Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Morning After ~ Mara Lee and Jayelle Drewry

Edge of the Knife
Mara Lee


The Outcast
Jayelle Drewry


Blogger maralee17 said...

There are days when you just want to 'strap on some steel' and kick some butt. It was just this kind of day that birthed Callista, my red headed warrior lass from 'Edge of the Knife'. Callista is an ex-member of The Mercy, an organization that hunts and destroys vampires. She is on a mission: Locate and kill the head honcho, the big cheese, the evil sadistic vampire that killed her beloved sister, Hestia. However, she soon learns that nothing is as it seems...and that the shadows she stalks live deeply within her, she is her own greatest weapon and her own greatest enemy. It would take a strong and persistent man to break through such a fortified shield, and wouldn't you just know it...Valerian was born. Valerian and Callista, two enigmatic and mysterious characters that fight one another at every turn but cannot deny nor fight the attraction that burns between them.

Callista, who came out fighting right from the beginning, began to show a side that surprised even me. There is a beautiful vulnerability and *gasp* shall we say it, need, that lingers there, flutters there, and encompasses that cold and hard shell. It just takes Valerian--impossible, insufferable, stubborn and persistent Valerian to bring it all full circle, and show Callista, that no one is past love or redemption.

I hope you will enjoy Callista and Valerian's journey, and be touched by them as much as I was. Valerian is but one of The Brotherhood...Cashel and Raphael lay in wait :)

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