Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Morning After ~ Deb Curwen & Erin Katz


Blogger Michelle said...

Congrat on the new releases, ladies.

12:41 PM  
Blogger News said...

Hi Everyone,

So excited to see Like A Hurricane finally released. This was my first romance written with a touch of erotica, and hope everyone enjoys the fun, sexy, and unpredictable relationship between Harleigh and Mitch. Harleigh has in my opinion a dream job of designing sexy lingerie and who better to inspire her than a tall, dark, handsome, and very rich (although Harleigh cares nothing about the money) entrepreneur with a sparkling wit and sexy charm! Hope you enjoy!

1:58 PM  
Blogger News said...

Before I post an excerpt or two, just wanted to let everyone know I'll be announcing a contest within the next few days or so. Hope everyone will take a look because I give great prizes. LOL

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Blogger News said...

First excerpt:

“I see you’re still here.” She stated the obvious. “I’m ready if you are.”
Her voice barely registered on his consciousness, and for the first time in his adult life, Mitch found speech difficult. So much for first impressions. A nerve twitched at the corner of his mouth as he conducted a slow, sweeping survey of the woman standing in the doorway. Or should he say every man’s fantasy? No longer did a scrubbed-face teenager with a trace of milk dotting her lip peer up at him. In her place now, a ravishing beauty who even R.B. himself hadn’t done justice filled his line of vision and then some.
Gone were the ratty jeans, sweatshirt, and sneakers. Instead, she had changed into a clinging black dress that hugged every line of her tight body. The low neckline revealed full breasts previously hidden and Mitch swallowed hard at their creamy perfection. A pair of shapely legs encased in sheer stockings curved down to slender feet in black satin heels, the kind made for dancing before seduction. And she’d drawn her hair, once straight and hanging loosely around her shoulders, on top of her head with blonde wisps framing a traffic-stopping face.
Minimal makeup gave her a flawless glow. From the black sooty lashes to the up-tilted nose to the generous rose-tinted lips, she blended femininity and blatant sexuality to an intoxicating level. Here stood the stunning blonde he had heard tales of from the Boston home to the country club right on down to the corner market. Intuitively, Mitch knew why many made such a fuss over the youngest member of the Boston family.
“Mr. Brannigan? Are you all right?”
Oh yeah, you know damn well how to catch a man off guard. And Mitch could easily see her earlier irritation had vanished. The smile she gave him could melt the chocolate off a cupcake.

2:04 PM  
Blogger News said...

Second excerpt:

“It’s amazing what a hot shower and fresh face can do.”
He took the liberty of spooning a few meatballs onto her plate. “Exercising a little vanity, perhaps?”
She scoffed. “Don’t flatter yourself.”
“It worked.” His devastating smile had an uncanny knack for enhancing the blue diamonds in his eyes, reminding Harleigh yet again how impossibly handsome he was. She might even have to say he exuded a great deal of charm in an irritating sort of way. His next move confirmed it.
“Open your mouth.”
“Excuse me?”
He took the opportunity to slip an olive between her lips. His fingers lingered ever so slightly on her mouth. The contact sent an electric jolt through her middle. “Trish’s orders, remember?”
The olive turned to the size of a lemon and Harleigh found it difficult to swallow. “I don’t think Mom meant for you to take her literally.”
“Oh, but I take my responsibilities very seriously.” As though to prove his point, he lifted another olive to her mouth, but her hand forestalled him.
“Thanks, but I can feed myself. Believe it or not, I don’t even need a sippy cup.” She eased around the table to put a little distance between them. His nearness became more disconcerting with each passing moment.

3:18 PM  
Blogger News said...

Last excerpt:

Her chin tilted and she shot him a teasing grin. “Don’t tell me you’ll miss me when I’m gone?”
The taunt barely left her lips when Mitch surprised them both by pulling her from the sofa and straight into his arms. “So this is goodbye? We’ve barely said hello.” His fingers threaded the thick strands of her hair, his gaze again drawn to the beauty of her green eyes. Eyes that blinked up at him with that same undefined quality as before. “What is it, Harleigh?” he asked softly. “If there’s more you want to say or do, it might interest you to know you’ve come to the right place.”
She traced the outline of his mouth with the pad of her finger. “I have?”
Mitch’s line of vision moved downward to focus on her mouth. Full-lipped and colored with wine, it parted in that age-old sign that said she wanted to be kissed. “Harleigh,” he muttered. “A woman doesn’t come to a man’s home in the middle of the night unless she has one thing on her mind.” His finger tipped her chin upward. “Look at me.” She easily obeyed, and he searched her face for any sign of hesitation. “It’s your move where we go from here.”
She acted on his challenge by moving in so close the fibers of her sweater tickled the hair on his belly. “You started this when you kissed me tonight. It’s the real reason I’m here. I didn’t want the night to end.” She stared him squarely in the eye. “I didn’t want that kiss to end.”
Her fragrant breath, a wisp of warm air, made her confession soft and inviting. Mitch’s hands spanned her waist, urging her forward, and he didn’t pull any punches. “I can’t promise to stop at a kiss. And there’s precious time left to run, sweetheart. What happens now can’t be undone later.”

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Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

Great excerpts!

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