Friday, March 10, 2006

Q&A - part 2

You gals have given me some great ideas. Lots of thing we've already tossed around but did know how important they were to our readers.

Okay, so better cataloging of genres. Fun quizzes. Book Cover Wallpapers seems to be popular.

Contests? Are you going to participate in the Invitational? What type of contests to you hate? Which ones do you love to play?

Someone mentioned a "frequent buyer" discount. We've tossed this around too. A bookclub? Maybe we can have an option to become a Silver Siren buyer that enable you the buy 9 get the 10th one free sort of thing?

I don't want the powers that be or the authors gang busting me for this question, but how important is it to you to have books in print vs. ebook.? LSB is an e-book publisher, but each year we do add more books to our print list. Would you buy the print over the ebook?

*This is not to say that's the direction we are going at all. I'm just curious. (ducking to make sure the arrow miss me)


Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

Contests: I am not always a big fan of the scavenger hunt type contests...don't always have time to search and participate. I also don't really like ones that require me to buy something to enter. I also don't really like the "Be the first to reply kind."
I enjoy contests that involve questions and answers from excerpts or bookblurbs that are easy to find. I also like random drawings that require nothing of me except an entry.

The "frequent buyer" discount sounds good.

Notification of book releases in genres or types that the reader specifies that he/she likes would be useful too (you may already do this, I don't know). I know you send reminders of new releases, but don't know if you do specific reminders.

I enjoy ebooks, but I think that I might (emphasis on might) buy a print book version over an ebook version if it was available and reasonably priced. I don't have an ebook reader and have to read all my ebooks at the desktop computer so print books are good to take with me. I am not saying that I do not enjoy ebooks, it would just be nice to have the option of print or ebook.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

Oh, and I think the Silver Shamrock Invitational is a neat contest...I just don't know if I have time to participate.

4:20 PM  
Blogger blackroze37 -tami said...

print / ebook
is there a way to buy them together , so can read online or carry

4:47 PM  
Blogger Amy S. said...

I enjoy any kind of contest. Ebooks are great, but I still love my print books. I don't have a ebook reader and have to read on my desktop computer.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Pam P. said...

Suggest adding a search button - author, title or genre, series name. Sometime you know exactly what you want and can get there quicker.

Jennifer, I know what you mean about finding even more time to do endless scavenger hunts, but this was one was pretty quick -give it a go.

As far as print books: I can see going this way to attract more readers who aren't aware of ebooks and related sites, or those who can't afford a reader or handheld. However, before the print thing started, the emphasis for ebooks, along with something different to read, was the space saved storing books around the house and the ease to transport many books easily anywhere - which is exactly why I personally prefer ebooks and now choose an ebook over a print, including those popular NY authors now having eformats when I can find them.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Cynthya said...

I like ebooks, so whether something is available in print isn't important, but I agree with Pam that print books might attract more readers.

A frequent buyer program of some sort would be a big plus for me.

As far as contests, I really hate the ones where they are long and involved and I can get all but ONE of the answers--ARGH. I think a better way to handle that sort of contest would be "find 10 of the 15 icons" or "answer 8 of the 10 questions."

I also don't like contests that give prizes only to the first to answer, like Jennifer said. I think contests that require you to read the excerpt are good since it makes you more familiar with the author's work (and doing this for a contest has prompted me to buy the book quite a few times.)

Thank you for asking our opinions!

7:34 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Y. said...

I ended up entering the Silver Shamrock Invitational (I found some time). Don't know if I did it right though. Of course I thought it would be more difficult because the first time I tried there was no shamrock, but I found it later.

7:43 PM  
Blogger snowflake said...

I prefer ebooks to print because there are so many books I want to read and I don't have physical space for all of them.

I find scavenger hunts where we have to search for graphics very time consuming especially the ones where you aren't sure if the website even has the graphic. While I understand the objective is to make us visit the websites, too often I'm just blindly clicking hundreds of pages and not really reading the content or I just get so frustrated from the hunt that I'm not in the mood to read the blurbs and excerpts. What makes the process more painful is when some websites have lots of popup ads or load very slowly or have a very complex structure.

8:17 PM  
Blogger snowflake said...

Addendum, I'm not against scavenger hunts, just make them less time consuming. I think the Silver Shamrock Invitational is great because there are clues along the way.

I actually prefer one time promo sales and discounts to frequent buyer scheme because I have to spread my book buying budget between several publishers and authors and it's an incentive to readers new to an epub the impetus to try out a book that they're unsure of.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Cherie said...

I am with Jennifer on not liking the scavenger hunt type contests. When I do them I am usually crunched for time and don't explore the author sites. I just look for the item on the site. I would much more enjoy reading excerpts and answering uestions or a simple random drawing. I think it would be good idea to add more print copies since many people I know have to share a computer with other members of their family. This makes it difficult to be able to have enough computer time to read an ebook. I think more print book availability would probably attract more of an audience, especially if the price is reasonable.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous annalisa said...

I think print versions of your e-books would be popular. I agree many people probably share a computer with their family (I do) and it is distracting to try to read an e-book when there are so many interruptions. That's why I like to read late at night!

I also like contests where you have to read the excerpt to answer the contest question. Random drawings are nice too.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

I am having fun on the scavenger hunt and am getting a chance to see the wip for a number of authors I like. I am looking forward to the next few months of releases more than ever...

I like the idea of a frequent buyer discount.

I like both the ebooks and print, but will admit that I don't generally buy short stories in print unless they are inexpensive. Longer stories in print I am game for though.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed reading everything.

That tattoo.

Must resist licking monitor.

Too late.

11:54 PM  
Blogger KimW said...

Yes, I'm going to participate in the Invitational. Like Jennifer, I'm not a big fan of contests that are be the first or that only last for a few hours since most of those happen during the day and I'm at work.

I have a Palm and read a lot of ebooks but I still like to read print books, too. I think having the books in print would introduce a ton of readers to the LSB stories. Unfortunately, even with me going on and on about the benefits of ebooks, I have a lot of friends that don't want to read them.

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A frequent buyer discount or buy x number and receive one free is a good way to show customers appreciation. Would want to have a fair amount of time spread to make this feasible. Purchases made in a 6 month or 1 year period for example.

I am with the consensus regarding a preference for reading an excerpt and answering a question, random draw or other forms that are not terribly time consuming. That said, if the prizes are rather big (whether in number of books in a basket, etc) then a longer amount of time spent in the search would be worthwhile to me.

Both ebooks and Print books have their advantages and disadvantages. Many of us must read from the computer and that may not be the most comfortable. And I admit there is something about holding a book in the hands that I love. If you offered both forms, I would likely buy my favorite books or authors in the print format.

Little Lamb Lost

2:52 AM  

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