Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Accidental Lover - excerpt

I’m so excited about my new release, The Accidental Lover! It’s a contemporary novel with historical dream sequences about wealthy attorney Logan Jeffries and pragmatic Alexandra O’Malley who both excel at consistently choosing the wrong people to fall in love with. They meet after they decide that ‘happily ever after’ is not in their stars. They’re like two moths drawn to a fire, knowing that no good can come from it but are still unable to resist. I hope you enjoy the excerpt below from one of Alexandra’s dreams about her imaginary Duke – who just happens to look exactly like Logan!

The wind whipped at her sheer gown as she raced across the beach through the surf. Sand and water flew beneath her feet. Her wild hair streamed madly about, obscuring her view. Salt air filled her lungs but there was not enough and her chest heaved from the lack of oxygen.

She was trapped for sure this time--the sea to her left, a sheer cliff to her right. Her only chance of escape was far down the long expanse of shoreline, so far away she could not see it through the thick mist that swirled about. The jetty. She had to reach the jetty. Maybe she could climb the ragged path up the cliff. It was her only hope.

Over the roar of the waves and the roar of her pulse, she caught the faint sound of thundering hooves. Lord, help her! The duke had discovered her absence. How could he know she would come this way? She herself hadn’t decided until she was on the Southern Pass that led from the castle.

Her heart pounded in her ears as she stretched her legs, attempting--in vain, she knew--to out distance his powerful war-horse. A presence drew near but she dared not look back for fear of stumbling. He was close, very close. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the huge sinewy legs of the galloping animal.

Suddenly, a muscular arm encircled her waist and placed her on the snorting beast. It was as if she weighed no more than a sack of feed. She clenched her eyes shut, unwilling to admit defeat, yet knowing she had not the strength to fight her assailant.

“You have given me a merry chase this time, Milady,” growled the duke as he reigned in his mount. His arms cradled her closely to his broad chest. Having left the castle in haste, he was naked to the waist, and his crisp chest hairs rubbed against her flaming cheeks.

“But this is the last time you will try my patience!” He grabbed her chin in his large hand and turned her face to his. She opened her eyes, pulling back in defiance. “I am done with your escapades, my little bird. You will take your place at my side, and I will have no more of this fleeing from me.”

Their eyes locked in a battle of wills, his commanding and controlling, hers rebellious and bold. As she saw the passion smoldering just below the surface of his composure, her insides experienced a burning heat that soon raged out of control. Capitulating to his will now seemed a welcome avenue. She reached her hand to cup his jaw. “As you wish, my lord,” she whispered.

“My love,” the duke groaned as his mouth took possession of hers. It was a kiss of passion, of utter need. The promised rain began to fall like soft petals, yet his well-trained mount flinched not a muscle. The duke arched her back across his arms as he trailed scalding kisses down her neck, across her chest to hover over her waiting breast. She could feel his hot breath and longed for him to take her in his mouth.

“Tell me what you want, my love. Tell me how I may please you.”

“Please, my lord, please, I want you. I want you.”

He leaned back, his ardor briefly held in check, and smiled gently down at her. “I know you do, my sweet. I know you do.” Without warning, he gripped the neckline of her gown and ripped it to the hem, exposing her fully to his lustful gaze.

His mouth came down over her firm globe, lapping the raindrops as they drizzled across her flesh. He suckled her greedily, without mercy, until she begged for release. Adjusting his garments, he straddled her across his heaving loins. She screamed her pleasure as he plunged his heavy shaft into her, his vise-like grip anchoring her to him. She locked him with her arms and legs as he nudged his steed into a rhythmic cantor.

She cried out again and again. She had never known such ecstasy, such joy. Somewhere in her clouded mind, she knew the duke was exerting monumental control over his own passions so that he could draw out her pleasure, and she loved him all the more for it.

When she was finally spent, unable to move from exhaustion, the duke urged his mount into a gallop. Her last conscious memory was the duke’s shout of completion.

Eileen Ann Brennan


Blogger LSB Author, Darragha Foster said...

Very pleasing cover. Love the colors.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

This sounds very good!

2:40 PM  
Blogger Meljprincess said...

What a beautiful cover. And, I really enjoyed the excerpt.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Blaise said...

Way to go -- Hope you have mega sales on your new release, "The Accidental Lover!"

Sorry, I couldn't join you on Tuesday with "The Reluctant Duke."

1:04 PM  

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