Monday, January 09, 2006

More on Alien Sex

I want to start this out with a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This first picture of the couple kissing in the rain is one of my favorite images from Luis Royo, a world famous SF artist.
Very sexy, loving and evocative image in my opinion.

The second image is one of the actors from one of the Xena TV shows.

This is what I want when I read and write Erotic SF. I want real SF and hot, loving sex.
When I first wrote my SF, I got tons of rejections. Why? Well, some publishers told me I had too much SF technology in my books, that their "women" readers didn't like and/or understand technology in their stories. Well! Cut me a break! Us helpless "women" use computers every day in our work and at home. We're the ones who program the DVD players, operate the copiers and other machinery at work.

Other publishers rejected my books because I had too much of that "mushy" sex and loving for my "men" readers to accept. Duh! I have avid male fans too who rave about the way I've combined real SF with loving sexuality for my characters. SF is supposed to boldly go where no one has gone before, right? So, why are the mainstream SF publishers afraid to explore this area? My belief is they're afraid to explore this area because their demographics are fifty years out of date. They think SF readers are male "geeks" and that women don't read SF. Gee! When was the last them they went to one of the SF conventions. Women readers like me are all over the convention.

I want it all! Real SF, real space action adventure and real sex for my characters. After all, in between saving the world, the solar system, star systems, galaxy, and/or the universe, they do manage to fall in love, have sex lives and reproduce.

Thank you for reading my blog. And, REMEMBER, the drawing for an autographed copy of my Erotic SF book from Liquid Silver Books, The Huntress, is still open. Just send an email to my addy of with the words Silver Expressions drawing in the Subject line.
I will hold the drawing later tonight and post the winner's name here. Then I will have to contact the lucky winner and get his or her snail mail addy in order to mail the autographed book.


Anonymous maripj99 said...

I love the photos Barbara. I vaguely remember the angel from Xena and Royo's work is just beautiful.

I agree with you, mainsteam publishers are very outdated. I think they should take a cue from popular SF television shows and movies and take notice of the SF conventions. Perhaps then they would see how many women, like me, are huge SF fans and just how outdated their demographics are.


12:31 PM  
Anonymous bookluvr28 said...

Hey, Barb!

Great to see you here blogging today! I love your books. I first read Covenants and knew I'd found an author who could satisfy my need for intelligent SciFi/Fantasy with real erotic romance. The Huntress was AWESOME! Can't wait for the sequel. Can you tell me a little about how you come up with your "worlds?" Do you have critique partners to brainstorm with?

12:56 PM  
Blogger Barbara K said...

Thank you, Maria.

One of these days, the mainstream publishers will realize that women read SF too and that SF should be able to boldly enter the BEDROOM. Lol!

They do believe that women read Fantasy. Look at the recent successes of Laurell Hamilton, Mary Janice Davidson, Kim Harrison, Christine Feeham, etc...

However, they still have the mindset that SF is for men not women readers. Go figure.

Barbara K.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Barbara K said...

Hi Bookluvr28;

Lately, SF art has given me the inspiration for many of my SF stories. Yes, I do have critique partners and whenever I get a new idea, I brainstorm like crazy with them. Then I set up a "Notes" file with character names, descriptions, ages, etc..
And, I research my worldbuilding and add all the information I collect into the "Notes" files too.

That way when I write, I can refer to my "Notes" for all the basic background information.

The actual storyline is the general idea. I'm a "pantser" and write the story itself by the seat of my pants.

Barbara K.

2:19 PM  

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