Friday, March 10, 2006

Silver Shamrock Invitational

Silver Shamrock Invitational

Welcome to the first innagural contest, celebrating St. Silver's Day.
Starting March 10th, The Silver Shamrock Invitaitonal will take you on a journey
through the Liquid Silver Universe.

Follow the Silver Shamrocks from begining to end then report back your findings
to be eligible for one of three great prizes. A $50 spending spree at, a handcrafted Sterling Silver Bracelet, or 2 free downloads of any Liquid Silver e-book.

The Silver Shamrock Invitational ends on St. Silver's Day! March 19th!
Winners will be announced in the Liquid Silver, Silver Siren, Newsletter March 22nd.

Here's Silver with the specifics for the contest.

Hi All! Okay, here's the skinny...

* March 10th a Silver Shamrock will appear at the Liquid Silver website.
* Follow the Silver Shamrock to the next website and find the next Shamrock.
* Continue following the links until you reach the finish line.
* Keep track of the websites in order and on what page you found the Silver Shamrock.
* The last Silver Shamrock will link you to email me, with
your list of websites in the correct order and the pages you found the Silver Shamrock on.
* I'll pick three lucky winners on the 22nd!

Easy enough right? Good Luck then, and let the games begin!

*Entrants will be added to the Silver Siren and participating author newsletter lists.


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