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Morning After...

Our goal with SEx was to introduce you to the fantastic Liquid Silver authors, and make the experience fun, titillating, and addictive. But as with any SExual encounter, the morning after can get a little awkward. That's why we've decided to improve on that.

Beginning January 17th, every Tuesday will now be known as MORNING AFTER. Liquid Silver Books releases it's new books on Mondays, and on Tuesdays, SEx will have the new release authors posting excerpts, chatting about their books, their characters, and so much more here on SEx!

Could SEx and the Morning After get any better than that?

Well, yeah! I added a schedule to the sidebar so you can see who's SExing next!

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Blogger robynl said...

Tina, I like the schedule for who is SExing. Thanks.

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Blogger E.Anderson said...

I hope it's not too early to post here. I know this is supposed to be the Morning After but since I'm at work from 8-6 tomorrow, I thought maybe I could do a Night Before kinda thing.
My contemporary erotica book, Dirty Girl, is coming out tonight from LSB and I'd like to share some thoughts and post an excerpt or two for any readers who might be interested.

6:44 PM  
Blogger E.Anderson said...

Okay, still posting. Here's a blurb to let you know what Dirty Girl is about.
Kate McKinley is a pathologist who works for the District of Columbia’s serial killer division-- a skilled professional whose work leaves little time for a personal life. When a strangely sexual dream begins to disturb her sleep on a nightly basis she doesn't know what to do. Only her longtime friend and partner, profiler Phillip Paxton, who holds several degrees in Psychology, may be able to help her unravel the dream’s erotic demands. But Kate isn’t sure she wants the kind of help Phillip has to offer
Phillip Paxton has been in love with his partner for years but he doesn't want to risk ruining the best relationship in his life by adding romance to the mix. Now he must try to unravel Kate’s mysterious dream without jeopardizing their working relationship.
Could Phillip be the man of Kate’s dreams and will she ever admit it? With the help of a little hands-on dream interpretation and a bit of light spanking anything is possible…

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Blogger E.Anderson said...

Dirty Girl is written around one of my favorite themes: two people who have known each other for years and are secretly in love with each other but for one reason or another they just can't get together. Of course, it's your job as a writer to get them together, no matter how much they resist. ; ) I think I found an interesting way to do this in DG.
Kate, my heroine, is a no-nonsense type of woman who never lets her emotions get in the way of her professional life which is exactly why she resists her attraction to her hot partner Phillip. But the erotic dream she keeps having begins playing havoc with her self-control. Phillip, of course, has loved her for years but he's afraid to roll the dice on an all or nothing shot. He would rather keep Kate in his life as a friend than risk losing her all together.
Here's an excerpt from Phillip's POV where he watches Kate having her dream and tries to decide what to do.
I knew I ought to wake Kate up or at the very least look away. As much as I wanted this woman--and I had wanted her almost from day one when we first became partners--it was wrong to take advantage of her helpless state. She was my partner and I owed it to her to wake her up and confront her about this dream. I told myself all these things and yet I felt helpless to stop watching.
Kate’s beautiful face with its delicate features and ripe, full mouth was twisted with passion. Her brow wrinkled and she licked her red lips seductively. I had never seen my partner look this way except in my wildest fantasies. She looked wild, wanton, free... A seductress ready for anything.
Kate slid further down in her seat, her short skirt hiking up in the process. She threw back her head, exposing the long column of her creamy throat and her beautiful, tousled blond curls fanned out across the seat’s head rest. Her wandering hands began to slide down from her full breasts, where her erect nipples showed clearly through the thin silk blouse, to her suddenly bared thighs. By the light shining from the dashboard, I saw she was wearing thigh-high stockings. Their lacy tops molded to her rounded thighs beautifully.
I felt my erection, hard and heavy as a bar of lead, pressing urgently at the crotch of my pants. God! I had to stop watching--this was just wrong. So very wrong. But even as I lectured myself, I couldn’t tear my eyes away.
Kate’s small hands caressed her silky thighs restlessly and she began to moan again. Suddenly she began to talk more coherently.
“Yes...” she moaned. “There--lick me there. Taste me!” The car seemed suddenly filled with her wild scent as she spread her thighs even wider--the delicious fragrance of a woman in heat. I wished so badly to be in her dream right that second, doing everything to her she was dreaming about.
Her skirt moved further up with her restless thrashing and I could see that the crotch of her black silk panties was damp with moisture. God, she was so wet! I could almost taste her on my tongue. She would be salty and sweet and uniquely Kate. I longed to bury my face between her thighs and press my tongue into her tight cunt and taste her until she came for me. She rubbed her hand over the damp, silk panties and moaned again in frustrated longing. “Phillip...” she muttered. My heart stilled. My name. Not calling me by my last name, the way we always did at work, but my first name. Kate only did that when she was very serious or upset, it was strangely intimate to hear her call me that in her sleep, as though she thought of me that way inside her head.
“Phillip ,” she murmured again in a low, sultry tone. “Phillip ... take me.” Her voice rose and her head whipped from side to side, a frustrated frown on her beautiful face. “Damn it, why don’t you fuck me? Harder!” She was panting, her silky hair all in a tangled mess and her hands rubbing wantonly over the silky crotch of her panties.

7:05 PM  
Blogger E.Anderson said...

Still posting about Dirty Girl.
Of course, Kate'd erotic dream woudln't be so much of a problem for her if she could 'take care of herself.' But a traumatic childhood incident has left her unable to touch herself sexually which is, of course, where Phillip comes in.
Here's an excerpt in which she tries and fails to help herself overcome the dream.
"Don't think about it." I commanded myself. "Don't think of Sister Mary Francis. Don't think about being a Dirty Girl." I struggled to clear my mind and tried like never before. I was trembling with the effort of just putting my hand down inside my panties and letting one, hesitant finger slip inside my sex. But it was farther than I got most times.
I could feel the gentle pressure I was exerting on my clitoris and as I stroked lightly over my tiny, swollen bud, a wave of pleasure hit me. But a wave of shame--a tidal wave followed it. It was a crushing blanket of guilt that smothered me for this small pleasure I had dared to give myself, and all I could think, lying in bed paralyzed by the evil I was committing was Dirty Girl--oh, I am such a Dirty Girl...
I took my hand away and the tears came again. Not a cathartic release this time, as when Phillip had spanked me, but hot and angry and hopeless. They collected in the corners of my eyes and ran down the sides of my face. God--I hated to cry and now I had done it twice in one night. What was I going to do?
If Phillip was right, and I thought he must be, at least partially, then I would never be free of this horrible dream. I would never get a good night's sleep again, and all because I couldn't help myself do this one thing. I suddenly hated myself and my stupidly strict Catholic upbringing.
"I am a medical doctor and I know that masturbation is perfectly normal and natural." I muttered fiercely to myself, but it was no use. I had told myself such things often enough before and it never helped. The adult logic just couldn't compete with the childhood guilt that overwhelmed me. I was trapped, completely unable to help myself. I couldn't remember ever feeling so helpless, and for the second time that night, I couldn’t seem to stop crying. If only there was some way to overcome this ... someone who could help me...

7:11 PM  
Blogger E.Anderson said...

Of course when Phillip tries to help Kate overcome her childhood trauma and the effects of her erotic dream, things get a little...comfused. Here's a final excerpt to give you an idea.

“Can you feel the palm of your hand cupping your sex, Katie?” I asked her.
“...yes...” she said in a low, breathy tone.
“Describe it to me. What does it feel like?” I asked her. Kate closed her eyes in concentration and I felt her hand move ever so slightly under mine.
“It’s warm and ... wet and small,” she told me quietly. “My ... curls are soft and sort of fluffy, but in the center of my palm I can feel my ... my sex, open and almost ... almost hot. When I press my palm down a little I can feel the pressure against my, um, clitoris.”
“And how does that feel?” I asked her softly.
“Good but ... wrong. I shouldn’t be doing this.” Kate was shaking now, just a little but I could feel her quiver with anxiety in my arms. I held her comfortingly close and tried to calm her down.
“Just let your hand stay there a moment, Katie,” I told her gently. “It’s all right to feel good. It’s not wrong--not at all. Do you understand?”
“...uh-huh.” She sounded hesitant, but at least her shaking had stopped. We lay there for a while, just letting things be until she calmed down completely.
“ Katie,” I instructed her softly when she was once more resting quietly in my arms. “I want you to try something for me. I want you to open you legs a little wider and use your fingers to spread open the lips of your sex. Like spreading open the petals of a flower, all right?” Kate seemed doubtful at first and I tried to reassure her. “It’s okay, Katie,” I told her softly. “I’m giving you permission to do this. You are allowed to touch yourself.”
Slowly, Kate did as I asked her to and I could feel the sweet, damp heat under my right hand as I helped her. The room seemed to fill with her beautiful, feminine scent--the scent of a woman in heat and I had to forcefully remind myself of what we were trying to accomplish.
“Now, Katie,” I told her, breathing a little harder despite myself. “I’m going to take your fingers and help you touch yourself. All right? Are you ready?”
“Yes ... I think so,” she breathed.
Gently I grasped her index and middle fingers and began to rub them slowly over the swollen bud at her wet, hot center.
Kate began to moan a little, under her breath and her hips began thrusting upwards to meet her exploring fingers almost as though she couldn’t help it.
“Phillip...” she gasped softly after a moment. “This feels ... oh, God, it feels so good. But...” Her voice was shaking again, filled with shame and guilt. “But I’m starting to feel bad--very, very bad. Dirty. I’m sorry, I just can’t. I have to stop.”
“You can stop if you really feel like you need to, Katie, but I want you to remember that it’s perfectly natural for you to make yourself feel good this way.” I told her, trying to sooth her fears. But it was too late, I had lost her.
“I know--I know in my head what you’re saying is true and believe me, Phillip, this is the farthest I’ve ever gotten. It really is.” Kate sighed. “I think you’re right. With a few months of this--maybe even just a few weeks, I could overcome this problem. But one night just isn’t enough time. I’m rushing it too much.”
Reluctantly, she withdrew her hand from under mine. For a brief instant, I was left cupping her hot, naked sex in my hand, open and wet against my palm and the sensation was almost too much for me. I felt a surge in my groin as my erection, hard since the beginning of this little exercise, grew even more painfully rigid. ‘I’m trying to help Kate, not take advantage of her,’ I reminded myself forcibly, almost gritting my teeth.
“All right, Katie,” I told her out loud. “It’s okay, we’ll let things be for now.” I started to withdraw my hand from the confines of her smooth, satin panties, but the lightest touch on my wrist stopped me.
“Please ... please, Phillip.” There was a depth of pleading in Kate’s voice that I had never heard before. “Please.” She said again. “I was close--I know I was. So close. Couldn’t you just ... help me a little?”

***WELL, that's all for now. I hope any readers out there enjoyed this little preview. If you're interested to see more of my work, please check out my website
I have a link to my newsletter where you can join to get news on upcoming releases, new cover art, and of course, lots of naughty excerpts.
Hugs to all, Evangeline Anderson

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