed aside... Lord, the things that man can do with his... err... moving right along, one thing that always reminds me of him is this little Chinese enamel ball that I carry with me absolutely everywhere when he'd gone. He got it for me in Chicago when he graduated boot camp. A token. Nothing expensive, but it was the first thing he ever bought me without prompting or being reminded that the occasion was special. Despite the fact that my husband so graciously indulges my every whim for girly things, nothing means more to me than that little ball. And it stays in my pocket. I only have to look at it, and the randy images of my husbands cute little self plague me and ruin my concentration for hours. What I want to

My question for you, dear readers, in this entry, I want to know, what is one object that moves you, makes you just utterly pant for your lover? I'll be checking back. Most creative answer will get the privilege, a very rare one at that, of being given my AIM name for a little chat, and the chance to ask me anything in that session. Odd, but it's all I can think of! LOL.

So come on! Tell me what you think!


Blogger Christy Robin said...

I don't date, so I don't have a lover per se, but I think your story is sweet!


2:51 PM  
Blogger Cyndi Redding said...

I have to ask...what's an AIM name?

And what object reminds me of my dh? His tool belt. He was a carpenter when we met, and even though now he wears a suit and tie, he still does home improvement projects. Just seeing it swinging from his lean hips and the sun glistening off his back...well, Yum!~


6:46 AM  

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