Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Morning After

Wow...a new release always feels wonderful! And I'm especially happy about this one. The story was a bear to write, but the characters wouldn't leave me alone.

I spoke on the radio yesterday about writing this book. But I'll share the original inspiration for writing it with you now.

My husband and I were on a cruise at the time I had the idea. I went to a seminar given at the spa called “Bad Hair Days” It was especially interesting to me because I have these unruly blond curls that frizz in a drop of humidity! So, in the Caribbean I look like I have a bad perm most of the time.

The girl giving the seminar was the cutest little Aussie who claimed to have the same kind of hair. I don’t know, it looked pretty good to me. She looked pretty good to someone else too! One of the male crew dropped in and sat in the back. He looked like Mr. Clean – big muscles and bald, so I knew he couldn’t be interested in the bad hair day information!

But I caught the way he looked at her. I swear his eyes actually sparkled and he was completely fixated on her. When I booked a couple of spa services later, she was the one assigned to me. I asked her if the crew were allowed to fraternize when they were off duty, and she dished me all the dirt! That’s when I asked if she’d mind my using her information, and maybe interviewing her further for a book. She met me at the end of her shift and I took notes for two hours. She had some wonderful stories. Some made me laugh, and some made me want to cry. I knew I had the makings of a great story.


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good luck on the book

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