Friday, June 16, 2006

Here's Darla's DH

The incomparable, Alfalfa!
Did you know Carl Switzer who played Alfalfa was murdered?
In searching for this photo I read some stuff about it.

Everyone's finding the match-ups way too easy. Even my 'stumper' couple, Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, didn't stump everybody.


Blogger Meljprincess said...

I thought it was Alfalfa. WOW, didn't know the actor was murdered. Going now to look it up.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

I wish they had that dancing banana smilie in here. I was the first to guess Hume. *snicker* I want a brownie button. Read the info on Alfalfa. Sheesh, scary. He was a Leo, though. Like me.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

I think I saw a special on all of the Little Rascal kids and remembering something about that.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Caffey said...

Oh I didn't know that. I wonder how or why really. Sad.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Pam P. said...

Good for you, Mel, getting Hume and Jessica - it was that "on the tip of my tongue" thing, lol.

Of course, now that we see Alfalfa's pic, I remember Darla. I remember reading about him being killed.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Cherie J said...

Wow! I did not know the actor who played Alfalfa was murdered. How sad.

11:46 PM  

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